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21 May 2011

Last updated May 21, 2011 - From first date to second wedding in three years...

Valentine's Day 2009 Wedding Ceremony

Followed by dinner at Havana Cafe


From first date to second wedding in three years

Valentine's Day 2009 Wedding Ceremony

Followed by dinner at Havana Cafe

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True Love Conquers All

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 2009 - This is an unlikely love story.  Neither of us were looking for each other.  Yet we found ourselves matched up by higher powers.  None of what you're about to read would have never happened without the spirits' help and divine synchronicity. For, this love tale is directly linked to and interwoven with two other stories - "Maui Calling... and 'Black Jack' Home."  To understand the full context and the richness of the script that the Creator and the spirits wrote, you should read all three stories at the same time.  They spun the three tales like yarn and wove them into a beautiful fabric of love and light, just as shown in these images...

... from Heaven (left) and on Earth (right).

Two Rivers of Love & Light Joined by Divine Intervention

In April 2008, I learned from two different sources - a psychic and an astrologer - that I would soon be joined on my spiritual journey by a woman (from southern Texas, according to the psychic). 

Naturally, I was skeptical about things like that.  "How would they know?" I wondered. Still, I kept my eyes open and my ears attune to southern drawls among the women I met.  A couple of months went by during which I traveled all over the world.  Nothing happened.  Sure, I met a number of interesting and beautiful women. But none of them touched my heart.  No southern drawls, either.

On June 11 (here we go, that No. 11 again! - see "No. 11: Key to My Life"), I went to my local chiropractor's office for usual adjustments.  I was training for my upcoming trip to Peru and needed my body to be in good enough shape for high altitude hiking and bivouacking. The cute young Hispanic-looking receptionist and I got talking about my travels.  She told me her Mom likes to travel, too, and had been all over the world since her husband died some 11 years ago.

"Does she have a boyfriend?" I asked.

"I am not sure," the receptionist replied.  "She used to.  I don't think she's got a steady one now."

"What do you like the most about your Mom?"

"That she made me so beautiful," the receptionist said, breaking into giggles.

"So she must be also beautiful," I concluded. "Why don't you ask her if she wants to go out with me?"

That night, unbeknownst to me, the two of them huddled in front of the computer, checking me out.

"My Mom thinks you're hot," the receptionist told me when she called me the next day, breaking again into fits of giggles and laughter.  "Here's her number."

Elizabeth and I met on Friday, June 13, 2008. Yes, Friday the 13th.  And it was a wonderful date.  So much so that I'll have to bleep out most of it.

That's how this love match began.  Eight months later, it ended up in matrimonial vows before the Creator and the spirits.

Our Valentine Day Wedding

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 14, 2009 - "Happy Valentine's Day!" Elizabeth and I said to each other simultaneously when we woke up on Saturday morning. A little while later, Elizabeth gave me her V-Day card and a gift she wanted me to open right away.  It was lovely double-hearted picture frame (right).  The engraved message read, "you fill my heart with love."  Elizabeth's card carried the same message, "by coincidence," she explained.  She had bought the two at two different places and times.  But there's no such thing as coincidence, as we know by now.

Elizabeth said she wanted me to open the gift first thing in the morning so I could find two photos that are suitable for this small size frame.  "I wanted you to keep them in your office so you can look at it all day before we get together again tonight."

I told Elizabeth that I also have a card and gift for her, but that I wanted her to open it when she came back home this evening.  I did not tell her the reason.

When she came back home later that evening, I presented her with the card (left) and the gift - a special red silk scarf that I had ordered from India.  She understood the significance of that.  Three months ago, Jose Luis did soul retrievals on both of us.  And in my case, Goddess Aphrodite showed herself to him.  She told him to tell me that the woman on which I choose to put the red scarf (which was on the passenger seat of a beautiful 1950's vintage pale blue convertible I was driving), will be(come) perfect for me.

I told Elizabeth afterward that I knew exactly what kind of a red scarf I needed to get and would order from India.  "One day, when you have shed your past and dispensed with you co-dependent relationship with your kids, I may put it on you," I said.  That was three months and two break-ups ago.  Now that Elizabeth has shed her past, at least in an emotional sense, it was time for a "red scarf ceremony."

After Elizabeth opened her gift and admired the scarf for a while, she was about to put it around her neck.  "Aha-aha," I said.  "I have to do it."

We walked over to my altar where I lit a candle, put the scarf around Elizabeth's neck and performed a brief ceremony.  Then we wrapped the scarf around both of our necks, symbolically uniting us in a holy matrimony.  We reaffirmed our vows from two weeks ago.

"We are now a married as far as the three of us are concerned," I said.  "You know who 'the three of us' are?" 

"You and I and the Creator," she replied.

Earlier that afternoon, we found out that the real estate transaction involving our new home in Maui had gone hard.  The 894 East Kuiaha Rd, our "Blackjack Property," is to be our new home as of March 24.  Given that "Kui" means to string in Hawaiian, and "Aha" a musical instrument, this will be also a "House of Music" from now on.

And so Valentine's Day 2009 became both our wedding day and the day on which our new home in Maui became 100% certainty.


We took some pictures of us around the altar to commemorate the occasion.

We celebrated our union at the "Havana Cafe," a Cuban restaurant at which the above picture was taken.  The atmosphere was pleasant with live, but low key, music playing in the background.  And the dinner was exquisite. Chiquitita enjoyed her paella while I had a delicious zarzuela.

By the way, at one point during dinner, a blond woman in her fifties came over to our table saying to be, "you look like a famous actor.  I just can't figure out who you are."  I smiled back and said that looks can be deceiving.  But her husband jumped in saying, "go ahead and ask him for an autograph. You can figure out who he is later."  :-)


CLICK HERE to check out our renewed vows in a Ring Wedding Ceremony (May 20, 2011).

Love  Light

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