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02 Feb 2011

McDowell Apucheto Stories... updated Mar 3, 2009, adds Concierto de Aranjuez

A Divine Hummingbird Encounter & Other Stories

Extraordinary event caught on film; follows amazing spiritual happenings; a "Heavenly Film" in Florida...


A Divine Hummingbird Encounter


SCOTTSDALE, Mar 2 - My close friends and regular readers know that I have been on an accelerated spiritual path in the last 18 months or so.  And that the events leading up to my move to Maui have turned it into a steeply ascending climb. Well, I think that the Creator must have attached a jet engine to my luminous body in the last few weeks.  What happened yesterday at my McDowell Mountain Apucheto was a culmination of a set of extraordinary events that have taken place in the last few weeks.

What you're about read, see and hear is nothing short of being able to witness a direct communication with the Creator and the spirits.  And the best part?  This is not fiction.  This is not Hollywood.  Everything happened just as you will see.  God evidently even wanted me to record some of it on video, not just in still pictures.  So he made things happen while my camera was rolling.  You'll see what it means to be in a state of Grace when you watch that video.

I just have one suggestion before you "dig into" this story.  Don't rush.  Take your time reading it and contemplating its meaning.  You will reap rich rewards if you keep your mind and heart and soul open to experience some perhaps surprising revelations.  And if you don't have the time or the inclination to learn about immortality, that's okay, too.  Most people don't.  The Creator enlightens those who need to be enlightened.

As you will see, some elements of my divine encounters are password protected.  That's because they require a higher spirit vibration in order to understand them, or more accurately, not to misunderstand them.  If you think you are such person, click here and ask me for the User ID and Password when you come across the restricted parts. I may give it to you as long as you promise first not to pass them on to anyone else.

Encounters with a Bird Spirit

Now, with that as a preamble… let's go back to Jan 29, another double #11day (master's number) in my life.  The story that follows is a case in point of something not everyone can relate to.  It is an audio-visual account of an encounter with a bird spirit that happened after midnight that night. That is why it is in the confidential section of my web site, so you will need your User ID and password to access it.


An Encounter with a Bird Spirit?  (Jan 29)


It’s a 6MB Powerpoint slide show, so it may take a while to load.  But it will be worth the wait. I promise.

Encounters with Two Multi-dimensional Beings

Lida, a darling woman from Wisconsin whom I met on my Peru trip last summer, introduced me to a multi-dimensional being who happens to live here in the Valley.  Over the course of an hour, Chandra told me what my home star was and why the spirits were guiding me to move to Maui.

Meeting Chandra, A Multi-dimensional Being (Feb 12)

This story is also in the confidential section of my web site, so you will need your User ID and password to access it.

Chandra, in turn, again via Lida, led me to Star, another (male) multi-dimensional being, originally from New York via Hawaii, who has just recently also moved to the Valley. What followed was nothing short of being reborn.  Over the course of about seven hours, I learned what my astral name is as well as my celestial mission.  At least 30 astral deities showed up to welcome me home and gift me with more celestial powers and divine protection than I can remember. 

It was truly an AMAZING day, perhaps even greater than the extraordinary times we all had with winged angels in Peru last summer.  What is even more fascinating is that, just as the spirits had predicted, what ordinary people would regard as "miracles" have continued in my life since.  ere’s a write-up about everything, including what happened during my morning water meditation following Altzar's rebirth.  So here it is...

Altzar's Rebirth & Mantras (Feb 25)

The mantras are something Star has told me I need to say at least once a day from now on (and say it from the heart, of course).  I have placed these PDF files in the personal and confidential section of my web site.  So you will need a User ID and Password to access them.

Another Spirits’ Gift: Concierto de Aranjuez

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 27, 2009, AM -  Having spent most of the day working with my left brain on two IBM and HP stories, I needed a break.  So I sat down and started to play just some light tunes I had not played for a while.  Just as I was finishing “Imagine” by John Lennon, I heard a Spanish-sounding music.  Mournful, sentimental, beautiful.  It sounded like a flute.  I knew I had heard it before, of course, but had no idea what it was. 

The tune meandered like a river through a mountain gorge, twisting and turning, even rising, before falling again.  To me, the “flute” (actually it was the clarinet, I found out later) and the guitar sounded like two lovers under the Andalusian moon whispering sweet love to each other.  Clarinet was the male, guitar the female sound.  I accompanied their song on the piano, which occasionally interrupting them with a loving chirp of its own, like a matchmaker stoking the fire of love.

I wanted to get it right, not just play the snippets I was hearing, so I went to my iTunes.  The old Bob would have said, “I had a hunch what CD the music was on.”  But Altzar knew gnostically which one it was.  The old Bob might have guessed it was Manuel de Falla’s music.  Altzar went straight to it without caring who the composer was.  Out of 766 songs that I have in my iTunes library, the very first one I clicked on was the one I had been hearing and playing on the piano. And it was…

Concierto de Aranjuez (click to play it)

Isn’t that something?  Aranjuez, by the way, is a royal city south of Madrid.

Of course, now I have a new challenge that the spirits have thrown me: How to interpret an intricate guitar and clarinet and orchestra piece on the piano without sheet music.  But that’s the fun of creation…

Another Bird/Kindi Encounter

I hope that the reader of these lines knows by now that I have been guided by bird spirits, and not just by signs in clouds, sounds and stones.  In fact, I had seen myself as a hummingbird from way back, since before I ever knew that it was one of Inca "sacred animals."  Hummingbird, Kindi in Quechua, the Inca language, rules from the cardinal direction of north and it ties a shaman to the lineage of the mountain spirits to which he/she is anchored. Ini my case, that's Mt Ausengate, where we received the Rites of Passage last summer. Master shamans believe that when a hummingbird shows itself to you, that your home mountain spirit is looking at you (for more on that, see "Another Kindi Encounter," Jan 2009).

Well, two days after my astral rebirth, as I was coming back to the house after picking up my mail, I was flipping through the envelopes, separating junk mail from important stuff.  As I was approaching the top of my “bird path,” my left brain activities were interrupted by a loud racket a bunch of birds were making.

“Are you calling me?” I said out loud, looking toward a big palo verde tree, half way down the path, where I’ve had my earlier encounters with hummingbirds and cardinals, as well as with a Bird Spirit one night.

I walked over.  A couple of doves fluttered away as I walked by, but the rest of the birds in that tree started to chirp even louder as I was approaching them.  And instead of flying away, they hopped down to the lower branches so they could be closer to me.

I started to talk to them in a warm and loving way, feeling the presence of spirits through them.  Not surprisingly, soon my old twin brother Kindi the Hummingbird appeared.  He landed on a branch not more than five feet over and looked at me.

“Hello, Kindi II,” I said. “Or maybe you are Kindi I and I am Kindi II.  Whatever… you are beautiful.  How are you doing?”  And so on…

Again, if any of my neighbors were to see me like that, they’d probably say, “this man is for the birds.”  And they’d be right. :-)

After a while, I said goodbye to my feather friends and went home.  As I opened the screen door to my backyard, I heard more bird racket.  I went outside.  I noticed that my hummingbird water feeder was empty, so I went out to fetch it and refill it.  When I came back out, guess who was there?

Yes, Kindi showed up again.  And he put on quite a performance.  As I talked to him lovingly, I also watched him practically attack three much bigger woodpeckers who were trying to build a nest on one of my cacti in the back yard.  He buzzed around the incessantly, as if saying…

“No!  He is mine.  Get out of here.  You’re not Kindi’s.  You don’t belong here.  Go find some other place to build your nest."

This went on for about five minutes, as I watched and laughed at the bird show.  When I went inside, it was still going on. :-)

I did not realize that hummingbirds can be so aggressive and protective.  Or maybe only this one is?  Is this Kindi my spirit guide and protector?

A Divine Kindi Encounter at My Apucheto

Which brings us finally to what happened yesterday, Sunday Mar 1, at my McDowell Mtn Apucheto.  Even without the foregoing stories, the experience was downright astounding.  But with them, you will be able to more fully appreciate the divine nature of that encounter.

When I am on the mountain, I don't wait to get to my Apucheto to start communicating with the Creator and the spirits.  I do it all the time.  Yesterday, my heart was especially full when I headed up the mountain.  It was a beautiful warm day, in the mid-80s (low 30s in Celsius).  I remember being so elated, that I stretched my arms out and said, "boy, dear Creator, if you put any more love into my heart, it may burst.  But don't worry about it, just keep pumping.  I know you're expanding my heart for a reason." :-)

At times, tears of joy for being in such a state of grace would spontaneously well.

Before I reached my mountain altar, I remember also asking the Creator and the spirits to keep and protect my Apucheto from ignorant people who may disturb it when I move to Maui.  Yet I knew that I would still find it intact since my last visit two weeks ago.

Indeed, everything was still the same, except that a bird must have landed on my stone bird (left) and left a calling card on it.  I smiled when I saw it. "Elizabeth's" dolphin was still there, too (middle left).  You can also see the Valley of the Sun stretching far to the west behind my Apucheto (two right shots).

As usual, here are views in the four cardinal directions from my Apucheto on this lovely first day of March.  There was not much wind while I was climbing up to this 2,500 peak. But when I got to the Apucheto, gusts of wind hat picked up.  In fact, one of them was so strong it blew away my Machu Picchu hat (right).

I knew it was the spirits' response to my prayers and messages along the trail.  By now, I am getting used to non-verbal communications like that.  But I thought you may also appreciate it.  So before I started my ceremony, I took out my camera to let you hear the wind as well as enjoy the 360-degree views from this mountain peak.

That's when something very unexpected happened.  As you will see when you watch the video that follows, everything goes on normally for about a minute and a half of it.  And then just as I am in a process of signing off, the Creator decides to take over and do something.  That something was so powerful that it brought tears to my eyes. You will be able to see, hear and hopefully FEEL the excitement I also felt as I was recording the events that followed. Enjoy!

I strongly suggest that you watch this video in a FULL SCREEN mode...

 (6:42 mins)

Bob Djurdjevic's Divine Hummingbird Encounter at McDowell Mtn Apucheto (Mar 1, 2009)

Before I left the Apucheto, I took pictures of the valley below through the interesting openings in the rocks.  What do you make of those shapes?  And on my way down, I also stopped to take a picture of that beautiful ocotillo.  For most of the year, they are thorny non-descript looking plants. But in springtime, like right now, they acquired this glowing almost emerald green color.

Epilogue: A Divine Connection to Florida

While I was doing my shamanic ceremony, which took at least half an hour, I would guess, I also made ethereal connections with a lot of people in my ayllu (Quechua term for "my world").  A number of you have asked me to pray for you, and I do it within my incantations at the end of the ceremony. (By the way, that word - "incantations" - came to me from God knows where during my ceremony.  I had never used that word before).

One such person is my childhood friend Mira who now lives in Florida.  She has a PhD in medicine and is also a published author and poetess.  She has had some emotional and financial issues lately and has asked me to pray for her. So I wanted to focus the Creator's and the spirits attention on her and did.  I'd also send her and several of my other friends a text message with a picture from the Apucheto taken by my cell phone camera (right).

Anyway, later on the same evening, she told me over the phone about an experience she had yesterday afternoon, at about the same time as I was doing my ceremony and having that Kindi Encounter.  She called it her "Heavenly Film."  Here's what she described it afterward in an email to me (which she allowed me to reproduce for you:

"Today, around 6PM (4PM AZ time), we were walking toward the Marriott hotel in downtown Miami.  I was walking behind George (Mira's husband) because I felt a heart contraction and did not want him to notice it. The girls (relatives they were meeting) walked in front of us. I had difficulty walking. Then things got even worse.  My pain intensified and I had even more trouble walking. There was also a strong gust of wind.

I thought of you... how you're moving away to what seems to me like the end of the world, where nobody can reach you if you're sick, or if something happens and you need help.

I looked up into the sky and see there those very same dolphins that you had sent me in a photo.  I thought I was imaging things or that I was under a strong influence of our communication.  But the dolphins were jumping out of the foaming ocean, one after another. Which is what attracted my attention to them.

Right above the dolphins, suddenly I see a man walking from right to left with an outstretched right arm, as if trying to catch something with it. Following the direction of the arm, I see a bird with beautiful wings, flapping them very gently and elegantly and flying toward the man. The man catches the bird, and the dolphins return to the ocean. I can only see their heads now peering out through the foam.

Suddenly, an enormous, huge, warped space opens up above the man, hollow on the inside, like a model of a pulsating cosmos.  The man and the bird get simply sucked into it. They disappear at the same time as do the dolphins into the white foam."

So that's Mira's story of what happened to her and the vision she had.  It took place at about the same time as I was at my Apucheto with the stone bird and the stone dolphin, and communing real time with the Creator and the spirits, including through that hummingbird.

So Mira is now wondering, "I've been asking myself: What message did that Heavenly Film deliver to me? What does it all mean?  I felt that it WAS IMPORTANT but am not able to interpret it.  I had firmly decided not to tell anyone about it and see if perhaps such an experience might happen again.  Then I read your message and called you. When you told me what happened to you, I could not believe it, considering how connected it is to my Heavenly Film.  It seemed as I were a witness of what was happening to you at the time."

So here you go now, my dear shamanic friends and other dream diviners. Do pray tell what Mira's vision means.  And I will pass your message to Mira.

Have a great week!

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Love  Light

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