My Journey to Shamanism

Altzar's journey to Shamanism started at birth.  But he (I) did not discover it until 2008.  Why so late in life?  That's when my spirit guides chose to reveal it to me.  Guess they didn't think I was ready before. 

"There was a white glow around you when you entered the room," a 'seer'-type Inca-trained shaman told me when we first met.

The date was Jan 6, 2008.  The place - Sedona, Arizona.  Only a month earlier, I did not even know what the word "shaman" meant."  And now I was about to find out that I have always been one.

"Out of the white light came a man," she continued.  "He said his name was Al Khadir.  'Tell Bob to find out about me if he wants to understand his life."

A bombshell.  A wake up call form heavens.  A door left ajar.

"Who is Al Khadir?" I asked.

"You know, Lord of the Mountain, or something like ii," the shaman replied vaguely.  "That's your homework.  Find out."

Homework?  I did not drive all the way to Sedona on Serbian Christmas Eve to get homework.  Nor for a healing of any kind.  I did it because my girlfriend at the time was into shamanism.  To please her, I showed interest in something I'd never heard of before.  At best, I was mildly curious.

But after spending a couple of hours in an animated conversation, the Inca-trained healer told me that I should consider becoming a shaman yourself.  Now I was quite shocked. 

"Me?  A shaman?" I said, my jaw dropping.  "What makes you think that?"

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