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On Shaman's Code of Conduct

Healing Gift Is a Privilege, Not a Business

Spirit realm take a dim view of greedy or corrupt shamans: One Peru Altomesayok was hanged, another put in prison for abusing heavenly gifts they were given

HAIKU, Maui, Oct 21, 2012 - During a correspondence with Achim, a Medsman from London, England, about the special Yellowstone Kulla (stone for a Mesa) he was gifted by the Spirits, he offered to give me a reciprocal gift:

"...In return I would like to send you a little gift, too, a shamanic bath shower essence, to tickle your being in the shower, which will be a chanelled custom formula, designed for protection, clearing and geographically tying together any loose ends you may like to energetically weave together in your Being for the purpose of clearing past experiences or simply bringing that vibration back to work with. I don't know yet what yours will contain, but it typically contains 7 rare salts and essential oils from all corners of the world and it is something that was given to me a couple of years ago by spirit as a tool to work with for my own journey. I have not commercialised this but just given it to spiritual friends and they loved it. It is brilliant before or after ceremony and can act like a wand for protection and clearing."

To which I replied:

Okay, Achim, now about your kind "reciprocal gift" offer and the Hawaii-New Lemuria comments and requests… 

There is no need for reciprocal gifts of any kind. You know by now that the Kulla I brought for you from Yellowstone is a gift from the Spirit realm to you. And we all now also know the reason for it. I was just a carrier, a messenger. Which is a part of the service work which I had agreed to perform prior to this incarnation. So I am not looking for any rewards of any other compensation in the 3D world. 

I am saying this to you, but I also want our other fellow-SOEs to hear it. And here’s why. I am getting this download right now as I am writing this to you...

When we were on the The Altomesayok Journey: On theAngel Trail in Peru (May-Jun 2009), some of our mountain spirit guides (Apus) warned us about charging set fees for our healing work. Generally, that’s a no-no. Shamans, Curranderos, Curranderas and other forms of Native Medicine Men and Women did not used to charge for their services. They were given the gift of healing by the Spirit realm, just like some of us who can channel Spirit realm messages are given similar gifts today. 

So how can one charge for something that’s a gift, that’s not really ours? You can’t. At least that’s the Native American logic.  Charging for healings and having a "price list" for various services is an entirely WESTERN concept. But because the western influence has become so pervasive and thus powerful, it is corrupting many of the native cultures.  So in the Andes, many shamans also charge for their healings nowadays. And some get slapped around by the Spirits as a result. 

Apu Chaopyorko, one of our mountain spirit teachers who talked about that, told us about some shamans-Altomesayoks who got greedy (Altomesayok is the higher level of an Inca shaman as they are able to bring in the winged mountain spirits into physical form, so we can have human-level conversations with them, and receive their teachings (see Conversations with Mountain Spirits - 2009).  

In one instance, an Altomesayok was hanged by the Spirits for being too greedy, our high level Inca shaman who led the expedition said. The corrupt Altomesayok lived alone. One day, he was found hanged on a tree limb outside his mountain home. There was no sign of violence or forcible entry. In another instance, a corrupt Altomesayok was jailed. He was still in jail at the time of our pilgrimage 3.5 years ago.  So it goes…

"So how did the shamans survive?" - you may be wondering. The same way as priests, teachers, artists, musician, warriors… and a whole slew of other professions that were not involved in direct production of goods and services. They were supported by the COMMUNITY in gratitude for what they did. If a shaman healed someone, the grateful family or the subject would bestow them with appropriate gifts.  But it was all based on VOLUNTARY gift giving, not set charges for services rendered.

So if a healer who turns his healing gifts into a "business" becomes a "wounded healer," the first place he/she should look for answers for the reasons these bad things are happening to them is - INSIDE.  Am I focusing too much on myself? AM I doing enough for the COMMUNITY? Should I be giving MORE and taking LESS? Or at all?  Those would be helpful questions they should ask themselves and meditate on them honestly and bare-chestedly with their Spirit guides and teachers seeking answers.

For, the best way to heal oneself is through service work - helping heal the COMMUNITY we are a part of.  Without any expectations of monetary or other material compensation, of course.  If it comes, great. If not, you move on to the next village. Just like Kokopelli.

Achim, this was obviously not meant for you.  I know you do not make your living from a "healing business." Which, as you can now see, is a western oxymoron. Healing is not a business. Guess that’s a message the Spirit realm wanted me to get out:  

It is a privilege and duty of those who have received a gift of healing from the Spirit realm to use for the benefit of all, not for selfish purposes. 

Thank you for raising this important issue to our collective consciousness.

That said, I know and feel that your gift offer comes straight from the heart. And since it is unsolicited and totally voluntary, I will be honored to accept it. I love scents and essential oils of all kinds. So I will cherish your gift when I receive it and will treat it in the same vein - as a gift from the Spirit realm.


Bob Altzar


And as if to confirm the validity of all of the foregoing, when I asked for my daily guidance today, Sunday, Oct 10-21-12 - AFTER I had already written this piece, I drew again the mystic medicine card DISCERNMENT. It was the fifth time in eight days that Master Geronimo showed up (depicted in the card) to tell me about Discernment and the need to follow and spread the Native and Spirit realm wisdom.  So here you go...


PS: Shortly after publishing this story, I got a response from a Steward of the Earth from Rome, Italy:

  • Chiara Saracini I definitely agree. I would never make people pay for something that I'm gifted for free from higher realms. In fact, I kind of use the business trait to "discern" whom should I trust: if he/she makes me pay to use his/her gift (whatever it is, not just healing), then I decide not to benefit from his/her service. If it is for free (or he/she just asks for a voluntary offer, only if one feels to give it), and I manage to physically meet this person, I trust only if what he/she says or does "resonate" with me in a good vibrance. And all of this I was thinking BEFORE reading your story. Now that I read it, I'm even more convinced.

Maybe I'm too much a "purist", but as a "western" who lives in a big city and not in a village, I would personally look for a "normal" job to survive and I would use my gift for true healing or helping people.

I'm not judging those who make others pay for the service or make a job out of their gifts (I'm sure they have their own reasons to do so, so how could I judge them without knowing their reasons?): I'm just saying that I would not benefit of their service because I don't agree with making business of one's gifts, especially if they come from other realms.

  • Bob Altzar Djurdjevic What a wonderful response, Kia! I see that you "get it" 100%. You talk like a seasoned Inca Master Shaman. The fact that you had DISCERNED all of that even before reading this story, is a testament of your maturity and mastery. And proof that you are in tune with your Spirit guides and teachers and listen to them by following your intuitions and trusting your heart. You are a very advanced soul. It is our privilege to have you in our group. Love Bob Altzar Djurdjevic

Also, we got this comment via email from our fellow-Steward of the Earth from Sydney, Australia, posted at our Yahoo group web site:

  • Wonderful reminder, thank you Bob.

Light and Love

Miryana Brkic

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