My 71st Music Video

Mozart Piano Concerto #21

A piano-Tibetan bowls-flute rendition

HAIKU, Maui, May 6, 2012 - The idea of doing a new rendition of one of my favorite Mozart pieces - Piano Concerto #21 - started started on Cinco de Mayo morning with a dream.  I was playing the giant yellow bamboos we have on our property like didgeridoos.  Somehow, this led me to try to play the Mozart concerto on a flute for the first time ever.  Which morphed into a Tibetan bowl version in my head or wherever it is that music resides. 

Alas, there is only one of me and just two hands. To do what I was hearing would take eight Tibetan bowls, the flute and, of course, the piano. And if I really wanted to go all out, I could also add the full orchestra.  The violin section, for example, plays a major role in this F-major concerto.

So the first step was to create a Tibetan bowl sound file in F-major key. That took three bowls, whose sounds I had acoustically enhanced.  Here's my first experimental sound file.  It is quite short - about 30 secs - but with its closing reverberations it stretches it to 57 secs.

F-major (Tibetan bowls sound file) 

What you are hearing above is a composite sound of nine tracks.  The notes F-A-C are harmonized in a chord that sounds like celestial church bells. That's because six of the nine tracks contain the sound of "singing bowls," created by rubbing the wooden mallet around the rim of the bowl. Three of the nine tracks contain the sound of the mallet striking the bowl.  Enjoy!

Now, to create the sound of a Tibetan bowl "orchestra," I had to do this for five chords that figure in Mozart's concerto. And then blend the sounds of 8 bowls in three variations used in 5 chords with 24 notes.  The result is not perfect, but it certainly is a unique way of brining together the East and the West, the Oriental and the Classical music.  And the flute, of course, gives it the South American-Andean touch.

So with that as a preamble, here's now Mozart's Piano-Tibetan Bowls-Flute concerto in my latest rendition.  Oh, and by the way, Mozart's #21 concerto (#3 numerologically) was one of the key signposts that led me to Maui and the Rainbow Shower property in 2008 (see "Maui Calling...", Dec 2008):

Mozart Piano Concerto #21 with 8 Tibetan Bowls, Flute


By the way, as all this was happening in the world of music yesterday morning, we also witnessed a different kind of magic here at the Rainbow shower. 

Remember that "divine knot" that the Goddess of Air tied on our lanai last February (2-22-2012 - left shot). The only streamer that was still fluttering independently was red.  Well, this morning, on this 5-5-5, Cinco de Mayo-day, we woke up to the completed "rainbow knot." The red has now joined its brethren.  And you will also notice a real rainbow smiling at us from the background.

In the last three days, I have also drawn Goddesses of Air and Earth cards as my daily guidance. So divine signposts abound.  The meaning of the number 5 alone in human and celestial history would fill this page. Suffices to say that the 5-5-5 sign suggests that major changes are afoot.  So buckle up after today's Full Moon ...

BTW - I just realized something... why was I guided to do the F-major chord today? (of all possible chords!).  Answer: What letter does the number Five start with? :-) 

 Love Light

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