My 86th Music Video

Serenading Magical Na Pali Coast with "Amazing Grace"

Kauai edition: First Day at Sea (Kai)

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 18 - Elizabeth and I have just returned from a three-day trip to Kauai. We spent our first full day there at sea... on boat sailing up and down the magical Na Pali coast.  Na Pali means High Cliffs in Hawaiian. And after you view this video, you will understand why.

I played this rendition of Amazing Grace on a $7-flute which I bought the day before in Kapaa, a small town at which we were staying north of the Lihue airport.  As one of the listeners of the audio recording (Amazing Grace - Kauai Edition (flute, piano, Tibetan bowls ) already remarked, it sounded as if it were from Heaven. That's because the music such as this recording does come from Heaven. That a cheap flute and a beginner flutist were able to make it is proof of it.  Enjoy!

First Day at Sea: Serenading Magical Na Pali Coast (Aug 18)



More to come from this trip at the web site...

Love Light

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