a.k.a. Bob Djurdjevic

Explanation of Water/Jaguar/West


  • Water is the energy of our physical world.

  • Jaguar/Puma - Otorongo in Quechua (Inca language) - is the sacred animal associated with Water.

  • While opening a sacred space, a shaman faces the cardinal direction of West when calling on the puma-jaguar energies to assist him.  I do it usually with following words...

"To the winds of the West,

Home of Otorongo, the Puma, the Jaguar

Great cat, who is a master of Kaipacha,

The Middle World, in which we all reside,

You, who are tracker in darkness,

Teach me to live my life without fear and with no regrets,

And to walk through life without leaving tracks."

  • "Hayaya" (equivalent of "Amen" in Christian cosmology)

(artistic spiritual)