My 88th Music Video

"Sound of Silence"

On Piano, Flute, Tibetan Bowls - spirit signpost at crossroads on Stewards of the Earth path

Star & Altzar Example of Co-creation

HAIKU, Maui, Oct 27 - It is a well known fact that I often receive Spirit guidance through music. What happened this week, though, is somewhat unique. The answer to a question I asked on Monday night to my Spirit guides and teachers came back almost instantly. But it took me five days to really discern its meaning.

On Tuesday morning (Oct 23), right after our latest Triangle of Light Scorpio broadcast, I received the "Sound of Silence" music as a download from the Spirit. I was at a spiritual checkpoint to do with my work as a Steward of the Earth. Do we go on with these video broadcasts or not? I understood that this piece of music the Spiritís answer, a signpost at a crossroads for me.

Ever since, the music and the lyrics of "Sound of Silence" had really possessed me. I had to learn and interpret the Spirit's message. After five days of contemplation, mediation, playing of this amazing Simon & Garfunkel original 1964 hit on three different instruments, and then re-recording anew, I finally had my answer:

"Silence speaks louder than words. Broadcast music from your heart."

Maybe thatís enough? Maybe we donít need all the words and videos.

So hereís my attempt to do just that - broadcast Unconditional Love from my heart to all of you through music. It matters not whether your brain receives the message as long as your heart does.

Sound of Silence - by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic (Oct 27, 2012)

I originally recorded the "Sound of Silence" over 4 years ago when I returned from my first trip to Peru. Yet this week it felt as if I was hearing it for the first time.



  • Romeo Roll Matias (Philippines): The silence of the majority emboldens the greedy few. Today they weild absolute power: political, financial, technology, food, energy, etc... Continuing to remain silent will make matters worse for mankind.


  • Bob Altzar Djurdjevic Silence this music is about does not mean "doing nothing." On the contrary. It evokes and aligns all who hear it with the power far greater than that of all these plutocrats ("greedy few") COMBINED. Their power is temporary. It only exists in the 3D world. It shall pass. Just as the Roman Empire passed into dust, and many have since and before. But the Divine power in the heart which music awakens and engages has and will live forever. And that, Romeo, is what transforms the world, not guns and money. Thanks for your input.

* * *

Star & Altzar Example of Co-creation

By the way, you may have noticed that the song's ending is an original musical creation, not a part of any Simon & Garfunkel recording. It came to me two days ago, spontaneously, out of the ether. At the same time I was working on that, I got his email from my astral brother Star Rising:

STAR: The sound of silence. very interesting. this seems appropriate to our unfolding message.

Many will talk of light but who amongst you will hold the flame and carry it into the night shining thru gods love to you clarity and sight 

Be it one be it all who among you will pick up a brother or sister who falls

Set them back on the path of us and we 

Who among you will carry the torch

Guess we will have wait and see 

Love ya star

I replied to Star that this was a beautiful verse and asked him if he had just made it up. Here's how our conversation unfolded from there...

ALTZAR: Beautiful verses, my brother.  Did you just compose them? If so, there is interesting synchronicity going on. 

At the same time as you were doing that, I was playing my new version of "Sound of Silence" on the piano. And out of the original Simon & Garfunkel piece, new melodies emerged at the end, new refrains, like echoes of a soul.  I wonder if your verses might go with them.  Weíll see when I finish my new versionÖ

Copying our brothers and sisters on this, too. I presume you had intended them to see this "unfolding message," as you put it.

Love ya, too.

STAR: Yes I did happened right as i was writing you 

I just thought something the synch between you and me is in silence yet with our hearts we break the sound of silence and spread our message 

In other words we are living breathing examples of how the rest of the Soe community  could be let me know your thoughts on this many want the label few want to do the work

ALTZAR: I agree. But my thought is - we should just "let it be." :-)  Let it happen naturally. Let our hearts do the talking. Get our brains out of the way and let the Spirit carry these codes to other people as an example of the POWER of silence, not just the sound of silence.  So I feel we should just carry on following our intuitions. And weíll see where that leads...

For that reason, I am not copying anyone else on this. I donít want to engage their brains, only touch their hearts.  Does this make sense to the Masters?

STAR: Yes all are in agreement 

STAR (reaction to the music video, 10-28-12): Just watched your beautiful piece. Gave me strength and light to break the rest of the contracts here. A few (of) the lyrics makes so much sense.

More on this quest at  web site...

Love Light

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