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02 Feb 2011

Updated Mar 2, 2009

Meeting Grandma Chandra

A fascinating multi-dimensional being...



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Meeting Grandma Chandra


A fascinating multi-dimensional being




SCOTTSDALE, Mar 2, 2008 - In the three-dimensional world of this planet, she looks like a severely handicapped woman. Yet she soars with the stars most of the time.  An ancient Native American elder-shaman recognized her immediately as the "Grandma Chandra" from his visions.  Which is how this 26-year old became a "grandma" to a grandfather while still in her teens.

You can find out more about her healing achievements at her web site which depicts her as a "living miracle" ( But what I want to show you in this story is the highly personal sides, both of her and of this writer.  She is a lot more than a "living miracle." While other spirits have revealed to me during the last 14 months fragments of my past lives that go back a few thousand years, Chandra lifted the lid from my earthly awareness and took me with her to the stars, all the way to my home star, Dogon (Sirius B).

I first became aware of Chandra in mid-January.  Lida, a wonderfully caring woman whom I met during my trip to Peru last summer, told me she was coming to Phoenix in mid-February with the express purpose of meeting "Grandma Chandra."

"Who's Grandma Chandra?" I asked.  "And what is so special about her that she would warrant a trip from Wisconsin just to spend an hour or two with her?" I thought, but did not say out loud.

I had almost forgotten about that conversation when my phone rang around noontime on Feb 11 (another #11 day!).  Lida sounds bubbly even on mundane subjects.  This time, her enthusiasm was overflowing like the bubbles of a freshly popped bottle of champagne. 

"You've got to meet Grandma," she said.  "I've just had an amazing session with her."

I said something about being extra busy due to my upcoming move to Maui.  The next thing that happened was a click on the line, and then, "here, talk to Cat."

"Talk to whom?"

"Hi, Bob.  This is Cat."

"And who are you?" I thought but was too polite to ask.  I was hoping this Cat would go on.  She did.

"I am Grandma's Mom."

"Grandma's Mom?" you can imagine the image that this label connoted in my head. Perhaps someone looking like Sister Theresa within days before she passed. But the woman's voice was strong and youthful.  Then she told me about her life.

Cat and I spend about 20 minutes in a very enjoyable and animated conversation.  She told me that Chandra's father was a Sufi, a Rosicrucian and a Mason.  "So I figured early on she'd be kind of special," Cat said.

A New Yorker of Italian descent with more names than Pele (the famous Brazilian soccer superstar, not the Hawaiian Goddess of fire - Pele Edison (Edson) Arantes do Nascimento), Cat adopted a shorter name.  She loves cats, by the way, and her first of many names is Catherine. So no wonder she chose Cat.

Fate took her to Afghanistan in the 1980s where she met Chandra's father.  It was an instant connection with sparks and fireworks flying right away, she recalls. Sadly, Chandra's father was killed fighting the Soviets.  A pregnant Cat made her way into Pakistan and then on back home to the U.S., where she gave birth to Chandra in 1982.

Meeting Chandra

Chandra was seated on a couch in a living room of a smallish Tempe home when I walked through the door. She cannot speak, but it was evident that she became quite agitated and excited when she saw me. 

"She is so excited to see you," said Cat. "Another Atlantian, she says."

"Another Atlantian?" I thought.  I wasn't overly surprised.  When I was in Montenegro last May, in my first ever "real" meditation, sitting on a hilltop overlooking the Adriatic Sea, I saw the Golden City of Atlantis (see "Out of This World" - User ID, Password required, and above left shots).  The vision sent chills down my back.  And yes, it took place on the 11th day of the month - Sunday, of course!  Except that back then, I had no idea what that meant.

Back to Tempe, during the course of the next hour, Chandra told me, via Cat, who acted as her telepathic interpreter, that she (Chandra) was my wife in Atlantis.  And she said that Elizabeth also hailed from Atlantis, though was not related to me at the time.


By now, I am sure you're starting to get the picture of how esoteric this conversation was.  What you may not realize, however, is how sweet and loving Chandra is.  The entire time I was there, she was snuggling up on my chest, as if trying to be as close as possible to my heart.  She told me two or three times that she loved me.

So when I told her that I saw myself as a hummingbird as well as a Heart Man, she said, "yes, yes, yes... you have a very big heart."  "

"You are definitely the Heart Man," she said.  She added that I also have a huge aura, "almost as big as mine," Chandra said.

She told me that I was an ascended master and an angel who has been sent to this planet to carry out a specific mission.  She said that she was also a hummingbird as well as a dolphin spirit. She said Elizabeth was also a dolphin spirit.

She then told me that my home star was Dogon (Sirius B), and that Elizabeth came from Sirius. 

"She is also an E.T., like you," Chandra added (i.e., not of this world). 

Twelve days later, I actually saw, with my eyes closed, both Sirius A and B during meditation.  They looked like the "dancing stars" in the image on the left (click on "Star Kumara Meditation & My New Celestial Signature," Feb 24, for more on that).

Chandra then pointed to a page in a book that contained the verses which describe who I am:

"I am a child of the Original One,

I am a ray of the Original Sun,

I am Wholeness, I am Love."

She said that there was a reason a dolphin pointed me to Maui (through a sign in the clouds, if you remember).  The Creator and spirits are setting up a portal there for me through which I am to communicate with the Peru mountain spirits.  She said she would help me activate the portal when I get to Maui.

Later on, after I had independently received spirit guidance where exactly on my Maui property I am to build the Apucheto (shaman's altar - right), Chandra independently confirmed it saying, "that's where they will set up a portal for you.  In the northeast."

She said that my Western Australian property, the only piece of land I have ever truly loved, was my connection to my former life on Lemuria. 

Later on (2/25/09), I found out from Star Kumara that my work on Maui will be actually to connect Lemurian spirits with those in Peru. Which is why Archangel Michael removed the "Lemurian sadness" from my DNA. 

Sanat Kumara, for example, is said to have migrated from Lemuria to Peru after the former was destroyed, where he helped set up the Holy Mountain spirituality. The use of the name Kon Tiki, an identical term for a Sun-God both in Peru and in Polynesia, also proves a common origin of the two cosmologies.

Chandra also said very emphatically that I must go on that special "by invitation only" training with the Altomesayoks in Peru (highest level of Inca shamans).  But she said Elizabeth should not go (because of her heart).

She also said that I was right to conclude that Elizabeth is not ready yet to see her and accept direct spirituality. And that the same was true of my kids.

She said that my planetary mission is to "download massive amounts of data about cosmic history, and to use it to enlighten and teach people about it."  She said she knew that I was already receiving direct teachings from the spirits, but that she would help me download this data when the time comes.

As for my work on Maui, it will be mostly in the field of the Arts, not business and politics, as it has been in Arizona for the most part.

"You can be like Mozart, if you like," she said. "You don't have to be perfect. Just play from the heart."  Which is what I have been doing.

She also loved the idea of a recital on Maui as a fund-raiser for the Q'ero (Inca mountain tribe) kids.  Then she'd had enough and went off to her room to play drums.

Before we parted company, Cat told me that they were trying to get enough interest and funding for a Grandma Chandra Center for autistic children (CLICK HERE to see an Executive Summary about the Center's mission).  Which is why the spirits moved me on Feb 26, the day after my astral rebirth, to make the first donation to it.

Love  Light

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