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19 Jul 2011

Last updated July 29, 2010

Meet Don Jose, the Conquistador

Shocking revelation emerges from an LBL session in California about one of my past lives


Meet Don Jose, the Conquistador


HAIKU, Maui, Aug 29, 2010 - On Aug 2, I had an LBL (Life between Lives) session with Scott Fitzgerald de Tamble, a hypnotherapist.  I had been led to him by my spirit guides, via Michael Newton's books and by another friend from Oahu who recommended Newton to me.   Before meeting Scott, he and I had been corresponding for months.  My four-hour session with Scott was very intense emotionally for me.

The book  "Journey of Souls" led me to Michael Newton Institute in California and one of his disciples.  We did a four our session that afternoon (Aug 2) during which I discovered some fascinating things about my past.  Nothing to be proud of, but very educational for me personally nonetheless. Here's an excerpt from my journal notes...

The hypnotherapist and I were able to bring out of my soul an amazing snippet from one of my past lifetimes.  It was actually so upsetting to me that I cried and said out loud "I don't want to go there.  I don't want to be that person again."

"That person" was Jose, a Spaniard born in the south of Spain who sailed with Christopher Columbus on "Santa Maria" in 1492.  Can you believe it?  I (as Bob) was shocked.  In that lifetime, Elizabeth was my mother... a very sweet and gentle woman, as she is now.

I was even more surprised that I was a also Conquistador in that lifetime.  I helped subdue and enslave the Inca empire in Peru.  That's the part that was very upsetting to me.  Because in this lifetime, the Inca are among my favorite people.  As you know, I am an Inca-trained shaman, among my many callings.  And I just love them.   So to think that I was once their enslaver as a Spanish warrior who killed them and pillaged their villages caused an unbelievable amount of grief in me.

But I died peacefully in that lifetime as an old man (age 88) in the arms of Madonna (Mother of God).  She gave me absolute forgiveness and unconditional love that made me cry and vow before I left that body to learn to dispense love and forgiveness onto other sinners the way she did to me.  

All around, it was a pretty amazing experience.  And very draining, physically.  I had to go to the bathroom (to pee), for example, every half hour or so, it seemed.  After about a sixth trip, both the therapist and I realized that that was a part of the cleansing that I was receiving from the spirit.  The urine that came out was not yellow.  It was pure white, like water.  So they were obviously purifying my body during the session.

Anyway, I am still in semi shock over the discovery that I was a Conquistador once. But now I understand why.  For, as a Shaman, I know the world and all God's creations are about duality - hot-cold, dark-light, male-female, small-big, etc.  So in order to become gentle and giving, I had to first experience being a brutal  and ruthless warrior.  

This is when I thought of you.  As you know, Jan, Jesus Christ was also a brutal Jewish warrior in the lifetime he shared with Moses. Jesus was then Joshua, a field general who mercilessly slayed the indigenous (non Jewish) Judean population when the Jews arrived there upon leaving Egypt.  And just look at the way that soul turned out in his next (and last) incarnation as Jesus Christ.

So it all made sense to me in the end.  It was just a fairly traumatic way of getting to that conclusion.  And very healing, too.  If I were an artist, which I am not, I could paint some pretty incredible scenes I saw after leaving the Jose (Conquistador's) body and ascending to the heavens.  Fortunately, now that I know what they look like, I can always go back there during mediation.

I have the entire 4-hr session on three CDs now, so I can revisit my soul's lessons any time.

Here are the final minutes of it, as recorded on a CD... [allow several minutes for this large audio file to download]

Meet Don Jose, the Conquistador (wma format, 33 mins)

Meet Don Jose, the Conquistador (mp3 format, 33 mins)

What happened with Elizabeth in the last three weeks (operation and recovery) gave me a chance to reflect on various health incidents that have happened with my various mates in life.  And what I have concluded is that caring for sick women I love must have been a part of my contract for this lifetime.  Maybe it is the juxtaposition of the role I played as Conquistador when I killed, raped and plundered the Inca people as a Spanish warrior?

I am not sure if I had shared with you all the things that happened in my life that make it a pattern, so here are some excerpts...

My first wife died in my arms at the age of 25 - six months after we were married.  She had been diagnosed with inoperable brain tumor three months earlier.  I spent all that time, practically day and night, with her at the hospital until she passed.  The entire time, I kept crying "Why, why why...?" and "Why me? Why she?" - without knowing the answer to that question.

My second wife, the mother of my two daughter, had a heart defect. But I knew that before we were married.  So I had talked to her doctor first and he assured me that she would live to be a normal age.  Indeed, she is still alive.  But she has had some health issues during our 27-year long marriage, including hysterectomy (like Elizabeth) that required me to care for her.

There was another woman I loved with whom I lived briefly before meeting Elizabeth (Ida).  She had also had brain cancer in her youth.  But it was apparently completely healed by the time we met.  It was done shamanically, after the doctors had already given up on her.  This woman played the most important transitional role in my life.  She introduced me to shamanism and led me to the path of enlightenment I am now now.  Before we met, I did not even know that a shaman was.  

My third wife (before God) - Elizabeth, also had heart issues before we met.  She had a heart attack in 2007.  But I am pretty sure that this has now been also completely healed shamanically, not just by me, but also by the mountain spirits directly when I took her to Peru back in January.  And I am also certain that they are now guiding me to help her deal with the aftermath of the hysterectomy surgery.

Also, I only had daughters, no sons, and only one grandson vs. three granddaughters.


So you see the pattern I am talking about and why I think that caring for and healing the women in my life is a part of my soul contract this time around?



---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 2:54 AM
Subject: Re: Your past life and this life on the Earth

Hi, Kinti and Happy Holiday!

I was thinking of you for a while, and you know that I keep my promises, but a friend of my from California came a few days ago and I did have to dedicate some time to her. Today I will meet her again, but I am writing to you before. I do apologize for being late with my response. 

Yes, if you look at parallelism between lifes it seems that there is a pattern in your present life on the Earth which could be a positive reflextion of the past lifes. Positive in terms of what you are doing now, when your spirit grew and became so highly noble and strong. But, beleive me I was wondering myself (analyzing your personality and life without knowing the details that I know now) why could not you be without such experience once, in your relationship? Definitely, your "job" was to take care off your partners. Maybe even to save them through your relationship, and close contact with spirits and Creator. I would agree with your explanation, and maybe add this one. 

Besides, you were also helping orphans, and poors as far as I know although you do not like to say that.Your most of the life on this planet presently, was helping not only women but humanity, including your own native land (country).Your entire "Thruth in Media" work is totally humanitarian. How many thousands(millions) of people shared the feelings with you and how many lifes you have changed through that? That pays of the entire "Spahish warrior" personality shadows that were created during your past lifes. 

Madonna probabaly enlightened you. Jesus (God) was always your closest friend and he brought you up to the Essence of the Essence of Spiritual life where you will not change anymore, I think except toward higher energy state. That stratification of the Spirit within your soul involves also "care after your partners" but it is just the part of the Whole. Did I make myself entirely clear?


Love  Light

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