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June 27-July 12, 2008

Communing with Peru's Holy Mountains

In search of wisdom of the ages hidden in mountain spirits...


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Day 6: Notes re. Conversations with Spirits #1

Session 1 with Adolfo

MARAS, Peru, July 3, 2008 -  Nineteen of us would-be shamans were huddled together in a small room that was in complete darkness.  After Don Adolfo made a call blowing his whistle, his "home" mountain spirit appeared first.  He would be a "director' that will hold the portal open through which other mountain spirits would enter.

Suddenly, one could hear the flapping of wings and thumping of feet on the table in the front of the room.  Since I was in the front row, I also felt a slight fanning of air on my face, caused by the angel's wings.  There was also a sound of clanging of beer, wine and pop bottles that had been placed on the table for spirits to open and drink out of, if they felt like it.

Female spirits emerged from the ground.  Male mountain spirits came in through the walls.  One after another, at least 10 spirits showed up among us. They were very friendly, bantering jovially in Spanish and Quechua with Adolfo and Jose Luis, who was our interpreter.  Then the spirits proceeded to remove negative energies from our hearts.

Apu Ausangate and Apu Wayni Ausangate (another expression of the Mt Ausangate spirit) both said they were looking forward to our visit and welcoming us there next week.  "How did they know?" I remember thinking. Since none of us had said anything about it, evidently these mountain spirits are the ones who have orchestrated all this, including us being selected to take the sacred journey to their bosom.

The spirits asked us to open our hearts to love.  I felt tears streaming down my cheeks.  Later on, I found out that nearly all of us had the same reaction.  The spirits took turns sharing with us some of the "pearls of wisdom."  The one that stuck in my mind came from Apu Quollyoritti [sic], the "Snow Star" mountain.  Speaking very slowly and accentuating every word, he said that we "must walk in humility, integrity and elegance."  And that if we did that, the mountain spirits will always be there to help us.

Humility, integrity, elegance... those words kept ringing in my ears all night.  Apu Quollyoritti also talked about the importance of "embracing beauty" in our lives. 

Jose Luis asked for us to be blessed by various spirits.  Altogether, we were blessed four times during an hour or so of our "town hall meeting" with the spirits.  Each time, one could feel holy water drops materialize out of nowhere in a closed room and rain down on us.  One large drop hit my forehead above my left eyebrow.  I wiped it off with my finger and then licked it off it.  I felt it was my first ever real communion with the Creator.  The holy water had a unique taste and smell, unlike any other water I have tasted (but similar to the shamanic "Florida water").

The spirits then started opening bottles from the inside.  You could hear the corks pop, beer caps fly off and roll around the room.  One of them hit my left hand.  Later on I picked up off the floor.  Now this beer bottle cap is a celestial part of my mesa.

The spirits toasted us with an open bottle of beer which they passed around, asking us to toast them back.  I rarely drink alcohol, as some of you know, and have not had a beer in probably almost 10 years.  But how can you refuse a heavenly toast!  So I took a swig, too.

Then the spirits asked us to sing some songs for them while they used crystals to write soul messages for us.  You could actually see the crystals sparkle and hear them grate against each other as they were doing it.  Even though I am not a strong singer, I started singing "Silent Night" and everybody joined in.

Then the host spirit asked us to open our mesas so the spirits could inspect them and bless them.  "Now you can call us directly," he said.  He repeated that they had asked Jose Luis to be the bridge to the West and bring in from there a new breed of shamans. He summed it up by saying that "from now on, now that we know each other, I other and other spirits will always be with you."

The only thing that was interrupting a total hush in the room were the sobs and sniffles coming from most of us.  After the spirits had left, we also filed out of the room in silence.

Session 2 with Doa Maria

In our second session of the night that took place in a different room, Doa Maria was the host channel for the spirits to enter.  Victoria, a local tour guide, was the interpreter.  At first, two spirits got angry at Doa Maria, complaining that someone was blocking the door (from the outside).  They left angrily and in a huff after chewing her out.

Richard, a Swedish fellow who fancies himself to be a bigger shaman than the Inca shamans, asked the question if someone else could get him a kulla (stone for his mesa) from the mountain.  The spirit replied that he must do it himself.  Then the spirit asked him why he would not go to the mountain himself.  Richard said something about his body not being strong enough.  To which the spirit replied that there is nothing wrong with his body, only with his mind which is stopping him from going.

Then in an amazing display of good humor, the spirit teased Richard that his hair was too long and that he (the spirit) could use some of it.

Some spirits also got angry with Doa Maria for falling asleep during the session.  And they blamed her for some people in the room who, they said, had doubts.  That was pretty amazing... that not only did they know seemingly everything about us; they also seemed to know what was in our hearts and minds.

Overall, I felt VERY BLESSED and VERY PRIVILEGED to have been one of only 38 people from the West who were selected to take part in this amazing encounter.  Based on their subsequent reactions, I am sure that the rest of my compatriots felt the same way.  I also felt SO LOVED that I cried nearly all the time.  It was the kind of unconditional love that I have never experienced before.

Day 7: Notes re. Conversations with Spirits #2

Session 1 with Doa Alejandrina

MARAS, Peru, July 4, 2008 -  Apu Huaskaran was the main (host) spirit in this session, acting as a portal through which other spirits entered the room, more than a dozen of them, I figure.  Huaskaran is the tallest mountain in the Peruvian Andes.

When Apu Ausangate entered, he said "you will be on a sacred journey at Ausangate.  It will be hard.  But it will be worth it because you will meet the Creator after you've cleansed yourselves of the past."  He added that he would give us "a kulla with my breath on it so you can find a way to get in touch with me."

Then the spirits opened the floor for a Q&A.  In answer to a request from a woman in our group, the female earth spirit (Santa Tierra?) said that the women don't need a blessing because they have been given the "power of creation."  "You are responsible for creating a new breed of man," she added.

"But what about women who are not mothers?" another woman asked from a back row.

"All women are mothers," the female spirit retorted without hesitation, as if anticipating the question.  "You give birth to luminous ideas," she added, pointing out to Mother Theresa as a case in point.

"And what about us?" (men), I asked.

"You don't need the blessing, either," Santa Tierra replied.  "You have the intelligence from the celestial sources with which to lead mankind as decision makers." (The feminists may take note of that answer, unless, of course, they think they are smarter than the Creator).

I asked Apu Huankarai, the main/host spirit, if he could tell me what my mission in life should be. He responded with a question.  "Are you happy?"  "Yes," I replied firmly and without hesitation.  "Excellent," he said.  "Then you are among the right kind of people."

He continued by saying that he would not tell me what my mission was.  "You will find that out after this journey in your dream or through some other signs," he added. "You will then craft your own mission."

Apu Ausangate also said to look for signs about where to find our kullas in the clouds, lagoons, rocks...  He added that he would send an angel to watch over us on this journey.

Apu Huaskaran spoke about life in our physical bodies, and said that the "life in this body is only a preparation for a return HOME."  In other words, he confirmed that our souls return to the spirit world ("home") after our bodies expire in a given lifetime.

He also said that after this sacred journey we would find joy and happiness.  He added that such experiences were "only possible in the Andes and in Tibet because those are the main energy centers on this planet."

Apu Huaskaran displayed a wonderful sense of humor when answering a personal question from Victoria, our tour guide.  "You live in Cusco, yet have never gone to either Don Adolfo or Doa Alejandrina (the local shamans). And now you're asking ME to help you?"  Everybody laughed.

Still the spirit did take pity on Victoria and answered her question.  By doing so, he not only demonstrated how kindhearted he was, but how much they knew about each and every one of us.

In closing, Apu Huaskaran said that we "have to strive for happiness and dump the fears and angers, so that every day is a ceremony."  He then blessed us all, by touching each of us on the forehead with his wing.

In a separate conversation outside of this room, Jose Luis said the spirits have luminous bodies int he human form that pulsate with energy.  So they come in and out of sight.  He said that Apu Ausangate had told him that he was 130cm tall (about 4'4").  Most of the earth (female) spirits are quite small, he said. But Archangels are huge.  "They make the walls and ceilings of the room disappear," Jose Luis said.

When the spirits appear, we are supposed to reply with code words "Ave Maria felissima" or "Ave Maria purissima."

When Alejandra calls in the spirits, she goes into a trans and does not remember anything.  But Adolfo can talk to them at the same time as being a conduit.  His home spirit spoke to him with such love, saying he knew him "before he was born."

Day 8: Notes re. Conversations with Spirits #3

Sessions with Don Santiago and Don Juanito

MARAS, Peru, July 5, 2008 - To listen to my digital voice notes about our conversations with the mountain spirits on Sat July 5, click on the NOTE 1/4 (9:29 mins).  What follows in italics is my subsequent transcript of that recording:

My first question in the first of two sessions this evening (with Don Juanito) was to a male mountain spirit (I did not catch his name).  I said that we had heard from many spirits during the two previous nights' of conversations with them how important love is, and how important it is to have our hearts open to love in order to ascend up the spiritual path. I added that I felt most of the people in our group are already doing it, and are ready to do so when we go on our mountain trail to Mt. Ausangate in a couple of days. 

"But I am wondering," I said, "what about those six billion-plus humans outside of this room who have for centuries, including right now, been behaving in very inhumane and inhuman ways toward each other... making wars, torturing each other, and so on?  Why are the spirits allowing that to happen while preaching love to us?"

The answer I got was very interesting.  The Spirit said that we must try to clear our minds and our hearts of any negative or dark energies, and to become pure so that we can receive direct communications with the spirits and eventually with the Creator. And if we did that, then we would be able to heal the humanity from the fourth dimension (which I interpreted to mean that we would become spirits or angels ourselves after our physical death, or at least be able to operate in the fourth dimension with the mountain spirits of Peru and use their guidance, we would then treat and heal the humanity in the best way we know how).

"As for the rest of the humanity," the Spirit continued, "those who are motivated by material gains and money, and those who are damaging Mother Earth (Pacha Mama) - they will eventually have to face the Creator."

And that's about it from that session.  In another conversation with the spirits which I did not attend, answering a question by another participant of our journey, the spirits reportedly said that in five years, the medicines of pharmaceutical companies will no longer be working.  In other words, the Creator and the spirits are taking protective action against those uncaring individuals or multinational companies who are damaging Mother Earth and her natural environment.

Later on, as I contemplated this deadline, I could not help but wonder if that's not related to Dec 21, 2012, the end of the ancient Mayan calendar, a date that some expect will be the "end of the world," at least of the world as we know it?

Is There Room for LOVE in Business?

Moving on to the second session of the evening with Don Santiago, that's when I not only asked a question, but actually engaged in an active conversation with two spirits at the same time...

I said in my initial question that I was a writer and consultant to large multinational companies.  So I was wondering if there was a way, if there was a possibility, that the leaders of these companies - the CEOs and other top executives - might lead their businesses on the basis of love, and not just (be) motivated by material gains?

I think that there may have been some problems with the translation into Spanish by Victoria, and so the male spirit and I we went back and forth a few times until we cleared up what my question was.  Eventually the Spirit said that before I write a book, I should pray to and call on the Creator, Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the mountain spirits - in that order - and that they would then be able to give me guidance and ensure success of the book and of my writing by making sure it is aligned with the universe.

Then I said, "and what about the second part of my question, about the multinational companies...?", that's when the female spirit Liliana des Bolivia got into the conversation.  She said that similarly they can help me before I go to these meetings and sessions with senior executives; that I should contact them (the spirits) through my mesa and through a local mountain where I live

She asked me then if there are any big mountains in Arizona, because the North American mountains are apparently devoid of this kind of energy and spirits.  The only places in the world where the mountain spirits are still active are in the Andes and in Tibet. 

I replied that we don't have really any huge mountains in Arizona.  But we do have mountains like Camelback Mtn, which is actually my home mountain, which I could use as a local "server" to contact the mountain spirits in the Andes. 

Liliana des Bolivia repeated the name Camelback several times to make sure she got it correctly, and then promised to set up a direct 'ceke' line to Camelback Mtn, so that when I go back home, I would be able to contact the Andes mountain spirits directly through the Camelback spirit, which they will activate for me.

The way to contact the spirits, a male mountain spirit said was to light a white candle, get rid of all negative or dark energies that we may have accumulated during the day or the previous night, be totally relaxed with a clear heart and an open mind, and then call on the spirits to come to us (see NOTE 2/4, 1:38 mins).

On a lighter note, Apu Ausangate talked about other spirits liking their beer.  But he preferred rum, he said. And so to prepare a table or a despacho for him, we should make sure that it includes rum.  :-)

Quality vs. Quantity of Prayers

NOTE 3/4 (3:41 mins)

In answer to one of the questions by other group members about faith and prayers, a male spirit said, "let me answer that question with a story."   He said there was once a young man who got badly injured up in the mountains.  He just barely dragged himself down to a mountain village.  He was barely alive.  A woman saw him, took him into a house on the edge of the river, across from her home.  She nursed his wounds, and cared for him for days, bringing him food and drink every day. 

Then one day, there was a violent storm that caused the river to swell up.  Flash floods washed away the only bridge.  So the woman became very despondent.  She was worried that the young man in the cottage across the river may suffer and die without her help.  So she prayed very earnestly to God and to the spirits to help her find the way out of her dilemma. In answer to her prayer, she got the message that she should just walk across the river. 

So having total faith in God and the spirits, that's what she did.  She crossed the river on foot, without a bridge, literally walking on water.  She brought the food and drink to the young man and then walked back.

Now in the same village, there lived a priest who was very dedicated to his job.  He would at times serve 10 masses a day, even if just one person was in the church. So having seen what had just happened with that woman, he thought, "well, is an ordinary peasant woman can do that, surely I can do the same thing.  I've served the Lord faithfully for so many years."

So he walked down to the edge of the river, said his usual prayers, and then waded in, expecting also to be able to walk on water. He was washed away and drowned.

So the moral of the story, according to the Spirit is, that it is not the quantity of prayers that matters. And it's not the prayers that come from your head by rote that matter.  It is the quality of the prayers, and the depth of your feelings that come from the heart that will make the difference, and will reach the Spirit and the Creator.   And then you will be able to experience miracles, such as walk on water.

NOTE 4/4 (0:54 mins) - Footnote re. the name of the female spirit.  Liliana de Bolivia was the female spirit who told me she would activate Apu Camelback for me so I can communicate with the Andes' spirits directly.

The spirits also told us that we should pray every morning and every night.  "Open up your mesas and light a white candle," he said.  "The mesa needs to be in total connection to the land," Apu Ausangate said. 

Notes re. Conversations with Spirits by Others

based on stories other people have shared with me

CUSCO, Peru, July 10, 2008 - The following notes are based on the conversations with some of my Peru shaman friends.  To protect their privacy, I will not use their real names. 

  • Mr X is a male friend.  He was first contacted by a mountain spirit while on a similar journey last year.  He and another man were walking on a trail when they felt a burst of emotions for each other.  As they placed a hand on each other's hearts, Mr X felt a surge of warm energy at the back of his neck and down the spine.  He said that felt wonderful.  Then he heard a voice that told him "I love you."  "I love you, too" he replied, not quite knowing who that was.  Later, an Inka shaman gave him the name of the mountain spirit that had talked to him.  I have forgotten it.

  • Mr X said during the last 12 months, he has also been able to contact the spirits while at sea.

The following conversation took place while walking down the mountain on July 10. Ms Y is a female friend.

  • Ms Y said that after our third conversation with the spirits on Sat night (July 5), she went to sleep fairly early.  She woke up during the night to go to the bathroom.  Suddenly she saw about a two-foot high stuffed toy.  The toy spoke to her (in English), and said, "Ms so-and-so (addressing her by her maiden name), there is someone here to see you."  Ms Y got so startled that she jumped.  That's when she heard the fluttering of the wings, like the sounds we have heard in our conversations with spirits in Maras.  She said she was mad at herself that she was so scared that she drove the spirit away, but could not help herself. 

The following exchange took place by e-mail after we returned from Peru.  Ms Z is a female friend.  She said that since her last year's trip to Peru, she has been in regular contact with three of the mountain spirits - Apu Ausangate, Macchu and Wayni Picchu and Pitusiray.  She said she has found Apu Pitusaray particularly helpful.  Here's verbatim what she wrote:

  • "I have been calling in Apus Machu Picchu, Wayni Picchu and Ausangate every day and they do show up I feel very connected to them. I have been working with Pitusiray for a year and still feel his presence strongly."

    "My family is now used to my kneeling on the ground and invoking the spirits of the land. I find when I pray with true intention, people respond like its normal. When Im self-conscious and even slightly pretending, thats when others react to my style.  The moral: when we are in our medicine, others know this at the level of soul and recall how they have prayed to the earth for many many lifetimes. "


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