My 73rd Music Video

Blue Star Concerto

The Day the Earth Moved - Up! Music to activate seeds of Tree of Life, planetary ascension

HAIKU, Maui, May 22, 2012 - Sunday, May 20, has been an amazing day by any measures.  In fact, there has never been a day like this before. To fully appreciate the two music videos that follow, please read the story about the Ascension Day at the web site:se and more...


BLUE STAR CONCERTO: First Notes of Ascension, Activating New Tree of Life

You will find in the above story the initial version of this music which I recorded on Sunday. Here is now a new and expanded concerto:

Blue Star Concerto (May 22, 2012)


Story behind the story of Blue Star Concerto

Creating this music video has been an exhausting but satisfying process.  In case you are interested in an "inside the music studio"-story of HOW this was done, here it is.

First, I had to record dozens of individual Tibetan bowl sounds, and then modulate them into chords that are harmonically integrated into the flute and piano melodies. And since I create music by ear, that means I had to first take my own original creation apart, like dissecting a body, to figure our what it is made of (i.e., to decipher its harmonics and chords).

As I was saying to Elizabeth yesterday (May 22), I have not done that kind of work since I was 16 and was attending the Music Conservatory in Belgrade (while still in high school as my "day job").  But back then, "Harmony and Music Theory" was drudgery to me, a dreaded subject. I did everything mechanically, like an engineer would build a bridge or a car from a blueprint. Now, it was totally different. It was like using platonic solids to create new forms of life, a new blueprint. And nobody out there to tell me how to do it (I know I had guides and helpers but not in the rd dimension).

So I just let go of trying to understand things and felt my way through. It was really the first time that I did something like that with all these different sounds, melding them into an "orchestral" piece, like a concerto.

Here's something else that I just realized. In the expanded version of the Blue Star Concerto, the theme tune remains the same, but the key changes at the end. It goes from B-minor to A-minor. That's just like Blue Star vibration changing into the new higher frequency of the fifth dimension.  

Interesting, isn't it? What's especially poignant about that is that the original tune came to me in March 2009, within a couple of weeks of Star and I meeting and doing my first astral rebirth session as ALTZAR on 2-25-09. So it's like the Spirit realm has been tuning me up and preparing for this day for three years.  And the Blue Star Concerto as you just heard and watched it was the culmination of that work so far.

Right now, I am having a vision of myself as a tuning fork. :-) Guess I'd better lose some weight to fit that image. :-)

Love Light

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