My 75th Music Video

Heartbeat of Blue Star Earth's Solar Chakra

Land of Aloha - New Lemuria = Solar Chakra of Blue Star Earth; The AHA its heart

HAIKU, Maui, May 31, 2012 - Ever since that amazing Ascension Day which coincided with the Solar Eclipse, I have been inching my way through recording of the two-hour May 20 activation which Star, Ann and I experienced.  That's because other celestial downloads have been coming down like rain.  Here's, for example, one about the recreation of New Lemuria in Hawaii as the new Solar Chakra of the Blue Star Earth.  It is directly relevant to the music video you are about to experience...

Excerpt from 5-20-12 Session: New Lemuria - Solar Chakra of Blue Star Earth (PDF, 5-20-12)

Story behind the Heartbeat of New Lemuria... 

And now, here's my latest musical creation "fresh off the press."  It is the music that came down to me in the last two days at my AHA and for the AHA.  The AHA - Anahata-Huaca-Ahu - a sacred site here at the Rainbow Shower - is the heart of the new Solar Chakra of the New Lemuria in the Land of Aloha. The music is based on an Edward Grieg's theme "In the Hall of the Mountain King" that came down to me in dreamtime on Aug 9, 2011. At the time, I had no idea what that music was. I just recorded it on piano and then someone else identified it for me.

It was the time I was downloading a lot of stuff about clearing the warrior energies from my Constantine lifetime. Eventually, as you know, this led to that epic pilgrimage across Europe to clear it from the continental chakras.

But now, for the first time ever, I have also recorded this music by singing it.  I don't have a strong voice and have always been reticent to use it in song.  But last night, as Elizabeth and I walked about a mile or so to a local store, I just started singing this new tune spontaneously using the lyrics that were being downloaded to me as we were walking.  And then she began dancing on the road while listening to it.  

The lyrics:
Yeah-AHA, Yeah-AHA, Yeah-AHA (the refrain)

New Lemuria-AHA,

Solar Chakra in Aloha Land

Yeah-AHA, Yeah-AHA, Yeah-AHA (the refrain)

As you know, I am a novice flute player. But as I was recording the crescendo part of the piece, suddenly I lost control. It felt as if the flute played itself. That's when I also "saw" the Elementals start to come out of the Earth, dancing joyfully to the liberating rhythm of this music. 

Later, my Kumarian brother Star, also a fellow-musician, told me that he felt the same, both when listening to this piece, and to the Lunar Cycle Concerto. He said that the ballet dancers represented both the reunion of the masculine and feminine energy on Blue Star Earth, and the re-emergence of the Druids.

So I'd be very interested to get your feedback as to what kind of effect it may have on you when you hear it and see the video. To me, it has a lot of Native American rhythms and sacred chants in it, even though its basic tune is Norwegian. Maybe the Vikings had something similar? Bet I had a Viking lifetime, too.  This just now literally came to me for the first time.

Anyway, I named the song the "Heartbeat of Blue Star's Solar Chakra in the Land of Aloha."  When you listen to it, it will be obvious why. It has the rhythm of a beating heart.

Heartbeat of Blue Star Earth's Solar Chakra in New Lemuria



And now, for those of you who may wish to download the sound file only, here it its:

The above music video complements the Blue Star Concerto that I recorded on the Ascension Day, May 20, 2012.  Here it is:

Blue Star Concerto (May 22, 2012)



Love Light

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