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Dance of the Planets, Gypsies


Dance of the Planets, Gypsies

Wild themes emerge from benign beginning

HAIKU, Maui, May 31, 2010 -  Ever since I saw the Dance of the Planets two weeks ago, I have been asking the spirits to download the music to me that would help mark and celebrate this cosmic splendor.  Well, three days ago, it happened.  I woke up with a tune in my head.   I played it for awhile, then wrote down the basic theme on a piece of sheet music. 

Then, as I started to work on variations on that theme, some pretty fascinating things happened.  I kept hearing this music that I did not know what it was, but felt it was Hungarian, perhaps Gypsy dances.  I am pretty sure it was either Johannes Brahms' or Franz Liszt's.  Then just as I was about to record it and ask for your input, another theme came to me yesterday while I was hauling water in buckets to the Citronellas at the eight Chakana-Apuchetas strewn around the Rainbow Shower.  As you know, these monuments represent the altars to the planets as well as the Andean mountain spirits.

"You wanted 'Dance of the Planets' music?  Here it is...  Now, dance!", I "heard" the spirits telling me with a smirk on their faces.

For, what started as a gentle and serene Dance of the Planets, has now evolved into (Hungarian/Gypsy) dances full of fire and passion.  So far, the music is still like jelly, or like the spirits' images - fluid, luminescent, evolving while being molded in shape.  So take this recording in that spirit - as work-in-progress:

  Dance of Planets, Gypsies - by Bob Djurdjevic (May 31, 2010) [7:22 mins]

By the way, when I hear the above music, I hear it as violins accompanied by the full orchestra.  So the preceding was merely my humble effort to reproduce such sounds on a piano.

And that's all she wrote on this Monday, May 31.  Have you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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