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21 May 2011

Last updated May 21, 2011

Ring Wedding Ceremony

Renewed Vows Exchanged at Spirits' Urging - "Sacred Union" + "Love" cards


Ring Wedding Ceremony

Renewed Vows Exchanged at Spirits' Urging - Sacred Union + Love cards

HAIKU, Maui, May 20, 2011 - When Elizabeth returned home from Texas with her Mom's wedding ring, I asked her if she wanted to use it as her own matrimonial symbol.  She said she did.  I told her that in that case, we would have to do a special ring ceremony to cleanse the ring so it would become a wedding band for the two of us (click on "Valentine's Day 2009 Wedding Ceremony" to learn about our original marital vows).

Ever since, I have been waiting for the Spirits to give me a sign as to when that should take place.  It arrived on Friday morning, May 20.  When I asked for guidance from them as I do every day, I drew the Sacred Union mystic medicine card.  It was the first time ever this card has showed up in my daily spirit signs.  I sensed it was an important message.  But since we had a busy day ahead of us, it hardly seemed like a time for renewed vows and ring ceremonies.  So I just made a mental note of it as we drove into town.

We returned home in late afternoon, tired from running around all day.  When I turned on my computer, the Sacred Union card was staring at me again from my calendar page.  I reread its message:

"The longing for a perfect mate is ingrained in our DNA... Love is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate Truth that lies at the heart of Creation. Spiritual partners in this understanding of a Sacred Union strive to further their souls' evolution together. Each brings a piece of the puzzle for each other that helps each other's spiritual expansion."

"In choosing this card, you could be embarking upon commitment of a Sacred Union, two souls joined together for the purpose of spiritual growth..."

What I really wanted to do was have a nap.  But I felt uncomfortable ignoring what could be an important spirits' message.  I reminded myself of daily mantra that I send to the Creator and to my spirit guides: "I restate my intention not to stray from your path of enlightenment as you illuminate it for me." And now they seem to be illuminating.  I could not very well put my earthly comforts (sleep) ahead of that and still me true to the vow of that mantra.  So I started to do some research...

The first thing I realized was that today, 5-20-2011, was another #11 day, numerologically speaking.  "Another sign!" I realized.  For, the Masters #11 has always been an important guidepost in my life.  So there was no coincidence that the Sacred Union guidance showed up on a #11 day.  But just to be sure, I also ran another test.  I checked on the wedding date of an earlier incarnation Elizabeth and I had as husband and wife.  And it was another #11-date (7-25-1554).

I was still reluctant to accept that today was the day.  I was hoping that they would give us some notice to prepare for something as special as renewed marital vows ceremony.  So I tried to look ahead to see what other #11 days we could do it on. 

The first one was June 1.  The next June 10.  June 19 and 28 were also candidates.  "But now you're trying to impose your own will over that of the spirits," I told myself.  And that's never a good idea.  I knew that much.  So I decided to ask for the spirits' guidance one more time.  I first drew a card for June 10.  It was Goddess of Fire.  Not a good sign for a tranquil relationship.  Next I asked for guidance for June 1.  I drew the Strength card.  Okay, but not exactly an ideal romantic guidepost.  Then I asked for guidance for today, May 20.  I drew the Love card.

"Okay, okay, okay," I told the spirits. "I got it.  I won't fight you anymore."

I picked up the phone and made a dinner reservation at Mama's Fish House.  Then as Elizabeth and I laid down for a nap, I told her what had happened and asked her if she still wanted to go through with it.  She said she did.  But like me, she would prefer another date.  I explained that I would, too, but that in my experience, it is never a good idea to go against the spirits' guidance. 

"But I can still cancel that dinner reservation if you don't want to do it," I added.

"Oh, no, no, no... I don't want you to cancel it," she said.  "When do you want to do the ceremony?"

"At sunset."


"At my (shamanic) altar in the family room"  (with a St. George icon from Serbia and a Crucifix from Australia witnessing it).

After we got up from the nap, I took out a special shell-shaped jewelry case which I bought for Elizabeth when we were here in Maui in Dec 2008.  Since then, I had placed in it some of the Hawaiian black lava pebbles, and the sand from the Djurdjevic Tara river in Montenegro.  I explained to Elizabeth that all four elements plus the Sun light must participate in the cleansing and purifying of the ring.  And that from now on, any time she is not wearing the ring, she must place it into this jewelry box and not anywhere else.

I then blew Holy Water with my breath over the ring and also poured it over the black lava and river sand in the shell box.  I placed the ring on top of the lava and sand and Holy Water in the box, and with its lid open, placed it on the lanai facing the setting Sun. 

"Now we just need to let Inti Taiti (Father Sun) do its magic," I explained to Elizabeth as we went to the spa. 

A most amazing thing happened in the meantime.  The lanai was wet, meaning it must have rained while we were napping.  Yet there has been no rain for nearly two weeks now.  And the forecast showed zero percent chance of rain for today (right). Just as had happened when I returned from Texas at the start of the month (see "Rain, Rain... Welcome Back!").  So it was clearly a divine sign.

"That was our blessing," said to Elizabeth as we chatted in the spa.  All the while, I kept scanning the sky looking for rainbows.  Again, we have not seen any rainbows since March.  Still, I had a feeling that more blessings were to come.

"There..." I said excitedly pointing to the southeast, in the direction of Haleakala (volcano). "A rainbow!" 

We both reveled in watching the rainbow grow from a little sliver to a complete semi-circle across the eastern sky. "That's our second blessing," I said.

That rainbow was produced by a solitary passing cloud.  Within a few minutes, the cloud had disappeared (literally!) and the sky was clear once again. 

At sunset, which means around 7PM, I performed a ring wedding ceremony in our family room.  I first ran the ring through the Holy Smoke of Frankincense, Myrrh and Palo Santo.  Then I called on all of my spirit guides, including Jeshua (Jesus), Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and many others to be witnesses to this ceremony.  As I placed the ring on Elizabeth's finger, I said (paraphrasing)...

"With this ring, I take thee, Elizabeth Moreno Fuentes, to be my wedded wife, my partner, my friend, my lover, my soulmate. I promise to take care of you for the rest of our lives, in sickness or in health, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer... until death doeth us part."

Then Elizabeth said her wedding vows same in her own words:  "I, Elizabeth Moreno Fuentes, take thee, Robert Altzar Djurdjevic, to be my wedded husband..."

I then placed the white lei Elizabeth had made on her neck adding, "and with this lei, I seal our wedding vows."  And then she placed the lei of black kukui nuts over my neck, saying the same thing.  And then we kissed.

As I looked outside, the sun had just set.  It was a little after 7PM.

And now, here are some photos from our dinner at Mama's Fish House...



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