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June 27, 2011

Last updated Jan 22, 2012, adds Epilogue 2012 - An out-of-this-world and out-of-body experience - literally

Shepherd Steward of the Earth

An amazing experience of morphing into a spirit, stepping through the gateway to immortality, becoming one with God, and seeing the future and the past


A PERSONAL ESSAY: An out-of-this-world and out-of-body experience - literally

Shepherd Steward of the Earth

An amazing experience of morphing into a spirit, stepping through the gateway to immortality, becoming one with God, and seeing the future and the past


HAIKU, Maui, July 18, 2011 - I should have figured that the most astounding experience of my entire life would happen on a triple #11day (see Importance of Masters' #11 in My Life).  I should have, but I didn't.  When I walked into a condo Linda and Earl Backman had rented near Keauhou Bay in Kona, Big Island, I was blissfully unaware of the date (7-11-11).  Dr. Linda Backman, a well-known psychologist and a master regression facilitator, and I were scheduled to do about a three-and-a-half hour regression session.   The purpose was to revisit one of my important past lifetimes and see what I can learn from it.  But we knew that the choice was not up to us.  My light being guides would decide which one they would show us and why. 

So neither of us had any specific expectations.  We were open to anything.  Never in a million years, though, would I have guessed which door the spirits would choose to open for us.  It was not a door to any of my past lifetimes.  It was a portal to eternity and immortality.  And a gateway to a direct fusion with God.  The journey was literally an out-of-this-world and out-of-body experience.  But its effects on my physical being were very real and quite dramatic.  In fact, the sensations were so powerful and so extraordinary that, at times, they felt like bolts of lightening or megavolts of energy coursing through my body. 

As a result, tears were running down my cheeks like streams after a spring thaw.  My chest was heaving and convulsing.  I felt cold, yet I was sweating.  I believe I was shaking, or at least it felt as if I were.  I had to run to the bathroom and pee literally every five minutes or so.  At one point, while urinating, I had even squirted some poop into my pants. Haven't done anything like that since I was a child.  At the peak of the divine vibrations, Linda said she could feel the energy rise in the entire room.  And her husband Earl, who also channels light beings and is thus sensitive to the changes of energy, reportedly felt it even in another room. 

At the peak of the energy surge, my light being guides took over and started to educate me about medicine.  They explained to me what was happening in my body and why.  They "told" me to stop the session.  Then they explained why.  And then they coached me on what I needed to do to start recovering.  Several hours later, they even picked the dinner menu for me to make sure I received the most beneficial nourishment. By about 11PM - almost eight hours (!) after my session with Linda had started - I felt I had finally reoccupied my body.

At all times, my communications with the spirit world were entirely telepathic.  Not a single word was spoken.  Yet every message was as lucid and clear as a bell.  And it went beyond clear.  It was also comprehensive.  It encompassed ALL SENSES, including FEELINGS and the kind of intelligence which can only be called GNOSIS.  For the first time in my life, I now understand what telepathy really is: It is becoming one with another (light) being or entity

As a result, I now also OWN the light being called Altzar.  When I say, "I am Altzar," I mean it with my whole being.  And it feels wonderful.  It's like having lived a life of an orphan for 66 years and then suddenly discovering your true identity.  It's comforting and reassuring to know who and what you are, and where your permanent home is.

As for becoming one with God, that is the kind of experience which words cannot describe.  Being a writer, I will try to paint pictures and color emotions with words.  But you will need your own imagination to complete the painting and the journey.  Come along...

Preamble and Setup

Before we start this extraordinary journey, I need to set it up with things I already knew before the regression session with Linda.  About two and a half years ago, I was told by two multidimensional beings that my astral name is Altzar, that my function is to be a Rainbow Giver (connector between worlds), and that I come from the Dogon star (Sirius B).  I had had more than 30 spirit guides show up and honor me at my astral rebirth ceremony on Feb 25, 2009 (see the image on the left and Altzar's Rebirth & Mantras). 

One of the gifts I received from Paul the Venetian was a luminous staff that connects me directly to the Creator.  I have not felt the need to use it, saving it only for the most dire circumstances.  But I did experience God directly once, in March 2009.  I had spent two half-days in a crystal chamber working with one of those multidimensional beings.  At the end, God came to me as a bright white light shining directly into my heart (see the image on the right and Traversing the Universe with Chandra, Mar 5-6, 2009).  As warm and beautiful as that experience was of feeling God's light and love in my heart and chest, the sensation was not even one-tenth of the intensity I felt during my second encounter with God (7-11-11).

After Altzar's astral rebirth ceremony in 2009, I also received several mantras which I was to use when calling on my spirit guides or the Creator during prayers or incantations.  I accepted them as truth, and have been saying them nearly every day for the last two-and-a-half years.  In fact, opened the sacred space before my regression session with Linda on July 11, in part, using these words:

I am one known as Altzar,

      the Rainbow Giver from the Dogon star,

I am a child of the Original One,

I am a ray of the Original Sun,

I am Wholeness,

I am Love.

I also used some other mantras ((see Mantras), including this one:

I know who and what I am, and I give praise and thanks.  And to you dear Creator, I restate my intention not to stray from your path of enlightenment as you and my spirit guides illuminate it for me.

Two years ago, I even got a custom license plate that reads ALTZAR.  I also registered back in 2009 the name for this web site (  The fact that both were available, I took as another confirmation that I must be indeed Altzar.

In truth, given that the name Altzar and all these mantras came to me via third party channels, they always felt like wearing borrowed clothes. There was an inkling of doubt lurking somewhere deep down.  No longer.  AfterJuly 11, 2011, I know I AM the immortal soul of ALTZAR.  And when I thank God for being one with me, I now know he/she is ME.

Lastly, I finally understand the meaning of what Apu Huaskaran, an Andean mountain spirit, told us, a group of western shamans, on July 4, 2008.  He said that the "life in this body is only "a preparation for a return HOME."  In other words, he confirmed that our souls return to the spirit world ("home") after our bodies expire.

Journey through the Elements

Okay, enough preamble and set up.  Fasten your seat belts.  We're off on a journey the likes of which you have probably never experienced before...

It took a long time for me to reach the trans level deep enough for my spirit guides to take over.  Of course, I'd lost track of time.  But if I were to guess, I'd say it was over an hour. When I finally reached level 4 on a scale of 1 to 36 (36 being fully alert), I found myself in on a forest  road in front of me, lined with trees on both sides.  The images that follow are my approximation and simulation of what I saw.


Unfortunately, before I could make heads of tails of what that meant, I had to run to the bathroom again.  It was only later on, in retrospect, that I understood why the journey started there.  The Forest and the Land represented the Earth element.  My guides wanted me to start the journey as an Earth spirit.  As I know from my shamanic pilgrimages and conversations with the earth spirits, they are all female - "Santa Tierra's" - as we call the caretaker-mothers of the earth.  And they were quick to point out that they were here before the Apus (the male mountain spirits). 

When I returned from the bathroom, my whole body was vibrating as if electricity was running through it.  It took no time to get back into the state of trans.

I was deep down in the ocean, looking up toward the surface which appeared as a faint light.  I remember thinking, "strange that I have no problem breathing underwater."  And then I realized... that's because I AM the Ocean.  I am no longer in my human body.  I am the spirit of Water.  Which is why being the Ocean feels like being home.

Suddenly, I noticed some commotion in front of me.  The color of the ocean started to change from blue-gray to brown.  There was a lot of churning.

Slowly, a bell-shaped form emerged (left).  Still churning furiously, it slowly started to take on a red glow.  Water and fire seemed to be mixing, such as when red molten lava enters the ocean (right).  My heart was pounding. My whole body seemed to be churning like the energy vortex I was seeing.

And then, the bell-shaped image expanded, engulfing all.  Everything around me was red.  I was inside the molten lava. Yet I was not hot nor lacking oxygen.  Because I WAS the Lava spirit.

At that point, I began to rise.  I knew what's happening.  I was a Volcano about to erupt.  As I rise up the volcano funnel toward the surface, I shout like a person possessed, "I am Pele.  I am Pele."  I have morphed into the spirit that called me to Hawaii, the Goddess of Volcanoes and Fire.  She has been the most consistent presence in my life since before I moved to Maui.  That was My planetary mission here at the Rainbow Shower was to awaken the Hawaiian volcano spirits and help connect them to the Andean mountain spirits.   That's what I was told by the two multidimensional beings in early 2009.  And now, not only did I awaken Pele - I WAS Pele!

My excitement at being Pele grew with every step of the ascent up the volcano shaft.  When we finally exploded into the atmosphere, I felt as if I my chest was also exploding with with joy.

Now things are calming down.  I am the the wind, the Air spirit.  I see the clouds around the volcano reflecting the reddish glow from the eruption.   I enjoy the relative tranquility of being the wind and floating weightlessly.  I want to stay there a bit longer, but then the scenery starts to change again.

Journey through the Universe

"We are leaving the Earth," I hear myself tell Linda.  I feel being elevated toward the sky and leaving the atmosphere.  It is an effortless ascent.  I no longer have a physical body.  Everything is dark around me.  I enjoy gliding through cosmos.  It's very serene, beautiful, relaxing.  Stars are all around me and I feel like one of them.  But not in a physical sense.  Everything feels familiar, like home. 

Eventually, I notice a triangle being formed out of white light, with beautiful blue shimmering streamers along the outside edges.  I feel excitement rising again inside of me.  I explain to Linda that blue is my favorite color; that when I die and leave the human body I go to a blue chamber to relax and recuperate.  And then celestial telepathy begins...

I now know that the white triangle is ME, Altzar (like the shape of the letter A).  The light beings are letting me know that that's who I really am.

I begin to cry when I feel their message, "Welcome home, Altzar!"  I KNOW this is home.  My entire being knows it.  My body is practically pulsating with joy.

"And what does Altzar do?" I hear Linda asking.  I think I repeat the question to the spirits.

"You are a Rainbow Giver," comes back the answer.

But when "they" (the light beings) "tell" me, "you are a child of the Universe," I begin to cry loudly. 

I recognize the similarity and the authenticity of the mantra I received on my astral rebirth (the phrase, "I am a child of the Original one").  The emotional discharge takes a while.  It is quite possible that I had also had to go to the bathroom again at some point between these telepathic messages.  But I am no longer in control of my body.  So I am not sure.  Fortunately, Linda is recording all this.  So we will eventually know for sure what happened when.

After I enjoy being home for a while, feeling the love of my spirit guides, I begin to notice a light emerging from the top of the triangle.

It gradually grows in size till I realize it is the Sun.  Inti Taiti, Father Sun, is appearing to me for the first time as white and golden glow.  "You are a ray of the original Sun," I feel His message telepathically.  I notice a little black hole in the Sun at about 10 o'clock. Then I realize... that's me - the ray of the original sun. 

The vibrations and the excitement continue to rise in my body.  I feel as if I am going to explode.  And then just as I think I cannot take any more, Father Sun retreats and a faint while light appears at the top of the triangle.  At first it looks like a star.  Then it also gradually grows in size.

Being One with God

"The eye of God," I whisper in awe and recognition (having seen it once before).  Even though I am a writer, I cannot think of adequate words to use to describe how I felt when God "said" to me, "you are God.  You are one with me." 

I just know that I jumped up and had to go to the bathroom again.  My telepathic exchange with the Creator continued there.  I was sobbing loudly as I "heard" this message:

"You should stop your session now.  Don't worry about your past lifetimes.   You are done.   You are coming home after this one.  You are on the right track.  Just keep doing what you're doing.  Your job is to shine the light of God onto others."

My light beings-guides then gave me a quick medical lesson on what was happening.  The divine energy had apparently activated and agitated all of my glands.  Since I have an enlarged prostate anyway, this has caused me to have an urge to urinate constantly.  "So drink lots of water," they told me.  "And don't eat anything heavy for dinner."

When I came out, Linda was waiting for me in the hallway.  She looked worried.  I walked up to her and gave her a big warm hug, heart-to-heart.  "I want to share some of God's energy with you," I explained.

That's when she told me that she had felt the energy rise in the entire condo, and that Earl had been channeling with the light beings as well.  "Just to make sure you were okay," she added.  "They told him you were."

And that's it.  We stopped the session at this point and sat down to recap what had happened.  Once again, I do not know how long that process took.  But I have a feeling it was even longer that it had taken me to reach the state of trans.  The entire time, I was gulping one glass of water after another, and running to the bathroom in between.

Aftermath: First Evening

When I finally felt well enough to attempt a five-minute drive back to the hotel, I thanked Linda and Earl and left.  I was wrong.  I did not make it back to our room before having to pee again.  So I did it in the bushes of the hotel parking lot.  That's when I also squirted some poop in my underwear.  That was embarrassing.  I have not done anything like that since I was a kid.  I walked from the parking lot to the hotel restroom to clean up and get rid of the underwear.  Power of divine energy now took on a whole new dimension.  I felt I was being thoroughly cleansed.  The only thing I had not done is throw up.

When I got back to our hotel room, I briefly explained to Elizabeth what had happened.  I felt the need to lie down and keep my eyes closed.  I only described the session in a few sentences, as I did not want to bring about a new eruption of emotions while replaying everything.  Which is what happened when I did my recap with Linda.

Finally, I calmed down enough to dare a 15-minute drive from our hotel to the Chinese restaurant bathroom.  We made it there just in time.  When I returned to the table, I looked at the menu.  After a brief discussion with the waiter I ordered two dishes I have never heard of before...  soup with vegetables, and a lightly spiced vegetable and cashews stew.  With just a tiny bit of rice.  Plus some hot lemon water.  They were "just what the doctor ordered." 

"I feel that my spirit guides have ordered the dinner for me," I told Elizabeth.  "I have no idea what I will be eating."

But they knew exactly what my body needed.  Within about an hour or so, I felt almost human again.  Elizabeth and I finished the night lying in lounge chairs by the ocean and watching the moon and the waves.

First Night, Day After

As one might have suspected, I had some additional revelations in dreamtime and early morning the day after the regression session (July 12).  It felt like a Post Script to from the spirits.  First the dreams (in green):

(1) In the first dream, only about 1.5 hours into the night, I saw a number of palm trees erupting like volcanoes.  The burning pieces of their trunks and branches were dropping all over the place, including on the roof our our house.  So I yelled to Elizabeth to stay inside.

That's all I remember.

INTERPRETATION:  Considering what happened yesterday in the regression session, I figure this symbolically meant destruction of my past.  As I write this first thing in the morning, I am feeling physically better than I have in a long time.  Most of the aches and pains I have had have either dissipated or diminished.  So maybe it was also burning off of the bad energies that one accumulates in a lifetime.

(2) In the second dream, which occurred just before I rose around 7AM, I was with a large group of people somewhere outdoors... a sandy lawn around what looked like a countryside church.  I noticed a tiny penguin playing in the sand.  I remember saying, "a penguin in Hawaii?" 

After everybody went inside, Elizabeth and I were the last ones to go in.  As we were passing through a vestibule, I noticed that the little penguin was also there.  I felt sorry for him so I closed the door and called to the pastor, my friend.  He came out to the vestibule and I showed him the penguin.  Then I noticed a second one.  "Of, so they are a pair," I remember thinking.

"I think we should call the zoo," I said to my pastor friend. "I closed the door so they can catch the birds."

But at that moment, one of the penguins leaped into the pastors hand and then the second one.  They did not need to be caught.  They knew that they were among friends.  

INTERPRETATION: The penguins were willing to go with us to wherever we take them.  They are here to show us that anything is possible, including penguins in Hawaii, if you approach and treat nature with love and reverence.

As I was waking up, waves of downloads kept coming down by way of additional explanations.  I was made to realize that the reason I went yesterday through a metamorphosis from earth to water to fire to air spirits was because I am being trained to be one of the Gods of Environment and Weather, a Shepherd of the Earth, in my next spirit world assignment.  And to be able to do that, I had to learn first to love and know how it feels to be each of the four elements, and all parts of the Creation.

[Several days later, I realized that this fits right in with what J told us on July 8 in Kona - that there is a volcano spirit "which you call Pele," he said, who is in charge of volcano eruptions.  There is a group of beings who watch over those kinds of (environmental) things (on Earth).]

That is why I was chosen to come to Hawaii and build a Garden of Eden in Paradise on Earth (a phrase that I frequently use in my prayers in incantations in reference to the Rainbow Shower, our property in Maui), within my planetary mission of awakening the Hawaiian volcano spirits and connecting them with the mountain spirits in the Andes and elsewhere.  The reason I was given that penguins dream is to show me that I can create  anything out of divine Love which is me, including penguins in Hawaii.  So now I know my future, too.

As these messages were coming through, I found the tears flowing again down my cheeks, confirming their divine nature and their authenticity.

After I got up, as I do almost every morning, I asked for guidance from my guides using the Mystic Medicine cards.  The card I drew this morning (July 12) was REVERENCE.  It was the first time ever it has showed up in my life.  Here was the message (in purple):

The image depicts the God figure deep in a prayer. The female goddess in the third eye symbolizes the androgynous aspect of God.  In union, they are praying for the Earth and Humanity.  

"REVERENCE is an attitude honoring life. You bless that which you do with gratitude and respect for life. Your actions affect all mankind. As you appreciate the beauty in a moment, in children, in nature, or anything, your appreciation of that beauty radiates like the Sun blessing all Creation. A person who dedicates himself to seeing and nurturing the sacredness of all of life, thereby revering all of life, walks through their day lifting the consciousness of many, many people simply by being."

"Your reverence also means your tendency to harm anything, including yourself.  Your consciousness raises and peace reigns supreme.  Every single moment of your life contributes in this way to shine God's light to people and the environment."

"In choosing the Reverence card, it is time to sit with what is.  See and appreciate God in all of you."

Second Night: Robert Redford Dream

I woke up on the second morning after the regression session (July 13) with a faint memory of another dream.  This one, however, made no sense to me.

I had a dream about regression contest that was taking place in a big stadium with tens of thousands of people in the stands. Robert Redford and I were supposed to face off. Jaclyn Eckman somehow also figured in it. Maybe as a referee?

My "opponent" was Robert Redford. He was walking toward me with a determined look on his face, taking big strides across the field. He wore black body armor and black leg guards like a hockey goalie. This was a young Redford who sported fully grown beard.

I remember thinking that he wants to turn this into a jousting duel. "That's odd," I thought. "How can we have a jousting match on foot, without lances and horses."

I did not feel any animosity toward Redford nor any urge to fight him. So I did not understand why he seemed so riled up. Then I woke up.

INTERPRETATION: I'll let J interpret this one. I am at a loss as to what beef Robert Redford would have with me.

First Morning Back Home: Magical Moonset, Sunrise... New Poem, Music, Video

Back home in Maui, the magic the July 11 regression session had started was continued.  I had an amazing homecoming welcome choreographed by my light being guides.  Even though it had been quite dry while we were gone, after I had asked for rain yesterday afternoon, light sprinkles started within a few minutes as Elizabeth and I sat in the spa (evening of July 14). They created a pretty little rainbow in the dying seconds of the setting sun.  She had already gone inside by then, but I called for her to come out as I felt it was meant for her, too.


I thanked Goddess Namaka for it and asked her to keep coming back. And she did.  The rain continued on and off all through the night.


I woke up at 5:25 this morning (July 15). I am NOT an early riser.  Yet I was feeling great.  So I knew that my guides must have been working on me during the night even though I did not remember any dreams.  Something made me walk outside.  I was still stark naked.  What I saw took my breath away.  A gorgeous full moon was setting in the west as the dawn was awakening in the east.  


"So that's what you wanted me to see and feel," I said to my guides.  I went inside and grabbed my camera.  This is what I saw...



I got dressed and started walking down into the gulch and over to the opposite hill.

From there, I observed the above sunrise.

The entire time, I felt ONE with everything I saw.  My eyes teared up as I understood that that's what my guides wanted me to experience.  I spent about an hour walking around the property (7 acres), talking to trees, flowers, rocks, the wind.  By the time I came back to the house (with Elizabeth still asleep), I had written a poem that fits right within the original Altzar mantra.  No, strike the "I."  My spirit guides wrote this poem for me.  I've highlighted the new parts it in purple.

I am Altzar, the Rainbow Giver

    from the Dogon star

I am a child of the Universe

I am a ray of the original Sun

I am the forest and the land

I am the ocean and the sand

I am the lava in Pele's hearth

I am the wind and the breath

I am a Shepherd Steward of the Earth

I am Wholeness

I am Love

... and I love you.

And here's the image they gave me to go with the mantra/poem (right).  I am now waiting for the music to arrive to go with these lyrics.  I know it will.  I just don't know when. 

Actually, my guides woke me up early again yesterday morning (July 16) to remind me that I'd already written the music about the four elements, back in April (see below).  And that I did it (subconsciously) in the exact order in which Altzar morphed into each of the four elements in that regression session:

Forest & Sky Improvisation (Apr 2)

Water Improvisation (Apr 6)

Fire Improvisation (Apr 10)

So I "just" need to do the universe journey part - where the Sun and God's eye appear to Altzar - and then integrate it all together. I am sure that musical download is coming soon, too.  [Updated Aug 17]: Oops... I've done that, too, my guides also reminded me recently.  Check out these music videos:

Gypsies, Liszt and I (July 24);  Dance of Stars (July 22)

Finally, I've also just made a 20-minute film I have made about that amazing regression session.  How do you make a movie about something nobody else has ever seen?  Or at least not that I know of. That was my multidimensional challenged.  And the Multidimensional Journey (by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic, Aug 16, 2011) video is a result.

The film also includes my Teacher's explanation what it was about as he relayed it to me on Aug 5.  But it is a PRIVATE video.  To view it, you must first register with me. To request access to it, click here to send me an email message.  Thank you.

Multidimensional Journey through the Mother Earth, the Universe

(by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic, Aug 16, 2011)


Back to the magical Friday morning, when I came back to the house, I looked up the "official" moonset-sunrise times July 15:

FULL MOON - July 14-15, 2011

Twi: 5:28am (my light being guides woke me up at 5:25am!)

Sunrise: 5:52am

Solar noon: 12:31pm

Sunset: 7:10pm

Twi: 7:34pm

Moonrise: 7:42pm

Moonset: 6:21am

Day length: 13h 17m

I noticed that I took my last photo at 6:49:53 AM.  So my guides wanted me to experience this magic for a full hour and a half.


HAIKU, Maui, July 18 - It has now been a week since that profound experience.  My light beings-spirit guides have stayed with me, continuing to guide me day and night.  I feel as if they had rewired my whole sensory system.  I am now seeing and feeling things I had not experienced before.  Or at least not as clearly as I do now.  Here's just one small case in point...


The heart you can see in the left photo, carved by nature in the rock at the bottom of the Rainbow Shower creek ,had probably been there for thousands, if not millions of  years.  I had passed by that rock hundreds of times.  Yet I only noticed the heart for the first time today.  Right next to it was also a spade with a bird in flight image inside of it (right).

Seconds before, I had stopped to touch the "womb of Mother Earth," and express my love for Pachamama (Mother Earth).  I placed my hand on another prehistoric touchstone I discovered on a double #11 day at the bottom of the gulch (6-11-11, two pictures on the right).

And the beat goes on...

This afternoon (July 21, 2011), while driving around the island, I told Elizabeth how it was wonderful that we have been getting all this rain I had asked for when we returned from the Big Island.  "But we have not seen many rainbows," I lamented.

Lo and behold, after we got home, check out this clear sky rainbow which preceded and followed my evening prayers:

Preceded and followed?  Yes.  In between, while I was communicating with the spirits, a misting cloud appeared which enveloped me like a heavenly blanket. Then the mist cleared and another rainbow appeared, just before the sun set.  Pure magic.  And bliss.



HAIKU, Maui, Jan 22, 2012 - When I wrote the original "Shepherd of the Earth" piece six months ago, and made the video which tried to recreate the amazing out-of-this-world and out-of-body journey I experienced during a regression session in Kona on 7/11/11, I thought that was the end.  So I finished the story with the words "THE END" (see above). 

Huh! What arrogance.  But what do I know about beginnings and ends... As it turned out, what happened last July was really merely a beginning of a series of revelations which led me to discover earlier this month what my "extra credit" planetary mission in this lifetime is to be.  It is a "Steward of the Earth," as the three Light Beings from another galaxy paraphrased my "Shepherd of the Earth" revelation in a private channeling session on Jan 3, 2012. Here's an excerpt from our dialogue on this topic:

Light Beings: You have a specific task - to work on those ley lines that connect active volcanoes and inactive volcanoes to build offerings, to honor the Gaia, Mother Earth.

[Then, as now, while transcribing this, tears are rolling down my cheeks. These are the tears of humility and humbleness - that I should be one of those honored to work on healing the Mother].

Light Beings: Treat the Earth with respect. This is an area you are to write more about. This is an area you are to talk about in terms of the role of the Shaman in assisting to provide BALANCE - there’s that word again! - balance on Earth. And because you have spent numerous lifetimes in other celestial realms, with other physical bodies and lack of physical bodies, you have again this knowledge that you have brought forth as part of your soul DNA. But it’s kind of in an amnesia place, that as you tune in, this information will suddenly be apparent to you.

[Oh, my God... it’s starting to come to me now (at 11:40PM on 1/4/12): Large mountain ranges, like the Himalayas, the Alps, the Andes, the Rockies... and, of course, Mauna Kea/Loa - the world’s largest mountains... are like huge antennas, the Earth’s lightening rods.  If I can help link up the “sick” and distraught (disconnected) parts of the Earth (like the volcanoes and earthquake-causing tectonic plates) to them via the ley lines, kind of like we (as ancient Inca shamans) tried to lasso the Sun to the hitching post in Machu Picchu, these enormous mountain rods can drain and dissipate destructive energy from volcanoes and earthquakes.  They can become sort of like the Earth’s energy mulching stations that can minimize or prevent eruptions and destruction in the surrounding areas.  And then, the Mother can once again vibrate in sync, as all her body parts communicate with each other in harmony.

This theory FEELS VERY RIGHT.  Emotionally.  From theory to practice...

This means I may have to travel to the world’s biggest “hitching posts” to try to attach an energetic lasso to them from the various problematic areas around them.  Which means I must now first study the Earth’s tectonic plates and how they release their built-up energies.  

This is right brain-left brain work.  Good.  Thank you, LBs and my guides and teachers.  

But this is not work for one individual.  I will need a team to support me and work with me int his endeavor.  It is OUR PLANET. We are all Pachamama’s children. I see a potential here for a group action of concerned shamans and other enlightened beings. Which is another aspect of this idea that’s appealing to me.

I’ll also have to meditate some more on the roles the oceans will have in all this.  They’ve got to be big carriers and mulchers of energy, too.  Which is what the tsunamis are.]

LBs: Because of your experiences living in multiple dimensions, you also have a more unique ability to feel in balance wherever you are. Whereas many enlightened beings when they are in an area of high energy vortex from a spiritual realm, they feel very uncomfortable. Because you have traveled so much, both in this incarnation and elsewhere, you have the facility to feel somewhat comfortable wherever you are in your physical body.  You know many earth beings who do not feel this way.  Some have to be near water.  Some have to be near mountains. Obviously, you live where both exist.  Do you understand what we are saying?

BOB: [32:00] I... [voice quaking] have just received a violent emotional agreement with what you were saying.  Tears are rolling down my face.  I don’t know if you can see that or feel that.

LBs: We can feel the emotion that is going through your body.  This is a very major responsibility.  We are not allowed by the terms of working with Lord Maitreya and Master Jesus of Nazareth to tell you things like that until you open the door.  Once you open that door, and you ask for verification, as you just did, then we can go much further than just answering your question, if we have the knowledge to do so.

BOB: I understand.  It feels very true to me, to the core, to the existential level.  Because I have intuited myself, in fact this is the term that came to me last summer, as being the Shepherd of the Earth.

LBs: And that is a VERY, VERY APT description! [strong emphasis came through LB’s intonation of words]. And it is an important one right now.  And it will be increasingly important not just in 2012, but in subsequent years as well.  Because Stewards of this planet must step forward at this time.  And they must write and educate and assist others in understanding why taking care of Planet Earth is of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE.

BOB: I did write, just for your information, several pieces along those lines. [Goes on to explain the previous “2012”-related articles - 2012 Revisited: Toward New Breed of Man (May 11, 2011); Japan Quake: Lessons in Tough Love (Mar 14, 2011);  2012: Toward a New Breed of Man - an essay on future of mankind, Jan 2009] In Japan, the society has focused so much on materialistic and technological things that they have forgotten to water Mother Earth with love.

LBs: There is going to be much more of that in years to come, elsewhere.  And you are to continue to highlight this. And not just in terms of, as we have said, with volcanoes, but with earthquakes, with floods, with massive natural disasters. That is Mother Earth’s way of not only cleansing the earth, but assisting the earth beings to get their priorities straight.


Ever since I learned this, I have been researching the subjects of ley lines, crop circles, geomancy, vortexes on our planet, and have had numerous fascinating revelations already.  But I can't do this alone.  I need your help.  This is OUR MOTHER, our planet.  As you saw from my response to the Light Beings, I feel will take GROUP ACTION to try to balance Mother Earth and bring humanity in alignment with her energetic ley lines.  Are you willing to sign up to the cause and join me in this call to service as one of the Stewards of the Earth?

If so, we will need to co-create both our mission and how to do carry it out. I don't have all the answers.  In fact, at this point, I mostly have a lot of questions.  But when future revelations or intuitions occur to me, I will share it with the group.  Maybe they will inspire some revelations in you?  Maybe they will awaken a part of your DNA which has been locked up in amnesia? 

And vice versa... perhaps ideas that come to you will spark creative thoughts with someone else in our group? 

For now, I have just registered the name of OUR new web site: . I invite your ideas as to how we can best make use of it.  Welcome aboard!

aLove  Light

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