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09 May 2012

May 2008 - Los Angeles-London-Paris-Belgrade-Montenegro

Answering a Mountain Call: Shamanic  Ceremony

Giving thanks and gratitude to the mountain that preserved and nurtured my ancestors; also adds "Out o This World" (May 11) and "Back to Mother Earth" (May 14)


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Answering a Mountain Call: Shamanic Ceremony

(please be sure first to read a preamble to this story, "Answering a Mountain Call: Preparation...)

MONTENEGRO, May 9, 2008 - By now, you know from "Answering a Mountain Call: Getting There..." that I've made it to the Djurdjevic Mtn, and have seen the pictures and the descriptions of it and the the Djurdjevic Tara river.  Well, I've placed the rest of the story about the shamanic ceremony that I performed on the mountain in a special confidential, password-protected section of my web site.  So let me pick up from that scene by the tree under which I had set up my "mandala" (or "despacho" or "pukara" - all different shamanic expressions I have heard for this rite of thanks and appreciation to your home mountain).

You can see from the two left shots how I laid out my "mandala" and my "mesa."  It consisted of all sorts of sweet thins, a heart shape saying "For you" to the mountain, freshly picked lavender and purple wild flowers (right from my mountain) and a lit a consecrated candle that I brought from the Praskvica monastery where I did the Preparation rites the day before.  The ceremony included, therefore, all four elements - fire, air, earth and water, as as heaven and Earth - just as the Four Winds prayers do.

"Aha," you may be thinking, "but where is water?" 

Well, for that, wait to see what happened at the end of the ceremony.  I had recorded the whole thing on video, and put it up at the YouTube web site (for private viewings only):

  Shamanic ceremony at Djurdjevic Mtn (4 mins), performed on May 9, 2008 at about 2PM local Montenegro (Central European) time.

So as you can see, the heavens or the Spirit provided the water at the end, as sort of a cosmic baptism and a wet stamp of approval of what I had just done.

And here is the text of my special prayer offered to the Djurdjevic Mtn that I had written the night before.

When I finished the ceremony, I unwrapped the chocolates and other sweets and placed them in a shallow hole I had dug up with a large knife I brought with me.  I placed the lavender flowers over top of it, and covered up everything with a bark of the tree and the fallen dry leaves.

I then took a clump of the red dirt that I had just dug up with me to take home.  I also spent some time looking for some rocks to take from the Djurdjevic Mtn for my new mesa, where they will join others that I had collected from my new home mountain, Camelback and maybe some from McDowell's, too.

Later on, as you will see in the main "public" story, I also collected two bottles of water from the Tara river, a little bag of silt from the beach on its river bank below that ancient cemetery, and a pretty rock from the bottom of the river.

I plan to take all this home, and God, Al-Khadir & St. George willing protecting and customs officials willing. I will then send some of it with my two daughters and two grandchildren, so that they and their descendents each have a piece of the Djurdjevic Mtn and the Tara river water for future generations.  The only thing I could not bring them is air.  But both of them have been here before, and can come back again, if they choose to.

And now, in closing, a few words to Al-Khadir, Lord of the Mountain, also known in the recent era as St. George, and in ancient times as Sanat Kumara, Peacock Angel, Khali - the Black Goddess, Osiris, the Green Man...

"Al-Khadir, St. George... and all your other incarnations on this planet, who live inside of me and connect me to the Great Spirit with your presence and guidance.  You have commanded me to come here and do what I did.  I hope you are pleased with the outcome.  Thank you for your inspiration, guidance and protection and for the opportunity to serve.  I count on you to ensure that all of my mountain and river relics get home safely with me - so that others who are close and dear to me can also connect through them to your healing and nurturing power.  I now know you have been inside of me all my life.  But I am so grateful that you have chosen to reveal yourself to me on Jan. 6, Serbian Christmas Eve.  My life on this planet will never be the same again as a result.  Thank you.  Love & Light from me right back to you."


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Out of This World


AT PRASKVICA MONASTERY, May 11, 2008 - I walked up to the old cemetery above the monastery.  After strolling around for a bit, I decided to go up to its highest point, intending to take in some more gorgeous vistas from up there.  I got a lot more than just earthly views.  As I sat down on a stone ledge, something moved me to start meditating.

I have not done much of that since the flight from Paris to Belgrade.  Back home, ever since I started meditating on Apr 12 as a way of balancing the left and the right brains, I had been doing it nearly every night in the spa.  I know this may sound weird, but that’s the quietest time of day for me.  I have been using the spa for decades as a way of relaxing before going to sleep.  Now I’ve just added meditation to it.

After I thanked A-K etc. and the Spirit for a wonderful mountain experience, I started doing the shamanic Second Attention and Second Awareness exercises.  When I’ve done it in the past, nothing much would happen.  So it was kind of disappointing.  This time, however, as I sat on the ledge with my eyes closed in a yoga prayer position (left… recorded later), I began to see unusual images.

First, there was a close up of an eye and then, both eyes and a nose.  They looked as if they were mine.  Then images started to change.  For a while, they seemed like a kaleidoscope show that I remember experiencing as a kid.  Then outlines of golden reliefs began to form, like stone carvings in a wall.  They were quite beautiful.  The images kept coming in and out of focus, shimmering as if I were looking at them through water. 

Then it dawned on me… what if this were Atlantis, the lost continent, and its famed Golden City?  The realization that I may have been there once sent shivers down my spine.  My eyes started to water… a tell-tale sign of an active presence of Spirit inside of me.  Furthermore, the experience was very enjoyable.  I did not want the movie to end.  And when I was interrupted by external noises, I was able to return right back to it. 

For the first time, I knew what real meditation is.  It is like dreaming while awake. 

Then the movie changed.  Now I am seeing again kaleidoscope-type images - a black hole changing shape and turning into a bright purple light that that pulsates and then explodes brilliantly into thousands of little rays, before dissolving into a different color and shape.  At one stage, the shape was that of a heart and its color was red. It was a spectacular light show, like celestial fireworks.  I felt enchanted.  I wanted the show to go on. Finally, it faded away.

As it did, a face of a woman emerged.  It was not clearly outlined.  But she did have dark hair a gentle, almost angelic expression.

I raised my arms to the sky in a V-shape (right photo, done afterward) as I usually do to end my meditation with words of thanks and Love & Light sign-off to A-K/St. George et. al. and the Spirit.  I do it because I hope that a funnel that's created will channel the celestial light energy to my crown chakra.  I don't know if it ever did.  I just thought I'd do it.  This time, however, as I raised my arms, I could actually streams of white light descending toward me through the funnel.  Keep in mind, that my eyes were closed the whole time.  The result was an incredible feeling of bliss and joy.

I did it again, and the same thing happened.  Amazing.  Finally, I got up from the ledge, took those two pictures so you could have a visual context of where and how it all happened, and then headed back down the hill.  Altogether, my meditation session at the cemetery lasted probably about half an hour, the longest yet.

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Soul Retrieval Book Touches My Soul Before It Even Gets Untracked

Back to Mother Earth

ABOARD ROME-NEWARK flight, May 14, 2008 - After my laptop battery ran out, I spent most of the rest of this flight dozing off.  Then I picked up the latest book by Alberto Villoldo - "Soul Retrieval", whose earlier bestseller "Shaman, Healer, Sage..." I had also enjoyed.  He spends the first 40 pages or so promising to teach us how to get into the Lower World, where records of our past are kept, and into the Upper World, where our future destiny resides.

I was starting to get impatient with such a long introduction, maybe because I was already familiar with much of such material from his first book and my extensive conversations with Heather, my Inka Shaman friend from Sedona.  I was also thinking about how unlike on some other flights, like that flight from Paris to Belgrade, nothing happened that would be even remotely construed as interesting meditation.  Not that I was trying hard, mind you.  As I said, I was mostly just being lazy and dozing off, in between courses and various book chapters.  And then something extraordinary and totally unexpected happened, which is why I felt I needed to record it. 

I was on page 41 in which the author finally starts to teach us something tangible, like the yoga "pranayama" breathing exercise intended to create "little death," and free our mind for out-of-body experiences that are to follow.

Well, since I already know how to do all that in yoga, I just read about the technique without actually doing it.  I figured I'd do it when I am really ready to do some of these exercises rather than just getting acquainted with the book's concepts.

Then I started reading the next sub-chapter - "Journey to Eden."  Here's what it said:

"...Our journey takes us back to our mythical Eden, back to Mother Earth that we were separated from when we adopted the belief that we'd been cast from the garden... This will be a sweet journey home, returning to the Mother Earth that never left us and never will."

Suddenly I felt a flood of emotions.  My eyes started to water just as they did during my first shamanic session with Heather (Feb 7) when I described the visit to my father in prison.  I began to see myself descending down into the bowels of the Earth, just as the book continues to describe, where I found myself in an absolutely beautiful green, lush and tropical-looking scenery, with a gentle creek murmuring through it. Its water flows through me like a cleansing balm dissolving my body in it in the process.  It is weightless and pure. 

I then think of the Mother Earth idea and feel an immense feeling of love for her.  I wanted to embrace and hug the entire globe.  For, I realize that that's where home is.  That's where we come from, not just end up in after we die.  I have never felt that way before toward an inanimate object, except again on May 9 toward the Djurdjevic Mtn and river, both parts of Mother Earth, as I now realize.

My eyes weren't even closed at that point as I was still reading page 42 of the book, yet streams of tears were running down my cheeks.  I was shocked by the intensity of emotion.  And it happened again whenever I thought of that garden scene.  So I began to wonder if perhaps I had not been abandoned by my mother in some of my previous lives?  That'll be an interesting topic to explore with Heather...

When the emotions subsided, I had than feeling of calm and balmy blissfulness in my chest that I also experienced on Sunday May 11 in Montenegro after my meditation there.  I was sure then that was the presence of divine spirit in me.  And I suspect it happened again today at about 12:45 EDT, about half an hour or so before landing at Newark.  For, I felt purified deep inside.

I then stopped reading, and closed my eyes, and tried to return to my Garden of Eden, if that's what it was. I did it easily, and can still see it even now when I think about it.  So I am sure it is a place where I had been before.  When?  Who knows... who cares. 

Furthermore, I could also see a young woman, more like a young girl, maybe in her early teens, barefoot in a white dress with long wavy blonde hair running down the shoulder, in that beautiful garden scene.  I wonder if she is my Gatekeeper? (as the book suggests someone always is).

Anyway, the whole thing was an extraordinary and surprising experience at a very unlikely place, with airline PA announcements about preparation for landing echoing in the background.  Using this Villoldo book's terminology, it made me wonder if my "God's brain" has become so sensitized with what happened in Montenegro that I got activated here even without much preamble and stimulation, such as what one achieves through meditation.  What an interesting journey this is turning out to be...

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