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02 Feb 2011

Updated Mar 30, 2009

Traversing the Universe with Chandra

Two half-days in Chandra's crystal chamber yields fascinating astral journeys...



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Traversing the Universe with Chandra


Two half-days in Chandra's crystal chamber yields fascinating astral journeys


HAIKU, Maui, Mar 30, 2009 - How far can you travel by air on $632? You can barely make it from Phoenix to Chicago and back, the last I checked.  So being able to visit Sirius A and B stars, as well as travel back in time to Atlantis, and forward as far as the Creator lets you do it, seems like a pretty good bargain for $632, wouldn't you say? Add to it some out-of-this-world music, composed and performed by a whale choir, and you've got yourself the makings of a trip of a lifetime. 


And I actually bargained down the fee from $633 to $632.  My reason?  It also came to me during the session.  A voice told me the fare should be a #11 for me.  Which is what $632 is.  But to be fair, I also bumped it up from zero to that number.  Chandra and her Mom Cat were going to do it for nothing for me, in gratitude for some of the things I had done for them, including playing piano for Chandra and some other guests at my Scottsdale home on Mar 4. 


That's when the idea of my going into a crystal chamber session with Chandra came up.  Star Rising suggested I do it while I am still in Arizona, and Chandra's Mom seconded it.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  But being a free spirit who goes wherever the celestial tailwind takes him, I scratched my other plans from my busy moving schedule, and created two half days for this journey. 


First Half-day...


Chandra and I took off on our first trip shortly after 8AM on Mar 5.  I was seated comfortably in a chair that was so spacious you could have called it a sofa.  Above me were some crystals, auspiciously aimed at my crown chakra.  I was told to follow certain procedures, some of which involved the use of essential oils on the heart chakra, while listening to sounds of whales and a brief narration through a headset. 


The first half day consisted of seven repetitive sessions and lasted 4.5 hours.  The second half day consisted of six repetitive sessions and lasted a little less than four hours.  Start had told me about some amazing things that he had experienced when he went into a crystal chamber session with Chandra.  So my expectation level was high.


That's not a good idea.  I called Star after the first half-day to tell him how disappointed I was.  I got emotional once, early on, when I first heard the story of Chandra's trip to Hawaii in March 2003.  When she and her Mom went out for a whale watching boat ride, the captain reportedly said he had never seen so many whales before. 


This brought back memories for me of a similar boat ride in Jan 2006.  As we were returning from Lanai to Maui, the captain of that boat said the same thing (see A Whale of a Trip, Jan 2006). 


"This is incredible...," Captain Bill said at one point.  "Four different kinds of sea mammals at the same time! You guys have no idea how fortunate you are.  Sometimes we sail for days just to see one of them.  And I have never seen all of them at once."


Realizing that Chandra is an ET who can actually talk to whales, whereas I considered myself a "mere" human, the idea that the whales also flocked to the boat in which I was riding gave me goose bumps.


Among other things worthy of note the first day was that between Sessions #2 and #3, I saw several Goddess images, or at least that of very beautiful women.  I kept wondering if that's what Chandra looked like when she was my wife in Atlantis (see the Meeting Chandra story for more details).


In Session #4, the Cosmic Christ had black hair and a black beard.


After the Session #4, I kept seeing musical notes.  And they were moving, in fact, streaming from right to left.  They were going so fast that no musician I know would have been able to read them, let along play them.  Yet later on, Chandra said (through her Mom telepathing for her), that she wanted me to play that music.


I figured the music was supposed to be the sheet music dynamically synchronized with the sounds of whales I was hearing at the time.  How do you make "whale music" on a piano? Well, that's a challenge that Chandra has thrown me.  We'll see how...



Meanwhile, here are some creative visual images I designed afterward.  They incorporate that theme.  You an enjoy them while I work on the musical interpretation thereof. :-)


Chandra also told me through her Mom that she and I should practice telepathing every night so that I should be able to communicate with her directly.  Without going into details right now, as that would detract from the main story here, this worked perfectly over the following couple of weeks.  We used sounds, as well as images, to communicated with each other.  The only thing we never used was - WORDS.  Which was quite a feat for a writer, I must say - to be able to forsake the tool of his trade.  But it was fun.  I learned a lot about communicating outside of the three-dimensional world.  So with that brief digression, back to the Chandra crystal chamber sessions...


Overall, the first day was very relaxing, but not spiritually or emotionally very high.  Guess after all the experiences I have had in Peru and since then, including my astral rebirth on 2/25/2009, it would take a lot more than moving musical notes and whale sounds to send me into ecstasy.  I told Star as much afterward.  He told me to be patient.


"Chandra is probably working on you to get you ready for what is yet to come," he said.


Second Half-day: Seeing the Eye of God


Boy, was he ever right!  Whatever the first day lacked in terms of excitement, the second half-day more than made up.  Almost right off the bat, in Session #8, the first of the day, Chandra's eye morphed into a heart.  I knew it was her way of expressing her love for me.  I asked if that was her heart?  And red and purple flames of light shot up from it.  Out of all that, emerged an image of a hawk - one of the two spirit gifts that I had received from the Native American Master Guides - the White Eagle and the White Buffalo Female Calf Goddess on 2/25/2009. 


Again, this gave me goose bumps.  But I was totally unprepared for what happened next.  Out of nowhere, the Eye of God appeared.  It was pure white light, shaped like an eye.  I knew what it was, because I was so overwhelmed by bliss and grace that I immediately started to cry.  Only God's presence could have done it.  Later on, Chandra confirmed that that's what it was.


After that, I went on an astral journey that was so amazing that no words could describe it.  I saw the Golden Domes of Atlantis.  I saw the purple light of St. Germaine.  Beautiful, crisp 3D images in HD unfolded before me, waterfalls, blue beaches, a brown planet - barren (Mars?), Golden light around a star (or was it Saturn?), the sparkling lights of Sirius A and the bluish-green light of Sirius B, the Dogon star, my home star, Chandra told me earlier.


But the best part was not the visual pleasure. It was a feeling of BLISS that accompanied all these images and the background whale sounds.  When the music notes started streaming across my "screen" in Session #10, I realized what that was.  It was the Sight of Sound!  They were moving sound waves in the form of sheet music.


Then the images of Masters appeared who were also present at my astral rebirth ceremony on 2/25/2009, along with those same Goddess images from the day before.


The journey was beautifully relaxing, dreamlike.  I hated to interrupt it in order to rewind the CD player.  "These are the films from God's movie library," I realized at one point.  "And Chandra is the operator."


And it was interactive.  At one point in Session #11, I asked to see Machu Picchu.  And a white-clad warrior appeared, with a red and blue headband.  He was standing guard on a Machu Picchu fortress wall. 


There were lots and lots of white clouds forming beautiful shapes as they passed across the sky. 


In Session #12, the moving musical notes were back again, this time unquestionably reflecting the whale sounds in the background.


In Session #13, I felt an earthquake.  There was a shaking sensation when Cat sang on the CD.  And it all happened against a sand-colored backdrop, like a beach.  Then various hieroglyphs began to appear, still while Cat was singing.  I wasn't sure if they were the Dogon or the Egyptian or maybe even earlier, Sirian ones.  But I was sure they were meant to teach me something.  Alas, the DVD recorder in my brain was not on at the time.


The most fascinating thing of all happened toward the end of Session #13, the last one in a two-day series.  A beam of white light appeared at about 1 o'clock.  I knew from the feeling of bliss that it immediately produced in my chest that it was the Light of God.  It kept beaming its energy at my face for what seemed like a fairly long time.


Then it started to move counterclockwise.  Slowly.  When it got to about 11 o'clock, it stopped.  The beam's focus shifted from my head to my heart.  I had no idea what God was doing to my heart, but it felt wonderful.  Once again, just like on 2/26/2009, and twice before that in 2008, I could TASTE the STATE OF BLISS.  This went on for a long time.  I felt that God was impregnating my heart with his/her Love.  And the feelings this produced were incredible.  Peaceful, yet nearly orgasmic.


And then it was over.  And I was sorry it had to end.  I looked at the clock.  I had been in the crystal chamber for nearly four hours, yet it felt like only a few minutes.


Logging in to God.infinity


During a subsequent post-mortem, I told Chandra and Cat that the repetitive nature of the 13 sessions has helped learn the process of, what I called, "logging in to God.infinity."



Later, I created the above images to illustrate what I meant.  The process of "logging in," though, is not simple.  It takes a while.  But when you "lock in," the images become crystal clear 3D movies in HD. So I told them I found it annoying having to interrupt them in order to press the CD buttons.  Because I would have to log in all over again afterward.  And a different movie from God's library would be playing the next time.


Since that time, I have created for them an integrated version of the four repetitive sessions that can be played on an iPod.  Which is what I have been doing occasionally for myself.  Just to remind myself of the blissful experiences that my sessions in Chandra's crystal chamber generated.


Before I bid Chandra and her Mom goodbye after my second day there on Mar 6, Chandra reached for my blue notebook, where I keep my journal notes, including the ones that helped me write this story, three weeks later.  She spun the book around her index finger like an old-fashioned record spinning on a record player.


"She is reading your notes," Chandra's Mom explained.  It took her about 10 seconds to read the whole booklet.  :-)  Then Chandra smiled.  She was evidently happy with what she had learned. 


"I love you," she said to me, through her Mom.


"I love you, too," I replied.  And then I left.

Love  Light 

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