My 85th Music Video

"Hey Dude" (Pachelbel + Hey Jude)

Who says medieval and modern's don't mix? Special tribute to "Marvelous Marv"

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 6 - Who says medieval and modern don't mix? :-)

Medieval & Modern Mix: Pachelbel +Hey Jude = Hey Dude (Aug 6)

By the way, I originally played "Hey Jude" right after the Beatles released the tune back in 1968-69, if memory serves.  And then not all for over 40 years. Until a few days ago, when the music came back to me again, but in a different key. And then did Pachelbel, also in a different key (F Major). That's the key in which the Beatles recorded their original song and a common link between the medieval and modern

Special Tribute to "Marvelous Marv"

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 7 - I've just learned that Marvin Hamlish passed yesterday, as I was recording the above piece "Hey Dude." He was (only) 68. Who was Marvin Hamlish? A musical legend. He was the composer behind so many of Broadway and Hollywood movie hits that it's hard to count them all. "Marvin spends as much time collecting awards as he does writing the songs," a media report once said, perhaps tongue-in-cheek. 

I was blessed to "meet" Marv on stage once. It was at the Phoenix Symphony Hall on Jan 6, 2006. The story I wrote about that MARVelous experience is my tribute and eulogy to a great musician. Rereading it made me shed a tear for Marv. But I know when he gets back home, he will be received by open arms in the Spirit realm.

Also, see this Los Angeles Times eulogy: Marvin Hamlisch, maestro of the perfect note

Love Light

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