New Moon at High Noon Fire-Water-Sunlight Ceremony

Magical Blue Star Earth Light Revealed on Earth Day 2012

Magic rains from the sky (literally): "No longer will Water put out Fire. No longer will Fire burn water. You shall be the quality balance." 

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 21 - When I went down to the gulch today to do the New Moon at High Noon fire ceremony, coincident with Annmarie's call for a Peace Meditation and the Earth Day 2012, I never expected any miracles, such as what occurred on Feb 7 (see Full Moon at High Noon Fire Ceremony & Miraculous Signs that Followed, Feb 8). In fact, I never even thought of what happened back then until just a couple of minutes ago, when I started to write this story. But what did happen today, literally out of the blue (pun intended), was every bit as magical as any alchemical moment I have ever experienced.

I headed down to my Anahata-Huaca-Ahu (AHA) about 20 minutes before noon with my shaman's Mesa in the backpack and a fire-starter and some paper in hand.  Not expecting anything special, I did not even take my camera with me.  It was sunny when I left the house. But by the time I made it down to the gulch, it started to cloud over.  While I was gathering the wood for the fire, a real cloud burst opened up.  It was raining so hard I had to take shelter under a tree so far.

While I was waiting out what I was hoping was just a passing cloud, a thought occurred to me that maybe that was the message from the Spirit - that I should forget about the fire and just do a "normal" healing ceremony. 

"Nah," a little voice told me.  "Just wait.  This shower will be over soon."

Indeed it was.  The cloud passed over.  The rain stopped.  I continued to gather the wood and build up the fire in the Apucheta (shaman's altar, the fireplace inside the AHA - left shot). But when I began to light the fire, the rain also started.  Amazingly, the fire caught on anyway.  It was raining, quite hard at times, in fact, and the fire was burning at the same time.

Then I remembered Lord Poseidon's gift and his words during my Cosmic Activation session with Star on 3-28-12. Here's an excerpt...


● Star tells me that Poseidon is here, and is placing in my spiritual toolbox to use "a single droplet of Creation Water."

● Creation water allows you to work with new free form of energy flows ­ the Love energy.

● "He is placing this into your being and he wishes to say to the Guardian of the Fire (me) how grateful he is. He is giving you the balance between the Fire and the Water.

"No longer will Water put out Fire. No longer will Fire burn water," Poseidon is saying. "You shall be the quality balance." And he wishes for you to know this, Star says.

"No longer will Water put out Fire. No longer will Fire burn water. You shall be the quality balance." 

Those words were ringing in my ears as I was doing the ceremony and watching this miracle unfold before me.  No longer was Water putting out Fire indeed.  And no longer was Fire burning Water.  They mingled in happy COEXISTENCE in my shaman's altar before my very eyes. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks as I was witnessing this Poseidon magic.

Almost involuntarily, I kept repeating the words, "No longer will Water put out Fire" during my ceremony in which I connected "El Popo," the Mexican volcano, to his Hawaiian brethren to the West, to the Rocky Mountain spirits to the north, to the Andean Apus to the south, and to Apu Similaun and the Alpine spirits to the east.  I was ringing the shaman's bell and asking the Spirit to help me set up these ceke lines.

As I was wrapping up the ceremony with my eyes still closed, I suddenly felt a flash of bright light. I opened my eyes by as if by reflex. I could not believe what I was seeing.  It was still raining quite hard, yet the sun was also shining.  Fire-Water-Light... at the same time.  The heaven and the earth were connecting. 

"Inti Taiti," I whispered in awe of the power and beauty of the moment (Inti Taiti means Father Sun in Quechua, the Inca language).

As I looked up, I realized how that was possible.  Clouds were all around me, but the Spirit had opened like a funnel right above the AHA.  There was a patch of blue sky right above me (left).  Immediately, I was reminded of a similar experience I had in Arizona in 2008 when God held a blue sky funnel open for me for over half an hour so I could descend from the McDowell Mtn in the midst of a monsoon storm without as much as a drop of rain falling on me until after I was safely inside my Club (see Wet Dreams and Divine Hike, Aug 2008).

Again, then as now, I did not have my camera with me.  But I did have my cell phone both times.  So I took it out of my pocket and started to take the pictures you are seeing above.

As the Sun shone brightly directly overhead (being just past noon - 12:12 to be exact, according to my cell phone), I raised my cell phone camera, aimed it at the sky, and snapped two pictures without looking at the Sun. It was not until I got back to the house that I realized that these shots captured yet another miracle related to my Cosmic Activation of on 3-28-12.  Look at that blue light emanating from the Sun. 

Ever seen anything like it?  I have not. Then I realized: This must be the light of the New Blue Star Earth. And we are seeing it for the first time today - 4-21-2012 at 12:12 (that's a whole lot of "three's," numerologically speaking).

[Wow. More tears of awe and humility as I am writing this part of the story].

And so, what started out as, what I thought would be, a "mundane" New Moon-Peace-Earth Day ceremony, turned into a magical event in which Fire, Water and Sunlight happily mingled, and the Universe showed us, perhaps for the first time, the new Blue Star Earth light in our physical world.

Right now, I feel humbled beyond belief to have the privilege of bringing this message to you.

With love and blessings on this New Moon-Earth Day 201,2

Altzar Aurelius Kumara

NOTES: The image is shown on the right is the Kumarian Heart Shield. The "official" Earth Day is Apr 22, which had already begun on more than half of our world by the time of our today's Hawaiian ceremony)


PS: For those of you who may not have read the Notes about the Cosmic Trigger activation that Star and I performed on March 28, here's an excerpt.  This should put this new blue light in perspective. 

Close to the end of that March 28 session, Archangel Michael gifted me the energies of the new Blue Ray of Love, Will and Grace. And he said that I will be the ambassador and Chohan of it after I leave the body. Here's an excerpt from that section of the Cosmic Activation transcript:


[blue emphasis added]

The "Eternal Fire" Still Burning Tonight

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 21 - I thought this story was over when I filed it earlier this afternoon.  But the Spirit thought otherwise. I don't know what moved me to go down to the gulch right after sunset this evening.  It was obviously the another piece of work of my guides and teachers. And the reason was that they evidently wanted me to see (and share with you) something else that was quite extraordinary: the "eternal fire."

Seven hours after I had started that sacred fire in a heavy downpour, it was still burning tonight.  This time, I did go back up to the house to get my camera and document this "miracle." Here's also a short video clip about it...

The "Eternal Fire" Still Burning Tonight (Apr 21)


* * *

Letter from Australia: "The Night God Showed Me Proof"

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 21 - In reaction to the above story received the following letter from a reader in Sydney, Australia.  I am sharing it with you with her permission:

Hi Bob,

I enjoyed reading your experience on April 21st, as well as your recount of an earlier experience when the clouds parted for you. This reminded me of my own spiritual experience just over 10 years ago.

My father was in hospital dying of cancer, and on this particular evening I raced home to get something before going back to hospital to be by his side. The rain was relentless for the few days prior to that and I think the whole of NSW was covered in thick clouds. I went through a moment of sorrow and doubt and just "told" God that if he/she was there to prove by stopping the rain. To me there was not going to be any coincidences in my "proof" as the rain was literary pouring for days.

About 5 minutes later I came out of the house to go into my car and go see my dad, and half way down my stairs I just stopped "dead", I looked above and, not only did the rain stop, but right above me the clouds completely parted and I could see the clearest sky. It was night time and the stars shining through were in hundreds. It was a full circle opening above my house and on the sides of it I could see how thick the clouds were. I looked around me and I could see a few houses away from me in a full circle the rain was very heavy, and nothing where I stood. That lasted for about 20 min. and when I god into the car to drive to hospital the opening re closed and it was back to normal.

I will never forget that night when God showed me proof.

I thought you might enjoy reading my experience.

Light and Love 

Mirjana Brkic

Sydney, Australia

* * *

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