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June 27, 2011

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Ascending as Tree of Life

An interesting dream portends daytime guidance by Hopi spirits



Ascending as Tree of Life

An interesting dream portends daytime guidance by Hopi spirits

HAIKU, Maui, July 26, 2011 - A friend wrote to me this morning wondering how I was coping with all these revelations that keep cropping up about my last lifetimes almost every day.  Here's my reply:


Thank you for your concern.  Yes, I am doing okay processing all these revelations.  Frankly, I was not even aware that I was supposed to be "coping" or "processing" anything.  To me, it's been just a process of exciting discoveries that life is these days.  I feel like a celestial Indiana Jones exploring the universe and the spirit world. But unlike the earthly Indiana Jones, we can also do it at night, in dreamtime.

I also feel that our spirit guides always know what's best for us.  All we need to do is let them to their work and not resist, just as I said at the CofE conference at one point.  After all, these incarnations are not strangers.  They are all ME and have been inside all along.  They are now just coming out of the closet to reveal themselves in full consciousness.

Why now?  We are getting close to the time for harvest of our soul intentions that have been set millions of years ago, as the Teacher told us in Kona. "Time is collapsing right now," he said. "That's why so many souls are incarnating in more than one body... to accelerate ascension to the next level.  An extra dimension is being created in all humanity."

And now, keeping that in mind, check out what happened last night.  Here's a real world example of a new energy and new dimension being created in practice.  This all happened a few hours ago. I just finished writing it down in my calendar-journal before replying to your email: 

I had a dream that I was a Tree of Life.  The tree looked like a big oak or mango tree with a round crown.  I felt I was that tree.   I was surrounded by water but protruding from solid ground.  I looked like a little atol. Then a beam of white light shone on the tree like floodlight on stage.  I felt total happiness and bliss, just as I did when God's light shone on me in the regression session with Linda.  Then I realized I was ascending... as a TREE. 

Then I saw another tree.  Similar, but I knew it was different.  That tree was Elizabeth (right).  It also became enveloped with God's white light. "Oh, how beautiful," I thought. "She is ascending with me."

At that moment I became semi-conscious.  I felt Elizabeth turning to spoon with me.  As we both lay on our left sides, she gripped my chest with her right arm till there was no space left between my back and her chest.  

That's when I woke up and vowed to try to remember this beautiful dream.

Then I drew my Mystic Medicine Card guidance for today...

Right after I wrote down my dream about ascending as a tree, I drew my Mystic Medicine card guidance for the day.  It was NEW GROWTH, depicting the Blue Corn Maiden (right).  She comes from the Hopi culture. 

(I just recalled... I picked the elementary school called Hopi for my children when we first moved to Phoenix.  There are no coincidences). 

The Hopi Blue Corn Maiden spirals down from the sky as a blue star in an ancient symbol of Creation. (Also see the Hopi symbol for God... looks like a Celtic cross - see above).  Her right hand holds an Eagle feather, her left a Condor feather. An ancient (Inca and evidently Hopi) prophesy speaks that when the Eagle and the Condor fly together as one again, peace will return to Earth.  Eve Bruce also spoke about that in her presentation at the CofE conference.

In the painting, water pours down from the Heavens to heal, cleanse and rejuvenate, feeding the Earth and her children and to produce new golden harvest of New Growth.

"When you make room for yourself to grow and allow the Divine to take care of the rest, let go and let God. What will follow is a time of harvest, celebration and abundance."

See how our spirit guides work?  All we need to do is let them and not resist. They know best what we need and when. As the Teacher also put it, "we are pulling out all stops to keep you on your path.  We (the Hierarchy) are with you."

He was not kidding, as you can see.


THE END (for now).

Love  Light

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