My 36th Concert

"Blue Moon"

from inspiration to creation and filming in one day

Epilogue: Special message from the spirits about "Blue Moon"

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 8, 2011 -  "When it rains, it pours," goes an old saw.  That also applies to my music.  It comes in gushes.  This morning, I woke up with a tune in my head, heart, soul... wherever music resides.  I am sure are all familiar with the song.  But I had never played it before.  I started working on it before breakfast.  And it clicked right away.

Sometimes it takes months of practice to reach a stage where you feel you own the piece you're working on.  At other times, it only takes an hour or two before the piece starts to own you.  This was one of those times...


"Blue Moon" in Bob Djurdjevic's piano interpretation [3:30 mins]

Epilogue: Special message from the spirits about "Blue Moon"

After I had recorded the "Blue Moon" music, I wanted to know why the spirits chose to give me this tune this morning.  So I asked them to answer that question with today's Mystic Medicine card.  The card I drew was BREAKTHROUGH.  And the essence of the spirits message was...

“Break through your illusions by remembering you are the creator of your own circumstances... Be in the now and experience a perceptual shift. The medicine of this card is offering you an opportunity to break through to the other side…"

Your body, your minded, your story, your life are not YOU. You are the soul which is eternal and indestructible. Release yourself from the prison bars of a mind programmed by others. Say yes, and brace yourself for a conscious Breakthrough.  [2nd par. is my paraphrasing the card's message]

In other words, by exercising a perceptual shift, we can turn a blue moon into a golden one.  This fits with several other message I received this week to do with shape-shifting and transformation through compassion and forgiveness.

Have a great week!

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