Shaman's "Tools of Trade"

An Inca Shaman connects to the spirit world by his breath, prayers, meditation and through his "Mesa."  Mesa is a collection of special sacred stones ("Kullas") which have been blessed and initiated by the Andean mountain spirits' special crystals (see the 2008 version of Altzar's Mesa - right). Click here to learn how to recharge your Kullas and make love to them. And click here for Shaman's Code of Conduct: Healing Gift Is a Privilege, Not a Business.

But the most important "tool of trade" is Shaman's heart.  If his prayers are not expressed with heartfelt feelings, they may not be "heard" and heeded by the spirits (click here to read a story a mountain spirit told a group of shamans in Peru in 2008 - Quality over Quantity of Prayer).

Altzar also works with several dozen Ascended Master Spirits.  Altzar's "Council of Elders," a roundtable of Ascended Master Spirits who attended Altzar's astral rebirth ceremony on Feb 25, 2009, is shown on the right.  Some key Apus, Andean mountain spirits (left).

Mary Magdalene (right), for example, was the one who actually healed Altzar's own knee injury and encouraged Prayer Requests

Among the Apus (Andean mountain spirits), Apu Huascaran, the tallest mountain in Peru, also shown on Altzar's home page), along with its female expression - Collyour Nusta, is his main "benefactor Apu" (spirit guide). Apus Ausangate, Machu Picchu, Wakai Willke and Pachatusan have have also provided their guidance, protection and love when called upon.  And so have a number of Santa Tierras - female earth spirits, from both in Peru, North America and Hawaii.

Al Khadir (left), the first spirit to show himself to Altzar's first Shaman-mentor in early 2008, has been a constant in his life.  Goddess Aphrodite also showed herself to Altzar's Shaman-mentor during a soul retrieval. And Hawaiian deities, such as Goddesses Pele and Namaka and God Lono are a daily presence in his life, as are the Hawaiian volcano spirits represented in his Hawaiian "mesa" (right).

Finally, as the planetary mission of a "Rainbow Giver," connector of worlds and dimensions, Altzar was asked by the spirits to set up a celestial network on his property in Maui, Hawaii ("Rainbow Shower").  You can see on the satellite map (left) the planetary energies and the Apus present at this sanctuary.  They may also play a part in healings.

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