My 32nd Concert

Mozart's Clarinet Concerto

in Bob Djurdjevic's piano arrangement


HAIKU, Maui, Dec 16, 2010 -  Remember my "Musical Mystery Story" (Nov 12) which involved Mozart and Beethoven?  Ever since I discovered that mystery and recorded the two concertos, I have been wondering what it would be like to record them with a full orchestra? 

Well, what you're about to see and hear is my first attempt at doing just that.  And what a humbling experience it has been.  I discovered that I was not the only one modifying and interpreting the original scores to the way I hear things.  The clarinet player did the same thing to Mozart.  But he did it differently.  He slowed and speeded up the melody almost at will.  Which caused me no end of "grief," musically speaking.

In the end, I had to adapt my piano version to his interpretation of Mozart's piece.  Which was no small challenge... as I discovered, trying to hear things through someone else's ears.  And here I thought trying to see things through someone else's eyes was challenging enough.  :-)

And then I also had to learn the play the piece in a different key from that I recorded earlier.  I discovered that the clarinet score is offset by two notes from the violin or piano versions.  So I had to convert my F major to A major, which is how the piece is titled.

Anyway, here's the first part of Mozart's clarinet-piano concerto, with apologies to Wolfgang Amadeus.  It is far from perfect, but the clarinet and the piano and the orchestra do complement each other... at times. :-)


Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in Bob Djurdjevic's Piano Arrangement [2:54 mins]

Here's web recording of the same piece...

Mozart: Clarinet Concerto In A, K 622 - Adagio

Meanwhile, take a look at this breathtaking picture that someone has sent me from New Zealand. 

That's what I visualized while playing the Mozart concerto.

First Reactions...

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 18 -  The Mozart piece evidently is having a spiritual effect on people.  Some early listener/viewer reactions were quite interesting.  And in turn, their comments led to a fascinating revelation of my own. 

One friend, for example, an artist from Colorado, said this rendition of the Mozart concerto had brought her Peace while she was recovering from a bad bout of flue.  Another friend from Florida, a doctor with a PhD and a scientist at a medical institute, said she felt she wanted to die and ascend while listening to it, especially when combined with the visual image of that New Zealand photo (above).  It was what I was also visualizing while playing the Mozart concerto.

The latter comment made me look again at the NZ picture (right). When I first saw it, the first thing that came to mine was something of lesser beauty as it was made by man.  But it nonetheless carried a similar artistic concept.  It was the Truth in Media logo.  I am sure you have seen it many times, but here is is again as a reminder.

Just days ago, I touched up the original 1997 design to eliminate some minor flaws. 

But my Florida friend's comment about the NZ picture also made me see something else in it for the first time.  

Perhaps you recall that Chakana in Inca’s cosmology symbolizes the three worlds - Lower (Uhupacha - where the souls of ancestors reside), Middle (Kaipacha - in which we live) and Upper (Hanaqpacha - where the master spirits live).  


(here’s a schematic of a Chakan I drew back in Feb)

And it was a vision of a giant three-dimensional Chakana cross I had in near dreamlike state in Puno, Peru, that led me to build a real celestial network of eight of them here at the Rainbow Shower right).  Like the one below...

Well, keeping all that in mind, when I just looked at that New Zealand photo after reading your email, I saw in it the three worlds.  The world in which we live is indeed in the middle (the land).  The Upper world (the origin = perfection of creation) is reflected in the Lower world which tries to mirror it, not always successfully.  

Guess I can now call that picture a South Pacific three-dimensional Chakana.  

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