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Updated Oct 2, 2008... "Knee Healing; 'Gordian Knot'..."

Dreamways and Other Heavenly Signs...

Some miraculous shamanic experiences...


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Dreamways & Other Heavenly Signs...

SCOTTSDALE, Oct 2, 2008 - Here are some pictures and a video from our first-ever trip together to Sedona...


Notes about celestial signs received in dreamtime


Prior to my trip to Peru, I could rarely remember the dreams I’d had.  And I never tried to interpret any of them.  But after the Apus had told me back in Peru that they and the Creator should look for signs about my mission in life in my dreams, I have been able to remember them with increasing frequency.  I have written down some of them by hand in my diary.  Here are some other ones that I felt deserved a more elaborate write-up…

Up, Up and Away…

GREENWICH, CT, Sunday, Sep 21, 2008 – This was probably the most profound dream I’ve ever had.  It had everything… words, color, emotions, images, lightness.  I don’t remember everything, but this is what stuck with me…

I was with a group of shamans that all looked like, and probably were, young yogis, too.  Most were men.  I was relaying some of my experiences (or dreams?) to a young shaman/yogi with dark blonde hair.  He told me that those were also precursors to a wonderful spiritual journey in his life.  He then proceeded to describe it.  I don’t remember all the details.  I just recall that it made me feel warm all over.  I liked this man as well as his message.

“Your breath is what unites you with the Creator,” he summed it up.  This did sound like a yogi message to me.

Another thing he said was that you feel your hair flutter as you fly through space. 

In the next scene, another shaman with dark hair was instructing a woman.  Her back was turned to me so I could not tell who he was.  I did not like this shaman.  He instilled a sense of fear or distrust in me.  I walked into the scene as he was talking about the meaning of WHITE (light?).  I saw the words… WHITE = “LLA…” (llama?).  The rest was faded so I could not quite make out what the word after WHITE was.

I asked the teacher if he would mind repeating, since I didn’t quite catch the drift of what he was trying to say.  Then I saw him write RED = “CZYN”

At that moment, my feelings toward him changed from antipathy to gratitude and warmth.  Maybe even love.

At that moment, my eyes sort of inverted so that all I could see were two white balls.  They looked as if they were bubbling and had a strong magnetic power.  The feeling I had in my head of losing control; of being pulled out of the environment I was in.  It was like the way I feel when I reach the “state of gnosis” or “coherent brainwave state,” as Heather calls it (like when I look at that hidden three-dimensional diagram). 

Except that it was much more powerful in my dream.  I felt my entire body lifted into a state of weightlessness.  I was literally being sucked out the scene by my eyes and propelled into the atmosphere.  I felt a sense of complete surrender and elation that finally I was able to let go.

I also felt my hair flutter, just like that young shaman said.  I saw blue skies and white fluffy clouds all around me.  I knew I was on my way to the Heaven; to the Creator.  And I loved it.

I screamed with joy: “Thank you, Creator, for bringing me back to you.  I am ready.” 

And boy oh boy, was I ever ready!  My chest was heaving with excitement and joy when I woke up.


For the first time in my life, I had gone into the fourth dimension.  I had experienced “death” in my dream, and it was wonderful.  Now I understand what that Apu meant who told us in the Andes that life in this three-dimensional world was only a preparation for a return home.

Much later on, I looked up the meaning of the word “CZYN” that the second shaman had written as standing for RED.  Apparently, the word means “deed” in Polish, such as in the “deeds are more important than words” proverb.

Whatever the meaning in general, for me, RED or “CZYN” signaled a liftoff into the fourth dimension.

Also, the first shaman was probably Jose Luis; the second Alberto Villoldo (whom I do not trust, based on what I had heard about him, but whom I could evidently learn to like, given a chance).

Sex with a Bush…

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Sep 23, 2008 – I saw a man with an erection walking up to a green bush and starting to fuck it.  Then he lifted the green leaves, and I saw that he was actually fucking a woman who was bent over in the bush.

I felt like a camera: I did not know who the man was and I had no emotions whatsoever.  Just recorded what I saw.  Weird…


SCOTTSDALE, Friday, Sep 26, 2008 – I had lost most of the fragments of the first dream, except for a part in which I saw a man with whom I had an adversarial relationship.  But I had done or said something, and suddenly, he was being very friendly with me, referring to me as his “roomy” (roommate).


As was the case with that Swedish man in Peru, I can evidently overcome adversities by using LOVE.  So once again the message is, “love is all we need,” as the Beatles also sang.

Tennis Match

In the second part of the dream, I was playing in a serious tennis tournament, like Wimbledon, or something like that.  But my opponent was a woman.  I remember thinking when I woke up, maybe it was like Bobby Riggs vs. Margaret Court or Billy Jean King?

But it was no ordinary match.  Instead of a racquet, I had to play with a weird mechanical contraction that looked like a ladle, but it was made of square blocks, like the leggo pieces, or a robotic shovel.  “So how am I supposed to put a spin on my serve with this thing?” I remember asking myself.

Anyway, I found one reasonable flat rectangular piece of the weird “racquet,” and used that for serving.  I remember double-faulting but going on to serve, pretending as if nothing had happened.  And neither the umpire nor my opponent said anything.  We just played on.

Then suddenly I had to serve over an enormous building that showed up between me and the opponent. In fact, I could see neither the net nor the opponent from where I stood.  The multi-storied building was blocking my view.  So I figured I had to serve underhanded, lobbing the ball over the building and hoping that it lands in my opponent’s court on the other side.  So that’s what I did.

But when I hit the ball, it went high up into the sky, like a home run baseball hit.  When it came down, however, it came down as a blue T-shirt which got caught up in some electrical wires, caught fire and was left hanging in shreds on the wires.


Maybe that, when life throws hurdles at me, I figure out a way around them.  But then, once again, the tennis match ended when the ball disappeared (just like in that dream last week in New York when I played soccer with a group of shamans, and the game ended when I kicked the watermelon and it disintegrated and vaporized).

Piano and Timpani Drums

SCOTTSDALE, Saturday, Sep 27, 2008 – Elizabeth keeps having dreams of us living together in a two-storie house.  In the first two, during our trip, there was a gray figure of her brother or her son in the distance.  But this morning, she told me she had dreamt that we were again in a two-storie house, but this time, with a bunch of small kids of our own.  The kids were on the main floor, while we were upstairs.

Meanwhile, while she was having such domesticated dream in a two-storie house, I also had a dream that took place in a two-storie house.  I was upstairs admiring a brown grand piano.  The cover was closed, and I was tempted to open it and start playing.

At that moment, I heard the sounds of piano and timpani drums coming from the main floor.  When I went downstairs, I saw that a young woman was playing the piano, while a blonde young man was playing the timpani drums.  They were making beautiful music, with the timpani drums having the lead, and the piano just accompanying it.  The young man was very gentle with the mallets, often creating the pianissimo sounds that were barely audible.


I had never heard of such a combination before.  And when I searched the web this morning, I had to go all the way back to the early part of the 18th century and to Bach to find it (1685-1750). It’s quite something to receive such a message in one’s dream:

Bach, Toccata and Fugue in d arranged for Timpani and Piano (by Bach)

That was not necessarily the music I heard in my dream, but it gives an idea of what a piano and timpani drums would sound like together.  Up until this morning, I did not know that such a combination of instruments was ever used in music.  I knew that Beethoven used timpani drums in his orchestral works.  But before hearing it in my dream, I had never before heard piano and the timpani drums together.  Interesting, huh?

Knee Healing; Untying "Gordian Knot"...

SCOTTSDALE, Thur, Oct 2, 2008 – This dream need no additional narration.  I will simply share with you here the relevant parts of my correspondence with Elizabeth, my girlfriend, and with Sue, my bookkeeper/CPA and with my two daughters, Emily and Tanja.  These excerpts are raw and unvarnished, as the events unfolded happened.  The only thing I will add to it is that until yesterday, Sue was a complete stranger to me as a person.  Once a month, she has been doing my books for the last 7-8 years.  But we never had any personal exchanges of any kind.  Until she opened up to me yesterday morning about her husband's heart surgery.  And this is what followed...


From: Bob Djurdjevic
Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2008 12:48 PM
To: Emily;  Tanja
Subject: FW: Thanks + read carefully

Hi, Anne, Emily.  In preparation for our discussion in Vienna, I suggest you read carefully the enclosed correspondence I’ve just had with Sue, my bookkeeper/CPA, and with Elizabeth, my girlfriend.  If you want to follow the thread chronologically, you should start at the bottom and work your way up.

This is not the first time that I have experienced things that most people would consider “miraculous.”  In fact, they have been happening with increasing regularity this year, especially after I had received the Rites of Passage as an Inka shaman on Mt Ausangate back in July.  But what happened this morning, especially the healing of my knee and my own version of the “Gordian Knot,” is perhaps the most dramatic illustration of the power of shamanic prayer and my direct connection with the Creator through the spirits.

Another reason I want you to read this carefully is because you will learn from this some new facts about your family heritage that even I did not know, nor fully understood, until today. Such as our connection to Phrygians who lived in the Southern Balkans circa 3,000 BC, at the time of the Sumerian Empire, before migrating to today’s central Turkey, circa, 1200 BC.

Emily, nice talking to you last night.  Thank you for the family updates.




From: Bob Djurdjevic
Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2008 2:06 PM
To: Elizabeth
Subject: More signs (Oct 2)

Hi again.  Just quickly… something I had forgotten to mention.  Right after I had untied the knot this morning, I looked outside the back door and saw a cute hummingbird hovering over flowers I have behind the barbecue.  As you know, hummingbird is one of Inka's four sacred animals.  It is aligned with the Winds of the North and the Earth element.I have not seen one all summer. And there he was today, delivering another heavenly greeting to me, like an old friend:


 This is the picture I did back in 2001, when I first started to see myself as a hummingbird, spreading joy and happiness around among the people I meet, including the strangers. 

And then just now, as I walked toward my front door after getting my mail, three little birds walked out from behind those bushes, and unhurriedly made off into the front yard.  WALKED, not flew away.  And when I talked to them lovingly and welcomed them as another heavenly sign, they walked back.  No hurry.  No fear of man that the birds normally show. 

And then when I looked up at the Mexican bird of paradise bush on my neighbors property, there was a large yellow butterfly.  He looked like the yellow ones in this photo: 

Isn’t that something?


From: Bob Djurdjevic []
Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2008 11:25 AM
To: Elizabeth
Subject: FW: Thanks + read carefully (Oct 2) 


I am enclosing below my correspondence from this morning with my bookkeeper/CPA.  As you can see, she wrote back to thank me first thing today.  Little did she know that she would get a “Book of Revelations” in response.  I suggest you also read it all very carefully, including the enclosed links.  What happened in my dreams last night and this morning borders is nothing short of a miracle.  It was yet another series of signs from the Creator that He is holding me with love and affection on His heavenly bosom.  I prayed for other people to be healed, and in response, He helped me.  My right knee almost feels like new.  Amazing! 

And now, about the dream I had.  I was on a mountain hike, competing with a group of young people.  And the tougher the slope got, the closer to the top of the line I came.  But what was especially interesting was the WAY I was overtaking people.  I was hopping and then dropping from the sky in front of them, like dropping a chess piece into a box.  Once again, I felt weightless and floating, just like in that dream I had in Greenwich when I was sucked out through my eyes and floated away into the heavens toward the Creator. 

In another part of my dream, I was lying on the ground on my back, using my two Mt Ausangate-initiated mesa stones as pillows.  Those are the two I had received directly from the mountain spirits.  There was a young man sitting with his back against a tree, pleading with some hoodlums to leave us alone and spare us.  I did not see the hoodlums nor did I say anything to the young man, but I felt no fear.  I made no move to defend myself against the attackers.  I felt fully protected by the presence of my mesa stones under my head. 

Somewhere in there, either before or after those dreams, I also felt that sharp pain and the cracking in my right knee.  I remember moving my leg up and down the mattress to make sure my knee was still functional.  And having assured myself that it was, I drifted back to sleep. 

So those were my dreams.  Now my interpretations… 

First, my knee… the Creator and the spirits have evidently adjusted it, just like a chiropractor does, while I was sleeping.  The significance of the mesa stones under my head, especially the ones with which I was initiated, is that was receiving a direct download from the Creator via the spirits about all this.  And the Gordian Knot that they tied my Tumi Inka cross/medicine knife into, ties me back once again to Alexander the Great.  What you may not know is that there is also a mythological connection between Al-Khadir and Alexander the Great.  So it’s all nothing short of miraculous.

Since I have been able to untie the knot without cutting it (which is how Alexander the Great did it, though Plutarch disputes the claim), it now remains to be seen what fate awaits me in the future.  According to Greek mythology and history, Alexander the Great went on to conquer near all of Asia after cutting (or untying) the Gordian Knot.

There is something else here that’s significant and ties back to my recent past.  Remember my Phrygian dogs/lions sculpture I made out of the piano pieces, which in turn, were German World War I cannon metal?

I created the sculpture in Feb of this year.  At the time, I had still not fully realized my connection to Alexander the Great, nor had understood why Al-Khadir had chosen to show himself to me and tell me that I should learn more about him if I am to understand my life. 

By the way, you can see on the above map where Phrygia used to be… in the middle of today’s Turkey.  I had heard of the Gordian Knot, but did not realize until today that that took place in Phrygian Kingdom, and the Gordias was a poor peasant who drove into town on his ox-cart only to be declared king by the priests.  Nor did I know until today that the Phrygians originate from the southern Balkans, where my family are from, and go back more than 3,000 years BC (5,000 years ago) to the time of the Sumerian Empire.  It now gives me goose bumps to think about all these “coincidences,” especially knowing as a shaman does, that there is no such thing as a coincidence. 


From: Bob Djurdjevic []
Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2008 10:11 AM
To: 'Sue
Cc: Jerry

Subject: RE: Thanks + read carefully (Oct 2) 

Good morning, Sue.  You’re welcome.  And you’re right, most people are not aware of the signs that the Creator send us through the Spirits.  When I was in Peru, one of the spirits told us that in the past, people used to be much more in tune with the spirit world, the earth and the cosmos than they are today (see “Peru: Conversations with the Spirits,” you’ll need a User ID and password for that, so use: bobdj and rsdesta respectively). 

For example, during the night, I had some dreams that I won’t bore you with, except to say that they had to do with shaman’s “mesa” (a “mesa” is a collection of stones that have special qualities and work like personal PDA’s that connect us to the Apu’s (mountain spirits), and through them, to the Creator).  At one point, I felt a sharp pain on the outside part of my right knee, accompanied by clicking sounds; like when a chiropractor adjusts a joint and it pops).  I don’t think I woke up.  Maybe it was just a very vivid part of the dream.  But the pain felt very real to me. 

(Just FYI – both of my knees have been injured due to my extensive athletic endeavors.  I’ve had two surgeries on my left knee.  And in fact, I am supposed to start this afternoon a series of injections into each of them whose purpose is to prevent additional surgeries by injecting a jell-like substance that lubricates the knees from the inside). 

Anyway, when I woke up this morning, the pain and the clicking was gone from my right knee.  It now seems to move freely, too.  By the way, when I prayed for your husband yesterday, I also prayed for some other people who are close to me asking the Creator and the Spirits to give them the physical and emotional healing they needed at this time.  I never asked anything for myself.  The only time I have ever asked anything for myself was in June, when I had a back injury.  And I was asking the spirits to heal it before my trip to Peru so I could part-take in it.  They did.  And I was like a youngster again on the mountains.  The only person that was equally to me in stamina and gusto was the expedition leader, an Inka Shaman.  On the last day of the climb, he called me “a mountain goat.”  I told him he was one, too.  “It takes one to know one,” he replied with a smile. 

So it looks like the Spirits have done something unexpected for my health, too, as you can see.  And not just the health.  They gave me another sign this morning.  Again, I have to give you a little preamble so you would understand the context.  On July 2, we visited Pisaq’s Temple of the Visionary near Pachatusan, the Holiest of the Holy mountains in Peru.  On our way down, I came across a little open air store that sold beautiful rocks and stone sculptures.  But what attracted me was a “Tumi,” an Inka medicine cross and ceremonial knife.  It was the only one they had on that little stand.  It hung on a hand-braided brown chain (you may have seen it on my chest, in pictures of me taken since then). 

I didn’t know that at the time, but the Tumi blade was used by the ancient Inka shamans for extractions (including that of hearts).  Today, it is a good luck charm that people display in their homes across Peru.  It’s as famous there as Christ’s cross is here.  Anyway, I bought my Pisaq Tumi.  And I have been wearing it every day ever since.  Putting it on first thing in the morning and taking if off at night has become a part of my daily rituals like brushing teeth. 

Well, when I got up this morning and automatically tried to put on my Tumi, I could not.  I put on my glasses to see what the problem was. 


Someone had tied a knot in the middle of the chain during the night!  I smiled as I recognized it as another sign from the Creator via the Spirit world.  “It’s my Gordian knot,” I said to myself (suggest you click on the link and read CAREFULLY that legend about Alexander the Great).  And just in case you think that was a “coincidence” (FYI – I’ve learned in the last year of my spiritual and shamanic journey that there is no such thing as COINCIDENCE), check out the following excerpt from my family history: 

It was only in the last two to three decades that I began to understand the reason for my affinity for and connection to the tall powerful mountains.  You see, there is a mountain in northern Montenegro named Djurdjevic Tara...

That's where my Serbian ancestors settled after the Battle of Kosovo in 1389 (see above map, photos, and Djurdjevic family history).  The mother of my daughters used to throw her arms up in fake exasperation, "oh, the Montenegro mountain men!" - when she disapproved of some of my occasional demonstrations of raw power or rugged bluntness. 

In 1990, I found out from a history expert in Belgrade that, before Montenegro, my ancestors were nobles with estates in southern Macedonia-northern Greece, near the birthplace of Alexander the Great (right).  Even though the Djurdjevic's eventually migrated northward and settled around Belgrade, Serbia, they were known as the "Greeks" among the local population.  I never understood why until 1990, when I found this connection to northern Greece and Alexander the Great.

“So the Creator wants me to untie the Tumi knot this morning, and if I do, then some great things will happen in the future?” I said.  I then proceeded to untie it, almost effortlessly.  And voila…  

… this is what it looked like after I had untied it. I am wearing it again as I write that.  And I don’t think I will ever stop wearing my Tumi after an experience like this.  Now, just one more thing… a memory that just came to me.  Yesterday, while I was praying and later, while walking late at night in my neighborhood, I was so overcome by unconditional love (for the Creator/Holy Spirit) that I kissed the Tumi spontaneously.   This happened at least twice yesterday.  I wasn’t paying attention as it happened spontaneously.  And I guess that happened this morning was the Creator’s response to it. 

See what I meant yesterday when I said that a shaman prays with his heart and send out the prayers with his breath? 

Have a wonderful day!  I will stop by at some point this afternoon to pick up and deposit the checks.  Thank you. 

Bob Dj.


From: Sue
Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2008 7:28 AM
To: Bob Djurdjevic
Subject: Thanks 

Good morning, Bob 

What a wonderful way to begin my day by reading of your very powerful Shamanic experience yesterday.  Thank you so much for all the effort you made for Tom.  Many people have prayed this past week and we all feel like our prayers were answered when he came out of surgery successfully.  I am certain the rest of us are oblivious to the other signs sent to us that our prayers have been heard so I appreciate you sharing the detailed explanation with me.

 I hope you have a great day!



From: Bob Djurdjevic []
Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2008 5:09 PM
To: 'Elizabeth
Subject: FW: Thanks + prayers (Oct 1)


It was so nice to get your call and hear your message today over lunch.  I am so glad that you think my prayers had helped you perk up and feel better and happier today.  For that reason, thought you might be interested in something else that happened today with my bookkeeper/CPA – Sue.  She is a CPA who works for Jerry, the partner in the firm, who handles all my business and personal tax and accounting affairs. 

In the course of her normal duties, she and I exchanged some business e-mails today to do with my payroll check, which was due today.  After I had complimented her on her diligence, she opened up to me for the first time ever, and told me about her husband’s heart surgery (see the enclosed correspondence below).  I told her I would pray for him in a shamanic way.  And later this afternoon I did it – twice.  If you read my note to her, you can see what happened. 

I did not tell her that, but I also prayed both times again for you and for your children… along the lines of my fire ceremony last night.  And this afternoon in the spa, I tried to do a special soul retrieval for Theresa (like the course that I was on in Oregon). 


From: Bob Djurdjevic []
Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2008 4:52 PM
To: 'Sue
Cc: Jerry

Subject: RE: Thanks 

Done.  I did say my prayers for your husband, Tom, twice this afternoon.  So don’t be surprised if he starts feeling better and stronger soon.  It is not often that I get an immediate acknowledgment by the Spirits and the Creator that they have heard me, although it has happened before, as you know if you read my recent stories and travelogues.  But it has only happened once before while I was on a bike, like this afternoon. 

Anyway, if you followed my shamanic spiritual path this year through my stories, then you know that a Shaman prays with his heart and transmits his prayers with his breath.  And the Holy Spirit responds by various means, through signs in the clouds, or the mountains and lakes, or more often than that in my experience, by gusts of wind, the celestial form of breath. 

I did not actually set out to do any praying this afternoon, just wanted to go for a short ride before taking my bike into a shop for an adjustment.  But the air was so clear and calm, and my heart was filled with so much joy that I started praying almost spontaneously.   Once I became conscious of it, I specifically mentioned your husband by name and asked the Creator, the Father Sky and Pachamama (Mother Earth) to help him heal quickly and completely.  

A short while later, while I was pedaling eastward off Pima Rd toward the McDowell Mountains, I was suddenly struck by a strong gust of wind.  It almost stopped me dead in my tracks even though I had been biking at full speed before.  I had to stand up on the pedals and press as hard as I could just to move a few feet forward.  I knew immediately what it was, and started thanking the Creator and the Spirits for their immediate acknowledgment.  And then they did it again.  And again.  Three times!  Then the wind stopped and the air became as calm as it had been before.  I looked around, there was no cloud in the sky anywhere; no sign of any disturbance or storm. 

A few minutes later, after I had turned around at a dead end and headed back westward, it happened again.  Another strong gust of wind hit me, this time from the west (the opposite direction from the first three).  I smiled again, and joyfully shouted a loud “Thank You!” to the heavens. 

When I came home, I repeated the prayers in the pool, which I often do.  As you know, there are four basic elements – fire, air, water and earth.  And while sun and fire can be synonymous, and I had thus deployed all three earlier in the afternoon,  I felt that water was missing.   So I did separately. 

Anyway, it’s out of my hands now.  I did what I said I would do.  So I hope that it is helpful to Tom. 

Much munay,

Bob Dj. 

P.S. Munay = Love in Quechua, the Inka language.


From: Bob Djurdjevic []
Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2008 2:19 PM
To: 'Sue
Subject: RE: Thanks 

You’re welcome, Sue. 

Also, time seems to be getting away on me today, so I think I’ll come and pick up those checks tomorrow.  Thanks.

Bob Dj.


From: Sue
Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2008 1:35 PM
To: Bob Djurdjevic
Subject: RE: Thanks 

Thanks for your concern, Bob.  His first name is Tom and we appreciate all the support we've both been given these past few weeks (and continue to receive).  We feel very blessed to have such caring friends and family. 



From: Bob Djurdjevic []
Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2008 1:19 PM
To: Sue
Subject: RE: checks are ready

Thanks, Sue.  I did not know about your husband’s surgery, of course.  Thank you for sharing that with me.  I am glad to hear that things went well.  I will say some prayers for him during my next shamanic ceremony.  They are very powerful as they go directly to the Spirits, and have helped healing a number of my friends and family.  What is his first name?

Bob Dj.

From: Sue
Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2008 11:25 AM
To: Bob Djurdjevic
Subject: checks are ready

Bob -

Your checks are ready for pick up at your convenience.

Thank you for the compliments regarding my state of mind. I'm one week out from my husband's heart surgery so it's nice to know the clouds are clearing and I'm able to focus on work again.  He's also back to work so that is a positive step in returning to our "normal" lives.

Hooray for October - that cool air has to be arriving anytime now. Enjoy!



A Fantastic Dream: A Warning against Ego?

URUBAMBA, Peru, June 9, 2009 - On our way down from Maras to our hotel, my roommate Jeff and I talked about the ways of getting rid of or controlling the ego.  Last night's dream may have been prompted by that.  I remembered it as I went to the bathroom in early morning hours... 

  • In the first scene, I am in a big office building, a skyscraper.  I feel or hear someone or something tell me that I am now empowered with the holy spirit to do anything I want, including flying. So I am flying through this building up and down by just summoning that divine power with my heart and mind.

  • I am now a leader of a group or a nation building some very advanced flying spaceships.  They have four engines.  For some reason, letters HMST are related to each of them.

  • In the next scene, we are under attack by some green slimy things that pop up from the ground.  Again, by just summoning the divine power with my heart and mind, I am able to destroy them with some invisible energy.  But they kept popping up.  I realize that I cannot destroy them as fast as they are popping up.

  • In the next scene, I am in an elevator.  A man enters that looks like Rod Steiger who I know is an assassin sent to kill me.  He pulls out what looks like a bunch of small bamboos sticks through which he is about shoot me with arrows.  Again, I summon the divine power with my heart and mind and destroy him.  But another man enters armed with the same thing.  As he proceeds to shoot 3,4,5, 6... arrows into my heart, I realize that once again, I cannot destroy the enemies faster than they pop up.

  • I feel no pain even though I know I am being killed.  My only escape is into the past.  So in the next scene, I am driving in an old, long Cadillac on a familiar street in a hilly city, like San Francisco. But I suddenly hit a dead end.  I realized that 50 years ago, that street must have looked different than now.  Back then, it turned straight up the hill, taking me away from my direction. 

  • I stop at an real estate office to get some help with directions.  This is where I meet Karen, my last wife, who keeps complaining how poor the real estate business still is.

  • That's where the dream end...

Interpretation?  I must be careful not to abuse the awesome power that I may attain one day.


Love  Light