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Chatting with Three Light Beings

A private channeling session with Earl Backman (



Chatting with Three Light Beings

A private channeling session through Earl Backman ( reveals my "extra credit" planetary mission; Care to join me?

HAIKU, Maui, Jan 6, 2011 - On Jan 3, I had my first ever channeling with the three Light Beings from another galaxy who have come to Earth to assist humanity in the evolution through 2012 and beyond.  And it was a fascinating dialogue.  I am sure that over time, it will have far-reaching ramifications not just in my life, but in the life of our planet as well.  Which means, yours, too.

You can expect to hear from me more on the topics we discussed.  For now, here are two PDF files for you to peruse, if you're interested in helping heal our Mother - Gaia, Pachamana:

Chatting with Light Beings - Highlights (Jan 3, PDF, 5 pages)

And now, here's the actual Transcript with details of that session.  It also includes some images and new ideas that have come to light since the session:

Chatting with Light Beings - Transcript (Jan 3, PDF, 16 pages)

And now that you have had a chance to see what Light Beings had to say to us, enlightened earth beings, I suggest you also check out this story about an extraordinary out-of-this-world and out-of-body experience I have last July during a regression session with Linda Backman in Kona.  Suddenly, now that I have heard the Light Being's explanation about my (and your?) mission on this planet, it all makes perfect sense:

Shepherd Steward of the Earth (July 18) [includes a private video, you will need to give me the email with which you are registered for your Youtube account so I can authorize it for viewing]

Also, see the following notes/highlights from Light Beings' group channeling on Dec 26 and Jan 9:

Light Beings Group Channeling re. 2012 - Highlights (Dec 26, PDF, 3 pages)

Light Beings Group Channeling re. ET's - Highlights (Jan 9, PDF, 4 pages)

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