My 35th Concert

"Doe a Dear"

from "Sound of Music, in piano and Tibetan singing bowls rendition

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 7, 2011 -  Hard to believe it's only been two weeks since I got my first Tibetan bowls.  During this time, I got four more bowls from another Nepalese-Tibetan source to round out almost the entire scale (I am only missing a D# and F# now).  And I have also calibrated them extensively with various types of mallets. 

What I am finding out is quite fascinating.  Each bowl has a personality.  Some produce a single note.  Others a range that can span a full chord (like C-E-G).  The quality of the type of sounds also depends on what kind of mallets you use.  And where a bowl is played.  In smaller rooms the sound different from that in larger ones.


After all this background research and sound testing, I have now begun to score the various classical pieces using the chakra colors for each key.  And I have designed special labels for each bowl.  You can see in the rightmost shot, for example, what the score of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata looks like.  I am not yet ready to record that piece with the bowls but hope to do so soon.

Meantime, while I work on the more complicated musical arrangements, I did record today a much simpler piece that showcases all the keys.   It is a tune that, I am sure, you will easily recognize...


"Doe a Deer" from "Sound of Music" in Bob Djurdjevic's piano/Tibetan bowl rendition [2:03 mins]

Have a great week!

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