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Updated July 2, 2009

Day of Fasting, Contemplation

Communing with the Volcanoes, Ocean in Maui



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Day of Fasting, Contemplation

Apu Huaskaran's Guidance Leads to a Disappointing Experience

HAIKU, Maui, July 2, 2009 - Per Apu Huaskaran's advice and guidance (see below), I did spend 24 hours last Thursday fasting completely (without any food or drink) and in contemplation.  Overall, it was a disappointing experience.  Too many distractions; not enough solitude.  At the end, I could not wait to get back home to my "normal" life.

As preamble to my 24-hour fast, I did a fire ceremony at the Upper Rainbow Shower firepit, and then a short encore at my Apucheto at the Lower Rainbow Shower in the gulch.  I used dried out coconut shells for fire.  This past weekend, we learned from a woman in Hana that that is an effective mosquito repellent.  It was also a good way of burning some Palo Santo incense in a strong wind.

Following the sunset on Wed night (July 1), I left home around 7:30PM.  I figured it was Thursday already in Peru, being after midnight there.  After spending some time at Hookipa Point, I tentatively decided the spend the night on a beach near Lahaina.  But I first stopped at the Baldwin Beach which was officially "closed" (after 7PM).  Half an hour later, I headed back to my car.  Two cops reminded me there that the beach was closed.

"I just went for a walk," I said, wearing a read Peruvian poncho and carrying a beach mat.

"Okay," said the policeman in a friendly tone of voice.

I then drove on toward Lahaina.  I figured the south shore would be quieter and less windy than the neighborhood in which we live.  It was less windy, but quieter?  No.  There was traffic on the nearby road all night.


I spent the first part of the night on the beach, under that tree in the left photo, taken at dawn (right).  The sand was uncomfortable.  So I moved to the back seat of my car (middle).  I was amazed at human adaptability.  Only a few miles away, I had a great king size bed with a warm body of the woman I love in it, longing for me to join her.  Yet, here I was, torturing myself on the beach and in the back seat of a small car. 

"Hope Apu Huaskaran had a good reason for having me do something like that," I thought.  For, I could not see one.  Maybe that was exactly the point... to prove your faith and love of the Creator by trusting and rather than knowing?

When I looked out my car window around 5:30, I could not believe my eyes.  The sun had not quite made its appearance, yet there were cars parked around me on the beach, and some surfers paddling their boards over the small waves in the distance.  You can see a woman with a board entering the water in the left shot.

My first morning visitors were two red crested birds.  I had not seen any like them on the north shore where we live.  They stayed a while around my car, slowly making their way toward the road.  I was wondering if that was Apu Huaskaran and another Peruvian spirit showing up as a sign of encouragement for me.  Later on, I found out that they were Red Crested Cardinals... with red heads on a gray body (right)

I then went it for a pre-dawn swim in the ocean as part of my purification.

On my way out, I was gifted an unusual rock.  It was another shape-shifting stone (above).

I did not stay long on the beach after that.  My plan was to head toward Iao Valley and complete my purification in natural spring water inside the Puu Kukui volcano. But I stopped at one point still on the south shore to enjoy the beauty of a sunrise over Maui.

I got to the Iao Needle just before 7AM.  I had never before seen in a shadow, while the surrounding mountains were basking in morning sunshine (two left shots).  After paying my respects to the "womb" of the Iao Valley (middle right), I found a perfect spot on a rock above a rushing creak for my baptism and water and fire ceremonies.

Right after I had completed my water purification and baptism, a red cardinal showed up and started to sign (left).  "Another reincarnation of Apu Huaskaran?" I thought.  I then proceeded to do a fire ceremony on the rock on which I was sitting.  One of my kullas, the red one marked in the middle right shot, rolled off the rock and into the rushing waters below.  I had brought it all way from the Djurdjevic Mtn in Montenegro.  So it is sort of special.  Still, I lit red and white candles (right) and unhurriedly I continued with my fire ceremony.  Something told me I would find my kulla anyway. When I was finished, I climbed down into the creek.  The rocks were slippery and the water rushing past me fast and furiously.  Yet I was able to spot the little red rock and retrieve it from the bottom of the creek without falling in or hurting myself in any way.


While I was down there, I noticed that other people had built little stone apuchetos on the rocks in the creek (left).   I climbed up toward the Iao Needle which was by now also basking in sunshine (right).  Tourists were starting to arrive.  So it was time for me to leave.

The two hours or so that I spent on that rock in the Iao Valley were the best part of my fasting day.  Before I left, I took another look at the rock where I did my purification and fire ceremony (middle right).  The two candles were still burning, symbolizing a connection between the heaven and the earth (right).

My next intention was to drive up to the top of Haleakala, the "male" volcano which looks down at the ocean around Maui from an elevation of over 10,000 feet.  I wanted to repeat my ceremonies there.  But first, I nearly fell asleep at the wheel.  So I pulled over to the side of the road and had a quick "power nap" before continuing the drive. 

Then heavy clouds and fog thwarted the mountain ceremony idea.  I abandoned the plan at about 7,000 ft (middle right), turned the car around, and drove down the mountain.  I took some pictures along the way... (right).

When I got to Makawao, I came across an annual rodeo competition in progress.  I am not much of a rodeo fan, but I stayed and watched for a few minutes before continuing to the north shore beaches, my next destination. I was dog tired and thought I would find some shade on a beach sleep there for a while.

But it wasn't meant to be.  Heavy wind which blew sand into my face nixed that idea.  So after struggling like that for an hour or so, I drove on into town and found shade under a tree in a Wailuku sports park.  After napping for about an hour or so, I walked around the grounds.  There was a football stadium there (left) and a baseball field, where some inter-island high school competition was taking place. 

Later, I finally found a beach that was sheltered from the wind where I spent a couple of enjoyable hours in relative solitude.

After getting gas and flowers for Elizabeth at a local store, I drove around our neighborhood on the north shore (above)...


... before ending my 24-hour fast where I started - at a Hookipa Point sunset (above).  I was very much looking forward to coming home.  Which I did to shortly after 7:30PM.

As I said before, overall it was a disappointing experience.  If it was a test of willpower, it was unnecessary.  I had proven to myself and to the spirits many times before that I can do it under much more dire circumstances.  So I saw my 24-hour fast as a pointless exercise of self-depravation.  Hopefully time will show why Apu Huaskaran had asked me to do it. 

My Personal Question re. Astral Origin.  I told Apu Huaskaran that I had been contacted earlier this year by two multidimensional astral beings who told me that my astral name was Altzar; that I come from the Dogon Star, Sirius B; that my mission is to be the Rainbow Giver, meaning to open portals for entities from other dimensions to be able to enter the earth's three-dimensional world and help humanity transition to 2012 and beyond.  I said I was further guided to move to Maui, create an uaca with an apucheto there, wake up the volcano spirits, and open a portal there to connect the Hawaiian volcano spirits with the Apus in the Andes.

(I did not say that that was a part of my alleged Lemurian legacy, but I am sure that the Apu either knew that or would figure it out on his own).

So I asked Apu Huaskaran if he could confirm all that, and give me some guidance about how I am to going about opening up that portal.  He spoke for several minutes in reply. 

First, he said he wanted to ponder my question.  It sounded like, "let me think about it and I'll get back to you."

Second, he said I was "born with a great gift," and that I should put all my resources into discovering what it is. 

I found his answer was sort of disappointing.  I know I have been blessed with many talents, so have no idea which one of them may be the "great gift," the Apu was referring to.  Or maybe it's some gift I am yet to discover?  Anyway, guess mystery is a part of life.  And this "great gift" is evidently meant to remain a mystery for me a while longer.


Apu Huaskaran said that I should go on a 24 hour-fast on a Thursday.  And that I am to do it without any food or drink whatsoever.  He said I should also purify myself with "holy water" (which Jose Luis later interpreted for me to mean any pure spring water, like that in Iao Valley here in Maui, for example).

Third, he said he would contact the Apus of the volcanoes.  I asked him if he wanted their names.  He said he did.  So I mentioned Haleakala and Puu Kukui on Maui, and Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island.

Fourth, he said I should spend at least two hours in complete darkness, like the room we were in right now in Maras.  That's to show pure intent and pray from the heart before calling on him or other Apus to show up.

He added that I should light a yellow candle at night and a white candle by day.


Love  Light 

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