Altzar is an Inca-trained Shaman. Shaman's purpose in life and sacred duty is to help heal others.  If you have an ailment or an affliction for which you cannot obtain satisfactory medical solution, you've been guided to the right place. 

Just CLICK HERE and fill out your personal & confidential Prayer RequestAny information you provide will be shared only with benevolent spirits who may choose to heal you. 

Over the years, Altzar has helped heal a number of people among his relatives and friends.  Even some suffering from terminal diseases, like cancer, reported full recovery or remission.  But there are no guarantees. 

The healing is between the spirits and YOU.   A Shaman is merely a channel who has been granted access to the spirit world.  He has no healing power of his own.  Zero.

In Altzar's case, he works with several dozen Master Spirit Guides, with the Andean mountain spirits (Apus) and Santa Tierras (Earth spirits).  Click on Shaman's Tools of Trade to see some of the spirits Altzar works with, and learn more about their divine healings.

Some stories about Altzar's healings...



(in the beginning... click here for more on Altzar's awakening and early quests)

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