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Gnossienne No. 1: Welcome Home Music, Rainbows

Intricate Spirit guidance answers question about new direction while welcoming us home with rainbows, music; Valentine's Day gift of Love and Peace

Gnossienne No. 1 (strings-piano version, recorded on May 10, 2013)

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 11, 2013 - We are finally home. And the Spirit welcomed us (as usual, it seems) with some beautiful "welcome home" rainbows which popped up in the western sky this morning. Here's one of them...

Here are also some other "welcome home" rainbows...


As you may know by now, the Spirit realm often communicate with me through music and nor just through rainbows (see "Music of Rainbows" Rainbow (Dec 9, 2012). So they also delivered their musical message to me this morning. It was my "welcome home" song.

I woke up hearing French composer's Erik Satie's "Gnossienne No. 1". That is an original tune that guided me to Maui.  I first heard it on a Kihei beach on New Year's Eve of 2005. I was then still just as a visitor to this beautiful island. The music led to the "Between Two Volcanoes" essay - the first message I had consciously received from the Spirit realm. It was their guidance that I should be centering myself. Later, I realized that also meant moving from Arizona to Maui. 

Here's the "PS" from that Between Two Volcanoes essay that sums it up:

"PS: When I returned to my condo, I decided to created a "personal blog"-type web site Since that time, has evolved into a worldwide travelogue. But that was the place and the time it was born - in Kihei, Maui on Jan 1, 2006. And Goddess Pele and my other Spirit guides were its godparents."

And now, after receiving this morning's musical guidance, I feel the Spirit message is that it is time to move on again. You see, after my 12-21-12 Amantani initiation and ascension, I had been wondering if we should go back to AZ for a while. Guess "Gnossienne No. 1" is my "trumpet" signaling it is time to fold our tent, get on the horse, and hit the road again in pursuit of greener pastures elsewhere (figuratively speaking). I'll need to remember that for next time I hear it.

By the way, the composer's (Satie's) coining of the word "gnossienne" was one of the rare occasions when a composer used a new term to indicate a new "type" of music. "Gnossienne" was a word that did not exist before. Satie used it as a title for this piece. The word appears to be derived from "gnosis" (knowing without knowing why). Satie was involved in gnostic sects and movements at the time that he began to compose the Gnossiennes. However, some published versions claim that the word derives from Cretan "knossos" or "gnossus," and link the Gnossiennes to Theseus, Phaedra, Ariadne and the Minotaur myth. Several archeological sites relating to that theme were famously excavated around the time that Satie composed the Gnossiennes.

Theseus, king-founder of Athens, as some of you may know, is one of my past incarnations, while Phaedra is Elizabeth's equivalent one from that period (see Ancient reek Tragedy Replayed in Trier, Pula, Maui in 2011 (, Nov 10, 2011). Which is probably why my Spirit guides chose to use this music as my welcome home guidepost.

I never cease to me amazed by the intricacy and sophistication of the Spirit guidance. I am now working on my own rendition of Satie's "Gnossienne No. 1."  For some reason, I am hearing it with the sound of crashing ocean waves as the rhythm section. Guess that also hints at its Crete origin.

And now, here it is in my audio-visual rendition as I heard it an envisaged it this morning:

Gnossienne No. 1 with Rainbows, Ocean Wave Orchestra (Feb 11, 2013)


Valentine's Day Gift of Love and Peace for All of Creation

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 14, 2013 - Here's my Valentine's Day gift to all of Creation... a gift of Love and Peace expressed through music and film. It is also a special anniversary gift for my beloved - Elizabeth.  The offering included this blended image of our Sacred Union - a mystic medicine card I drew on Feb 11, the day the Spirit first downloaded this Divine music to me. Its title is - ALTELIZ ANDROGYNY 1.

And now, here's the ALTELIZ ANDROGYNY 2:

Gnossienne No. 1 by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic on Piano, Flute - based on original composition by Erik Satie (1890) - Valentine's Day Gift for Mothers of Water, Air (Rainbows) and all of Creation - 2-14-13

This quote came to me last night in dreamtime: "Rainbow is a marriage of Water and Air consummated by Light.”

When I asked the Spirit for guidance this morning as I do every day, I drew the card Peace. It depicts the image of Mother Mary. Here’s message:

“Your responsibility and power is to change you and only you. Release attempts to solve the anger of the world as judge and jury. The only functioning place to truly propagate Peace is within your conscious mind an open heart."

Love Light

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