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Updated Oct 2, 2008 - "Celestial Chiropractor" Heals Knee...

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SCOTTSDALE, Oct 2, 2008 - Here are some Notes about recent dreams and three-dimensional world miracles that happened to me...

Notes about celestial signs received in dreamtime


Prior to my trip to Peru, I could rarely remember the dreams I’d had.  And I never tried to interpret any of them.  But after the Apus had told me back in Peru that they and the Creator should look for signs about my mission in life in my dreams, I have been able to remember them with increasing frequency.  I have written down some of them by hand in my diary.  Here are some other ones that I felt deserved a more elaborate write-up…

My Three “Wet Dreams”… handwritten notes

SCOTTSDALE, Aug 14, 2008 – I sometimes write things down by hand, especially if I do it right after waking up.  So for those notes from my diary, check out the next few pages. 

Dream_notes8_14_08-10_07_08 001.jpg

Dream_notes8_14_08-10_07_08 002.jpg


Heather also noticed that the body of water in my “wet dreams” are getting progressively larger – from a pool, to a river, to an ocean.  She agreed with my interpretation that Hawaii may be calling me.  Like Montenegro and Peru, it is a place that offers both mountains and an ocean.

Dream_notes8_14_08-10_07_08 003.jpg

Guess, I'd better start making plans to go to Hawaii and look for a country property that will offer me ocean and mountain views/access.  Perhaps like my "Bolt Hole" in Western Australia? (see "Just Another Day in Paradise").

Hawaiian Thanksgiving (Nov-Dec 2008)

Yoga Sprouts at Hilo #8 Property

WAIKALOA, Big Island, Fri Nov 27 -  I had a dream in which some unknown yogi (from the Big Island) was telling me what plants to plant around that white house at the #8 Hilo property in order to get rid of bugs and other pests.  I do not remember what the actual plants were, except that they looked like bamboos or banana trees – bushy and tropical. 


First, that house/property is obviously the right one for me on this island since it came back to me in my dream.  One of my concerns was that it did not have any trees or plants around it.  So I was thinking about what local flora would grow fast.  And now I know the answer – bamboo and banana trees.  Thank you, spirits!  J

Treachery & “La Donna e Mobile” Aria

WAILEA, Maui, Sun Dec 6 -  The start of my first dream was Bill Alger, a Canadian customer of mine from way back in 1972, president of a printing company with whom I have spent several nights helping him print his catalogue on the IBM CMS service.  He appeared in his old friendly and benevolent way.

But then I had a luncheon with his new CFO and a young man who was in charge of his IT.  Everything was hunky-dory until the CFO said at the end of the luncheon, “so I hope you’ve received the contracts that we’ve mailed you?”

The agitated IT directors intervened before I could answer the question and ushered the CFO away.  Later, I asked the IT director what it was that he had to hide?  With which of my competitors have they signed the deal behind my back while praising my work?  He sheepishly admitted to it, pleading some budget cuts as an excuse.

In the second part of the dream, there were a lot of people who were scrambling around because of the recession.  But the recession appeared as a chaotic sport event.  I remember grabbing a ball and bouncing it like a basketball. Except that it was a rubber ball, the kind with which the kids play, not a real basketball.  And I was bouncing it on uneven pavement of a street, not on basketball court.  I remember thinking, “I might as well put some points on the board while I have the ball.  It may not win the game, but it’s better than nothing.”

Then my ball took a bad bounce so that I had to hang on to it with both of my hands.  In basketball, I would have been called for traveling.  I realized that I had made an infraction but I kept going on anyway.  That’s when I woke up.

When I woke up, I had the tune from Verdi’s “Rigoletto” opera in my head – “La Donna e Mobile” (“Woman Is Treacherous”).  Wow!  I suspected that but did not actually find out the words of the tune until Dec 8 when I came home.   Here they are:

Italian Text

La donna è mobile
Qual piuma al vento,
Muta d'accento — e di pensiero.
Sempre un amabile,
Leggiadro viso,
In pianto o in riso, — è menzognero.
È sempre misero
Chi a lei s'affida,
Chi le confida — mal cauto il cuore!
Pur mai non sentesi
Felice appieno
Chi su quel seno — non liba amore!

English Translation of "La donna e mobile"

Woman is flighty (shifty - Bob Dj.)
Like a feather in the wind,
She changes her voice — and her mind.
Always sweet,
Pretty face,
In tears or in laughter, — she is always lying.
Always miserable
Is he who trusts her,
He who confides in her — his unwary heart!
Yet one never feels
Fully happy
Who on that bosom — does not drink love!


Obviously, the spirits were warning me about being careful about both my business and personal relationships.  In business, the Alger example could be referring to Capgemini or Steve Solazzo in the current situation.  In personal relationships, guess the only person who can betray me is Elizabeth.  And just can’t see how she can do it, except by not getting rid of her past, as she promised.

Maui Welcome Signs Come in Dreamtime

WAILEA, Maui, Sat Dec 5 -  After my shamanic ceremony on the beach in which I asked the spirits to give me a sign if I should buy a property in Maui or the Big Island, I started to get wonderful gifts of stone, coral and shells that I had a hard time finding in the previous two weeks.  They started with a black heart stone that had two peaks, like the two Maui volcanoes – Haleakala and Puu Kukui – and the valley in between.  It was buried deep in sand when I dug it out (see below).

Rocks12_06_08_Maui 005.jpg


More Maui Buying Signs

SCOTTSDALE, Dec 9 -  See my handwritten notes about what happened last night and this morning…







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