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Thank you for your interest and trust.  If you have an ailment or an affliction for which you cannot obtain satisfactory medical solution, you've been guided to the right place.  Please copy the form below and paste it into your email client, complete the information, and then send it to Altzar's email address (shown below):

Full name:*                [this is mandatory; the spirits cannot heal someone they cannot identify]

Address:*                  [town, state, country -  no need for street address]

Prayer Request:*       [describe here in 2-3 sentences what kind of an ailment or affliction you have

                                for which you are requesting a healing.  Please be succinct.  A shaman need to be able to

                                memorize your particular request if he is to transmit it from his heart]


Additional Background:  [if you wish to share some additional background information which may be useful in  

                                      understanding your request, you can do it here.  Again, please be brief]


No Guarantees:      Over the years, Altzar has helped heal a number of people among his relatives and friends.  Even some suffering from terminal diseases, like cancer, reported full recovery or remission.  But there are no guarantees.  The healing is between the Spirits and YOU.   A Shaman is merely a channel who has been granted access to the spirit world.  He has no healing power of his own.  Zero.  So Altzar can make no promises on behalf of the Spirits.


Now please send your Prayer Request to Altzar's email address:

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