From the Altomesayok Trip 2009

How to recharge Kullas

How to call the spirits to recharge kullas

Apu Huaskaran (see photo on right), then told us how to call him into our mesas...

  • We can do it every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday ("his office hours," I joked later).

  • Just before 11:50AM (presumably Peru time; 6:50AM HI time; 4:50PM UTC time), we should place our kullas into a white container filled with water that has not seen sun (meaning, we have to pour it in before sunrise and then cover it).

  • We should leave the kullas in that container so his energy can work on them till 12:30PM (Peru; 7:30AM HI time; 5:30PM UTC time).

  • Then we should place the kullas in the sun, facing east, so that they can be charged with sun's energy.

  • We should then smoke them using Frankincense, Myrrh and Palo Santo (Peruvian incense... I brought some home).

  • Finally, before placing them into our Mesas, we should infuse them with the Holy Spirit by blowing Holy Water on them.

Romancing the Stone: Making Love to Your Kullas

Haiku, Maui, Oct 20, 2012 - After seeing my note about the Yellowstone Kullas which I sent last night to the would-be recipients among the Stewards of the Earth (right), Star said jokingly, "romancing the stone. Get it, lol."

Star was obviously referred to a well known 1984 action-comedy film, Romancing the Stone with Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito, To which I replied:

"You’re not wrong about that - "romancing the stone." An Inca shaman under which I studied once said that you do love your kullas and treat them like your beloved. Each has a different personality. Funny thing is, I had also heard a Green Beret Vietnam veteran under whom I also studied in the 1980s say the same thing about his gun." :-)

Jokes aside, when I was first getting to know my Kullas, I literally had tears flowing down my cheeks as I was holding the two Kullas from Mt Ausangate at a shamanic training session in California four years ago.  The two Kullas were gifted to me by Apu Ausangate during my first Rites of Passage (shamanic ordination) on Colka Cruz, a 16,300-ft pass in the Andes (right).  The Kulla in my right hand held the masculine energies of Inti Taiti (Father Sun). The Kulla in my left hand had the feminine energies of Pachamama (Mother Earth). And they were both connecting through my heart. Thus the tears.

* * *

Love & Light

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