With Star Rising, Alauanna (May 20) and Altzar

Updates 5-27-12: Lunar Cycle Concerto, Sounds of Mother Earth

HAIKU, Maui, May 20, 2012 - We knew May 20 would be the Solar Eclipse day. We did not know it would turn out to be probably the most important day in the history of mankind. It will take me some time, perhaps weeks or months, to process all that happened on that magical day, the day Earth moved - up! Literally.  It was the day our planet and all Creation ascended to the fifth dimension. The Ascension Day was so huge that it made the solar eclipse seem like a side show, at least in my experience, though a beautiful one... see

The Day the Earth Moved - Up! (May 20)

Right off the bat, I had a sense that this will be a HUGE day. So something told me I should kept a detailed record of everything that happens on that Sunday, May 20.  Here's a PDF file of it:

May 20 Journal: Ascension Day (PDF, 5-20-12) [user ID/password required]

At 5PM local time, Star, Ann and I started what turned out to be an amazing two-hour session in which the Spirit realm ran the show. It was an activation in which all duality contracts were broken. All veils were lifted. The Elementals started to come out of the ground. Archangel Michael called it the "Unification of Unconditional Love" Activation. It was the pinnacle of the Blue Star Earth's Ascension Day.

Over time, I hope to find the time to write up at least the Highlights of that session, if not a partial transcript. For now, here's the audio file. Before you click on it and try to listen, however, I have to warn you: It is 2:05 hours long.

Love and blessings


Update 5-26-12: Birthing Tone of Blue Star Earth

It took me a while to find it, but I finally located an amazing sound that Star produced at one point during our Unification of Unconditional Love session on May 20. It came at 48:30 min of the recording. And it was the sound of the "birthing tone of Blue Star Earth's move into 5th-dimensional frequency." As soon as I heard it, I felt it had some special qualities not of this world. And now that I have located it, here is a 28 sec clip of it:

Birthing Tone of Blue Star Earth in Star's Voice  ( 28 secs, May 20, 2012)

Tonight, I also enhanced the original Star's voice with music that came to me as complementary to it...

Enhanced Birthing Tone of Blue Star Earth in Star's Voice  ( 1:28 mins, May 26, 2012)

* * *

Update 5-27-12: Lunar Cycle Concerto: "To the Moon, with Love"

HAIKU, Maui, May 26 - Something quite extraordinary has happened ggain. :-) I feel as if the Spirit grabbed me two days ago and led me to another musical creation.  Just about non-stop for three days now. 

Remember the "Lunar Cycle Concerto" Archangel Michael was talking about on Solar Eclipse, May 20, the Ascension Day in that fascinating two-hour session with Star and Ann? [see "Unification of Unconditional Love" Activation: Ascension Day (5-20-12)].

Archangel Michael said that when people listen to the Lunar Concerto, the music would heal all feminine energy on this planet. It will also release the Atlantean guilt grid.  And that he and Goddess Mamo [sic?] would guide me to do it within a week.  [I have just transcribed that segment of our session and am enclosing here as a PDF].

Well, the piece is done now. I stayed up till 3 AM last night playing, filming, recording and creating the music. I spent most of the day today, making the music video. 



And I did not have to do it all from scratch, either. I was guided to use Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" as the basis from which to build out that piece for 2012 and beyond.  Which has been my favorite piano piece of music of all time. And I got up early this morning again, ready to spend the day doing a music video version of it. My title for it is:

Lunar Cycle Concerto: "To Mother Moon, with Love"


Meanwhile, here is also just the audio file in case you want to download it to your iPod.

Lunar Cycle Concerto: "To Mother Moon, with Love"  ( audio file, 4:39 mins, May 27, 2012, based on Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" - "To Mama Quilla, with Love")


"Incredibly amazing! I just saw the moon smile and heard cheers from beings inside saying we are finally free this indeed the piece Archangel Michael was speaking of. Wonderful job!!" 

* * *

Lunar Eclipse-Full Moon (story, photos, June 4)

Lunar Eclipse Activation Session ( 1:13 hrs, June 4, 2012) [user ID/password required]

* * *

Venus Transit Ceremony & Rainbow Shower at Rainbow Shower  (story, photos, June 6)

Venus Transit Activation Session ( 1:12 hrs, June 5, 2012) [user ID/password required]

* * *

Update 5-27-12: Sounds of Mother Earth

Separately, but related to music and sound vibrations, here's something else that's pretty incredible.  Ever since we moved to Maui in early 2009, I keep hearing at night a vibration that sounds like a motor. Several times early on, I even asked Elizabeth if she could hear it. She said she could not. 

Then two nights ago, while I was meditating after midnight in the spa, I was made aware that the sound I have been hearing is actually the voice of our Mother - the Gaia-Pachamama's vibration. And that it is the sound I have already used in a music video [Aquarius Earth Music for and by Gaia (Apr 15)]. 

Furthermore, several times in the last two-three months, just before falling asleep, I would hear that sound and also feel a physical vibration, like a gentle earthquake or a volcanic eruption.  

Again, I told Elizabeth about it the first few times it happened to see if she felt any vibrations. She said she did not.

Guess what I am saying is that I think my own vibration is changing. The Spirit is acting like a tuning fork to synch and harmonize me with the music of Gaia and the Universe.  Is that making any sense to you two?

* * *

Stewards of the Earth

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