My 34th Concert

Experimenting with Tibetan Bowls

and Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata"

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 24, 2011 -  Tomorrow is Altzar's astral (re)birthday (see Altzar's Rebirth & Mantras, Feb 2009). But since Elizabeth and I will be leaving for Honolulu tomorrow morning to attend another opera ("La Traviata" this time), there isn't going to be time or an opportunity for a proper fire ceremony. 

"Maybe a quick candlelight ceremony after midnight?" I thought. 

Then something extraordinary happened that changed all that...

This morning, while I was testing the pitches of my new Tibetan bowls in my office (Gift of Healing Sounds, Feb 16-23), a red cardinal landed on a branch not more than 10 feet away.  He started to chirp in the same pitch as what I was playing. 

"Oh, so it's you again, Apu Huaskaran," I said.  My main benefactor Apu also showed up on Friday morning during the simultaneous full moonset and sunrise as a red cardinal, I felt (see Witnessing full moonset, sunrise simultaneously, Feb 19).

I answered the bird by whistling the same tune.  We went back and forth like that for at least a minute.  The whole time, my electronic pitch measuring software was recording the "conversation."  It turned out we were both doing it in alternating C# and G# notes.  Which would make it in C# minor, I figured.

Fast forwarding to this afternoon. While Elizabeth was having a nap, I wanted to play some soft music.  Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" practically started to play itself.  Then I realized, it was also in C# minor, just like the red cardinal this morning.

"Wonder what would happen if I tried to accompany it with some of my new bowls?", I wondered. 

And this is what happened...

Experimenting with Tibetan Bowls and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata [6:20 mins]


Enjoy your weekend!

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