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Updated Nov 13, 2008

Betty Despacho

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Betty Despacho

SCOTTSDALE, Nov 13, 2008 - After a shamanic reading and soul retrieval that Jose Luis did for me last weekend, he suggested that I do a despacho for my first wife Betty, who died when we were both about 25.  So my first step in that was to record the following video clip including the score a famous movie that had a special meaning for me and Betty...

 Bob's recording (Thur 11/13/08)


Love Story (as posted on YouTube; 4:16 mins)

I then proceeded to prepare the despacho...

... which contained lots of flowers and sweets, as you can see.

I set the despacho in my backyard fire pit in the afternoon, and burned it later at night, after a short ceremony during which I had let go of her.  And I also asked Betty to release me, just in case she still had some ties into me. 

And that was it... my final farewell to Betty.

Love  Light 

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