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Right Relationship with Your Mesa, Kullas

Making Love to Your Kullas

Kullas represent our connection to specific land energies; they also embody our energies; so like a beloved, they must be cared for and recharged every once in a while

HAIKU, Maui, Oct 21, 2012 - Upon Elizabeth's and my return from our healing journey to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, brought back with me 10 Kullas (rocks - part of shaman's Mesa) for the Stewards of the Earth around the world. Since there are mover than 800 of us right now, I needed the Spirit guidance as to who would get which of the 10 Kullas.  You can read about it in Yellowstone-Grand Tetons Healing Ceremony (, Sep 2012). And this was the outcome:

I next wrote to the five of the lucky 10 recipients who had not yet received their Kullas. I offered to mail them to them along with my interpretation of their energetic qualities. Here's the correspondence that ensued. You will see from it that having a right relationship with your Kullas, and therefore your Mesa, is like having a loving relationship with your beloved. You must care for them and recharge the love every once in a while, so that it remains fresh and strong.




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