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09 Mar 2011

Updated May 4, 2010, adds Goddess Pele Appears Briefly

Living a Dream

Celestial Chakanas-Apuchetas, Hawaiian Mesa, Sacred Trails... Come Together on May Day


Living a Dream

Celestial Chakanas-Apuchetas, Hawaiian Mesa, Sacred Trails... Come Together on May Day

HAIKU, Maui, May 2 - "May Day, May Day" is a signal of distress at sea (actually spelled, "mayday, mayday").  May Day was also a Communist Labor Day, a thinly disguised celebration of Primavera (Spring).  For me, this year's May 1 was the day a long time dream came to a fruition.  I didn't plan it that way.  I had no completion deadline in mind.  It just happened to be the day I finished the last of eight three-dimensional Chakanas-Apuchetas that form a celestial grid around the Huaca (sacred place - see the map on the right), which has revealed itself back in March as my Hawaiian Mesa.  Here's an excerpt from that story:

Isnít it interesting how gnosis works?  First you experience sensations; do things without knowing why; then bamÖ eyes and doors to ancient mysteries start to open up. And you begin to understand the what, why, how, when and where of life around you. The first rainbows showed up over the new Chakana as if to confirm it. The mountain spirits and Inca shamans have been telling us that we (the shamans) already have all the knowledge we need inside of us.  We just have to allow it to emerge from our heart and soul.   

My journey to Maui and my initial awareness of my planetary mission began in Feb 2009. 

I was also told my Chandra, the multi-dimensional being I met in Arizona over a year ago, that my planetary mission was also to download the history of the universe (see Meeting Grandma Chandra, Feb 2009 and Traversing the Universe with Chandra, Mar 2009).  Also, I was to awaken the Hawaiian volcano spirits and connect them with the mountain spirits in the Andes.  You will need a User ID/Password to access these stories.  You may find them pretty fascinating).

(An excerpt from More Revelations: Huaca - "Hawaiian Mesa", Mar 20)

As of Nov 2009, when the latest chapter of this current saga began, I was still clueless about how I was to carry out my planetary mission.  Yet unbeknownst to me at the time, I was already doing it.  Unknowingly.  By gnosis.  I started the process in November by building the trails on the hills of the Greater Rainbow Shower.

I finished the last, eighth trail this weekend (Apr 30).  Notice the matching of the number of trails with the number of Chakana-Apuchetas points?  Once again, I did not plan or realize that until after I had already done it.  Yesterday, May Day.

Even when I had my sessions with Don Sebastian in Peru in January of this year, I was unsure about how I was to carry out my mission. 

"Don't worry.  Apu Huaskaran will help you," said Don Sebastian, referring to my benefactor mountain spirit guide.

And by golly, he/she did. (Apu Huaskaran appears to me in both masculine and feminine expressions). 

And not just Apu Huaskaran. The Hawaiian deities, too.  As I cleared and built each of the trail, underground guide rocks were cropping up, right on the trails, just like the two big boulders guided me to the Huaca location over a year ago.   Here are, for example, the underground rocks I uncovered just on the latest trail I built last week... (marked with orange and pink spray).


For a while, I contemplated naming it the Sacred Rock Trail.  But then I realized I the term would have fitted almost each trail at the Rainbow Shower.  What was especially interesting about this trail #8 and, therefore, is the rocks that cropped up along the ridge of the Eucalyptus Hill.  That's the hill directly opposite the house looking toward the west (right).  It's the high point of the property on that side of the gulch.  How these rocks "climbed" up the gently sloping hill is beyond me? It defies gravity. 

I would not have considered them anything special down in the gulch where the creek runs.  The water erodes the ground and the rocks roll down.  There are many above ground rocks and boulders down there.  But these high ground stones, barely protruding below the surface are quite extraordinary.  I suspect they must have been thrown down there during one of the Haleakala Volcano eruptions, God only knows how many thousands of years ago.  It was exciting uncovering them while building the trail. 

Celestial Chakanas-Apuchetas

While we were still in Peru, in Puno to be exact, I had a vision of a giant three-dimensional Chakana (the Inca cross that symbolized the three worlds) spread across the Rainbow Shower (left). It came to me in the wee hours of the morning of Jan 30. The vision was followed by a series of revelations here at the Rainbow Shower during the months of February and March (see Peru: Spirits' Guidance; Rainbow Shower Revelations (Feb 22, 2010), and Three-dimensional Chakana, Learning from Deities; More Revelations (Mar 20, 2010).  You'll need a User ID and password to access these stories.

Since that time, I've spent countless hours traversing this land, trying various ways to construct the Chakana-Apuchetas, until a consistent shape and style emerged.  There is a story associated with each of the eight place, and, of course, with the final creation - crystal glass sphere on a stand in the Huaca that symbolized the connection between the heaven and the earth.  Which only happened three days ago (Apr 30).

Here are the stories of the eight Chakana-Apuchetas... and of the Sun symbol, more or less in the order of their creation.


The first three-dimensional Chakana-Apucheto (#2 on the map) I built was the one nearest our house.  Its first birthing took place about six weeks ago (right, also see Three-dimensional Chakana, Mar 20).  I am saying the "first birthing" because the spirits rejected this version in short order.  After about a week or so, strong winds toppled it, breaking the golden globe to smithereens.  Back to the drawing board.

My second edition was more stable but still did not pass muster of the spirits' inspection.  The middle column was too tall, making the whole structure less stable. 

Finally, the third version of it was acceptable to the spirits.  It was one with a stone globe symbolizing the Earth, and a red cardinal perched on top of it (left)

After the spirits left it alone for a couple of weeks through wind and rain, I started to replicate the design at the other seven points.  The globes' styles varied, but the basic structure was the same - a three-dimensional Chakana, lined up precisely with the four cardinal directions, and the four elements: Air in the East, Fire in the South, Water in the West, and Earth in the North.  Each of them was identified by a special "Kulla," just like in a shaman's Mesa. Each kulla for each of the eight Chakana-Apuchetas came from various parts of the world... Arizona, Peru, Hawaii, Montenegro, even England. 

They all found their home eventually at a Chakana-Apucheto as symbols of one of the four basic elements.  I had evidently kept them and brought them here for that purpose.  Again, I just did not know it till recently.  They had been scattered all over the house and around the Huaca and the Lower Rainbow Shower.

Ausangate and Mother Earth can enjoy a pretty view across the gulch to the west (left) and kibitz with Huaskaran and Saturn. It is the same vista as that from the lanai at the back of our house.  That's where you can also find a new mystery red cardinal (middle and right).  What's a "mystery red cardinal?"  You'll have to wait till the Pachatusan-Venus story to find out.

Meanwhile, back to the Chakana-Apuchetas design, you may be asking yourselves what's the globe about?  I have been asking myself the same question.  For the longest time, I did not understand why I felt I had to have it on top of the Chakana-Apuchetas. I just knew I did.  The reason only came to me last week.  The globes represent the planets that share the same sacred spot with the Apus' (mountain spirits) Chakana-Apuchetas. 

As you may recall from my earlier stories, the eight locations marked on the above right map are the major planets of our solar system.  They are all reflected at the Rainbow Shower as a celestial mirror.  And the same eight spots also reflect eight major Holy Mountains in Peru, again, roughly in the same geographic configuration (see left map of Peru).


Just as in the case of the Ausangate-Earth Chakana-Apucheto, the spirits rejected twice (!) my early designs of the Pachatusan-Venus version.  The first two globes ended up smashed to the pieces down that steep hill which is now home to the Venus Trail.  I'll spare you the details.  It was uncanny.  That "mystery red cardinal," for example, that you saw in earlier pictures, was what was left of the second globe that the spirits rejected.

So in my third effort, I did not use a man-made globe.  I used a spherical rock that actually came from the Huaca when Charley and I dug it out a year ago.  It does have a round shape, as you can see in the far right photo, but it is not perfectly smooth like the polished globes.  Yet something told me a year ago that there was something special about it. So I saved it and kept it above the Apucheto (the altar and the fireplace) in the Huaca. And now, it ended up being the symbol for planet Venus (middle right).  I sort of visualize it more like the famous [painting Venus of Urbino (right).


The story of Wakai-Willke-Mars Chakana-Apucheto (#4 on the map) is quite extraordinary.  This is where I placed a bench made out of railroad ties back in December, before I had any inkling about it possibly being a sacred place.  


The site lies directly above the banyan portal and the meandering creek below (left).  These days, you can hear the sound of the rushing water as clear as a bell. It is also a place where two giant trees merge into one at the crown - a banyan and a mango.  The location was the northernmost point of the Chakana-Apucheto I saw in my dream in Puno.  Which is why I placed there the bamboo marker months ago (back in early February, I think - right picture). 

Well, about 10 days ago, I discovered the top of another rock barely protruding through the surface right next to that marker.  I had not seen it before even though I had been there many times.  And neither had my landscaper who was equally stunned when I showed it to him (two middle shots).

The rock looked almost man-made.  It is in the shape of an obelisk (a pyramid with a cut off top).  I only discovered that when I manually dug out the dirt around it.  So I figured, that was the exact spot where the spirits wanted me to build the #4 Chakana-Apucheto, one dedicated to Apu Wakai Willke and planet Mars.  BTW - Wakai Willke was the mountain spirit who awarded us a special kulla during the Rites of Passage ceremony last year at Intipunko (Gateway to the Sun), on the final day our mountain Altomesayok Journey.  You can see Wakai Willke peak through the Intipunko gateway in the right shot.  And that's what I did.  The Chakana-Apucheto you can see in the right shot has been constructed directly above the underground rock.  In fact, its base rests partially on the top of the rock.

Machu Picchu-Jupiter

Compared to some of the other sites for Chakana-Apuchetas, the Machu-Picchu-Jupiter location, the #6 on the above map, which lies due north of the Huaca, had no drama attached to it.

The site more or less a level ground (left).  Nothing was damaged or broken during construction or afterward.  Apu Machu Picchu, who showed up at my astral birthday on Feb 25, 2009, and Jupiter have a beautiful view of the gulch to the south (right).  As with real Machu Picchu, it sits on a high ground with the Urubamba river valley below.  More than once, I had unwittingly compared the rushing waters of the Rainbow Shower stream with the flooding of the Urubamba river that Elizabeth and I witnessed during our trip to Peru in January (see Raging Creek Splits "Rainbow Shower" in Two (4-13-2010) and Urubamba, Ollantaytambo: Bridges over Troubled Water (Jan 26). 

As I was building the Machu Picchu-Jupiter altar, another similarity struck me.  The Urubamba river carves its way through the Sacred Valley of the Incas before meandering down the gorges and canyons to Agua Caliente, the town just below Machu Picchu on its river banks.  The Incas believed that the Urubamba river was a reflection of the Milky Way on this planet.  They also thought that Cusco was the center of the world, just like the Sun is the center of the solar system. 

Cusco lies south of Machu Picchu (see above map).  My Huaca, which also symbolized the center of the solar system, the "Cusco of the Rainbow Shower," also lies south of the Machu Picchu-Jupiter spot on which I was standing.  And the new Rainbow Shower creek now runs below this site.  I could hear it as I could almost hear my thoughts.  What if our little creek is also a reflection of the Milky Way at the Rainbow Shower? 

I felt goose bumps at the thought. For that would make the Rainbow Shower the Hawaiian version of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


The Huaskaran-Saturn Chakana-Apucheto (#5 on the map) lies directly opposite the Ausangate-Earth altar. As with each of the other connecting eight points, this line intersects the Huaca at the bottom of the gulch.

You can see our house with the brown roof back of the Ausangate-Earth Chakana-Apucheto in the left shot above.  And you can also see it from a slightly different angle in the middle photo, taken from the western bench.  Building the Huaskaran-Saturn altar was one of the most challenging endeavors.  It took constructing three trails just to reach this spot.  The location lies about half way along that purple trail, marked as #4 in the far right picture.  Plus it is on a very steep slope and dry ground (middle right).  Since Apu Huaskaran is my benefactor mountain spirit guide, guess it was all worth the effort.  And we can see each other when I play piano. :-)


The Salcantay-Uranus Chakana-Apucheto (#7 on the map) lies at the spot where the trails #3 and #8 meet in the above far right picture.  It is also clearly visible from our house. 

But its direct opposite is the Pachatusan-Venus altar (#3 on the map), as you can see in the right shot.  Once again, when I broke the trail #3 to reach this spot, I found a guide rock marking the location under the surface (the orange spot above). In fact, there are two of them.  If you draw the line between them and extend it across the gulch, it crosses the Huaca and hits Pachatusan and Venus on the other side. 

It was a no brainer, therefore, figuring out that that's where I needed to build this particular altar. When I finished that last trail #8 last week, I realized that all those guide rocks that I discovered along the way on top of the ridge are actually connecting points between Huaskaran-Saturn and Salcantay-Uranus. So maybe a more appropriate name for this trail #8 would be a Celestial Trail? (rather than a Sacred Rock Trail, which I contemplated earlier).


By contrast, figuring out the exact location for the Illimani-Mercury Chakana-Apucheto (#1 on the map) was probably the greatest challenge.  The site is quite low, and thus easy to access.  It lies barely above the Huaca, which is the lowest point of the celestial grid.  And it is closest to the Huaca, just like Mercury is the planet that orbits nearest the Sun. 

But there is a jungle between this site and the Huaca.  So I could never get a clear sight of vision to line up the this site with Machu Picchu-Jupiter (#6 on the map) right across the Huaca.  Even Elizabeth got into the act one day, trying to help me with a helium balloon which she held first at Machu Picchu and then at Huaca.  But it was a very windy day and the balloon just refused to rise.

I had an inkling though, that the actual location was going to be right in front of a heart-shaped rock you can see behind the altar in the above pictures.  Eventually, I was able to confirm that by lining it up with two tall trees on the opposite ends of the gulch.  Whew...

After all this surveying effort, constructing the Chakana-Apucheto was actually a cinch.  Except for one thing...

Lost & Found Experience, Heaven-Earth Connection

As I was finishing up my work at the Illimani-Mercury site, I realized I had lost a lovely black knife.  It was a gift from Elizabeth to replace a lovely REI knife the TSA security people took away from me a couple of years ago.  My stupid fault.  I had kept it in my backpack from that year's trip to Peru.

"Oh, no," I said to myself.  "Not again."  

Not only are there no REI stores in Hawaii, but it was a gift I treasured because it was from my beloved.  I was already starting to make plans to try to mail-order it from the REI web site, when an inner voice told me, "don't... wait a while." 

Indeed, I had rarely lost something that I could not find again.  Some of these "lost & found" experiences were quite fascinating, starting with my first one when I was about 11.  But I'll save them for another day.  Back to today...

When I noticed that my favorie knife was gone, I had just unloaded from my Jeep a carton of Roundup (weed-killer).  I generally don't like to use it, preferring to pull the weeds out by their roots, but there are millions of them around here, and sometimes I use the weed-killer in hard-to-reach places.  

"Aha," the penny dropped.  "Maybe the spirits didn't want me to use the Roundup at this spot."  

So I started talking to the spirits.  Out loud, as usual.  I acknowledged that I got their message and promised not to use the Roundup there.  But I also begged them to help me find the knife.  Then I retraced my steps.  Twice.  No luck.

* * *

Rewinding the film to the night before, I drove Elizabeth to the airport for an overnight flight to the mainland.  She will be spending most of the month of May with her family and friends in Arizona and Texas.  

After having spent over two months looking for a crystal or glass sphere which I visualized as symbolizing the Sun in the center of the Huaca, I had given up on the idea.  Yet on my way back from the airport, something told me to go to Ross's store and take look in their home decorating section.  There they were - three "perfect" glass spheres!  I picked up one, but then put it back.  I had already devised a Plan B.  Not as good, but workable.

"It's too late now," I muttered to myself.

Then without looking for anything in particular, I also stumbled upon, what I saw as the base for the Sun (a beacon connecting the heaven and the earth).  It was in an entirely different section of the store.  Then I got excited again.

I went back to get the sphere I had left behind and see if it fits.  If it did, it would mean I'd better go back to my Plan A. 

My God, it was as if the base and the Sun sphere were made for each other!  Take a look at that picture on the right...  Naturally, I bought them both. Cheaply.

* * *

Fast-forwarding to Apr 30, the day I had lost my black knife, I wanted to do at least something worthwhile that might please the spirits.  So I went to the Huaca I put my new Heaven-Earth beacon together.  I used five completely disjointed pieces to do it... a rock from the Painted Desert in Arizona as its base, the wrought iron holder for the Sun sphere from Ross's store, and four kullas from Peru and other places.  They all fitted together perfectly on top of that round boulder that symbolized the Pachamama (Mother Earth) in my Huaca. 

I am an engineer by training, but I could not believe the balance of the whole structure.  Looking at it from certain angles, you get the impression that the base and the sphere are levitating over that big rock.  

"Okay, Kon-tiki Wirakocha (the Creator) and the spirits," I said out loud.  "I can't believe the contraption I've just created can withstand even the slightest breeze.  But it's up to you now.  I've done my part - with love and faith.  You'' have to provide the engineering know-how."

I returned to the Huaca later that evening, to add one more kulla to the base and to see if the structure was still up.  It was.  And Friday Apr 30 was a pretty windy day around here.  Pretty incredible, huh?

At that moment, I said to myself, "okay, it's now time to go look for that knife again."  

I did not know why.  I just felt the spirits would lead me to it if they approved of my new Heaven-Earth beacon.  

I had not gone more than 100 yards from the Huaca when, indeed, there was the knife.  It was on the ground right in front of me.  A five-inch object on a property of over 7 acres! (I traverse the whole property several times every day, for one reason or another). Talk about finding a needle in a haystack, huh?  Except that I don't feel I really "found" it. 

The knife was NOT in an area where I had retraced my steps earlier this morning (meaning, I don't recall walking on the part of the road).  So now, in hindsight, I am wondering if the spirits placed it there as a reward for what I had done in the meantime?  First, for understanding their message this morning, and then having the faith in them that they would defy gravity and make the "levitating" crystal Sun sphere work where I felt it belonged - in the center of the Huaca as connection between the heaven and the earth.  


Without a doubt, the building of the Coropuna-Neptune Chakana-Apucheto (#8 on the map, at the end of the trail #2), was physically the toughest challenge.  It's the highest point of the property on the west side of the gulch; it lies on the steepest slope; and it was completely inaccessible when we expanded the Rainbow Shower last September because of the 15-20 ft tall cane grass.  And even now when the path is clear, Elizabeth recently reminded me that she had been there only once.  Because it is such a hard climb.

Well, as you can see from the left shot, the view from this spot alone would be worth the battle against gravity and cane crass.  That's why we built another bench here back in December.  On a clear day, you can also see the ocean from there beyond the tree tops in the northerly direction of the gulch. 

And even though the actual site for the Chakana-Apucheto did not post any great construction problems, I left that altar as the last.  Not just because it is the #8 on the map.  Because it was the hardest to reach.  And like Neptune, whose home it now represents, it is the farthest from the Sun (the Huaca).

Daytime Initiation-Activation Ceremonies

On Sunday morning, I thought I would go out and perform ceremonies at each of the nine sites to initiate and activate the cosmic energies that will power the Chakana-Apuchetas.  I had no idea exactly how to do it, just like I had no idea initially how to construct this celestial greed.  But I was sure the spirits would help me and I would know what to do when the time comes.

Meanwhile, I'd heard a tune being played in my head or soul, wherever it is that music resides.  This time, I recognized it as the Part I of the Godfather Theme (I had previously recorded the Part II), in Aug 2008.  I wondered what that was about?  But rather than overanalyze it, I just went to my piano and started playing it.  I worked on my own arrangement of it for about 10-15 minutes before going out to do my Chakana-Apuchetas ceremonies.

Indeed, everything went off smoothly.  I started with the ceremony at the Huaca, and then went around all other eight sights.  They took about three hours to complete - on a very hot and humid Sunday.

When I was done, I went to the beach to cool off.  It was the first time in months that had been there.  Shame, I know, given that we are blessed with such close proximity of the beautiful warm ocean.  But we've had other priorities.  Anyway, the cooling swim felt great.

Nighttime Initiation-Activation Ceremonies

While I was at the Huaca in the morning, I had set the fire in the main Apucheto.  Something told me that I had to "seal the deal" with a final nighttime initiation-activation ceremony back at the Huaca.  Which, of course, had to include a fire ceremony.

Again, I had no recipe for how to do it.  And again, everything went smoothly and without a hitch, as if it had been scripted.  The fire was great.  It burned till quite late.  The night was pitch black as the waning moon had not risen yet.

Afterward, I took some pictures, with and without a flash. Then I lay down on the Haleakala kulla of my Hawaiian mesa (above right, second row), resting my feet on the Puu Kukui, and watched the stars overhead.  The Gemini Constellation, which is also mirrored at the Rainbow Shower (left), was right on top of me (I am a Gemini, for those of you who don't know).  And off to the west, there was the Sirius (Sirius B, the Dogon Star, is my home star). And a little farther behind me, there was Mars (see the celestial map on the right).  And it was Mars and Wakai Willke that marked the spot for their Chakana-Apucheto with an underground obelisk (#4 on the map).  It seemed as if the universe was signaling its approval back to me.

As I contemplated such matters, I was also listening to the crackling of the fire behind me, and to the murmuring of the stream ahead of me.  I felt as if I had Goddess Pele (goddess of fire) caressing my crown chakra while Goddess Namaka (goddess of water), her sister, was feeding my root chakra with her energies of creation. 

Fire, water, air, earth... the rocks I was lying on... they were all here and taking part in this magical ceremony.  I was in a state of complete audio-visual-sensory bliss.... at peace and aligned with the forces of the universe.

"The universe is unfolding as it should and I with it," the thought crossed my mind.  

Guess the spirits liked my celestial grid, the three-dimensional Chakana-Apuchetas, and the Heaven-Earth beacon that connects them and beams the Hawaiian volcano energy out to the Apus in the Andes and back.  But most of all, I was hoping that the spirits felt the Love that has been built into all these physical structures, along with blood sweat, and yes, even occasional tears.

When I came back up to the house, I was still hearing that Godfather tune in my ears.  So on a spur of the moment, I decided to record it - without rehearsals, "just as is."  I wanted to capture the magic moment so I could share it with the world, meaning with all of you.

So here it goes, as imperfect as it is...

The Godfather Theme

  Godfather Theme by Bob Djurdjevic (5/02/2010) (4:04 mins)

Epilogue & Prologue

Finally, here's an epilogue, which is actually a prologue, to this story.  For the pictures you are about to see were taken well before the celestial Chakana-Apuchetas were completed.

First, here is my rainbow girl, La Patrona of the Rainbow Shower, holding a delicious white coconut cake that she had just made on Apr 20 (two left shots).  The dress is actually something I had spotted in Paia on our way back from Kahului, and bought it for her on a spur of the moment.  The dress was hanging on a tree as an advertisement for a local store.  Yet it fitted Elizabeth as if it was made for her.

Two days later, a lovely morning rainbow greeted us in the western horizon (middle right).  Exactly a week later (Apr 29), another one showed up as a farewell to Elizabeth's departure.  She left Maui later that evening.

Last but not least, I went to an operatic arias concert on Saturday night.  It was wonderful.  Afterwards, I took a picture of this gorgeous flower arrangement on the stage - a combination of Anthuriums, Heliconia and other local flowers.  And yes, they use a Steinway on stage for the concert.  it looked just like mine at home.

And that's all she wrote from the Rainbow Shower in the month of April (and a couple of days of May).

Goddess Pele Appears Briefly

P.S. I did not want to prolong my story yesterday with another segment.  It was more than long enough as it is.  But when I was in the spa yesterday morning, I drifted off into that state of altered awareness.  I was seeing at first the usual parade of images, probably from some very old lifetimes.  And then a white light began to emerge and then dissolve itself into the background, which was generally the color of dirt around here (reddish brown), but fluid. 

After a while the background turned to various shades of deep red, almost maroon in places.  The energy was swirling around.  Then a shape of a cone emerged, with the red energy simmering in it as if in a cauldron.

Oh, my God, that's a volcano!" I exclaimed silently, feeling the excitement inside me rising like the lava.  "They are waking up." (Perhaps you remember that my planetary mission here is to awaken the Hawaiian volcano spirits and help connect them with the Andean spirits?).

Then out of the cauldron, an image of a woman with black hair emerged (see an artist impression of Pele in the right painting-photo).  It did not last long, maybe a second or two, before it dissolved itself back into the volcano.

"Goddess Pele" I said out loud.  She finally showed herself to me in person rather than just through signs.

I wanted to stay and watch the volcano show a bit longer, but I had all these appointments in town.  And I hate being late.  So with apologies to Pele and the celestial director, I pulled myself out of the spirit world, and got ready to leave.

Later in the evening, this experience brought back memories of Sunday night, after the ceremony was over, when I was sprawled on my back across those big boulders in my Huaca.  It was the first time I had realized that the rock which I identify as Haleakala (the masculine energy) has a perfect shape and slope for my body to fit on top of while lying on my back.  It even has a gentle curve on its top for the base of my head to rest on. 

The rounded boulder next to it, again which I propped up my feet, I had identified as Puu Kukui (the West Maui mountain volcano).  I feel it as a female energy.  The space in between is the Iao Valley., a Pakarina, a place of emergence in Inca cosmology.

None of this was new.  I first sensed this polarity five years ago when I wrote the story "Between Two Volcanoes."  I had felt it also at this very spot when I originally saw these two boulders over a year ago, while they were still buried underground. And I "knew" back then that they were connected to each other under the surface, as if in the act of love.  So I kept digging and digging until I found the point of contact.  That's where I also discovered their offspring, a round "baby rock."  It has has since been the cornerstone of my Apucheto fireplace.

What was new on Sunday night was that here I was, symbolically sprawled over the two Maui volcanoes, and physically connecting them at the top as they are joined at the bottom, through Mother Earth.  So the physical configuration matched what I had been trying to do cosmically.  And the fit was perfect.  It felt as if the rocks and I were made for each other.  I only wore my Inca poncho and yet was very comfortable lying for a long time on a bare rock.

And when I heard and felt Goddess Pele crackling in the fire behind me, while enjoying the murmuring of Goddess Namaka's stream in front of me, and then saw the starry sky with the Gemini Constellation literally right on top of me, I was "transported," as they say.  

Now I wonder if that's why Goddess Pele chose to appear to me for the first time in the heat of the day the following morning?  And in the presence of Goddess Namaka, too! (I was in a hot spa at the time, remember?).

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