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An amazing story about versatility of Spirit guidance

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 28, 2012 - By now, we've all seen more than our share of amazing and unexpected when it comes to dealing with the Spirit realm. But what happened this morning surpasses even the most surprising of this writer's past experiences. 

It all started fairly innocuously. I started playing Beethoven this morning and ended up jamming Moliendo Cafe and West African bongos. Then a group of Portuguese dancers from Braga joined us.  So here it is...

Moliendo Cafe with West African Bongos, Portuguese Dancers


But that's when the "fun" only began...

It was not until hours later while sprawled on my back over the Haleakala kulla of my Anahata-Huaca-Ahu that I found out what that was all about.  It was the answer to my last night's question I had posed to my Spirit guides and teachers: When and where did the Atlantis sink?

But let's start at the beginning...

Three days ago I had another wonderful channeling session with the three Light Beings (LBs) from another galaxy which Earl Backman facilitated. Tons of very valuable information came through, both for the Stewards of the Earth and for humanity. Over time, I plan to write a series of stories about it.  For now, let's just focus on one question I asked the three LBs close to the end of our 90-minute session. Here's an excerpt from my Transcript:

ATLANTIS. Where was Atlantis located? (geographically)  When was it destroyed?

Altzar: The first question has to do... with a clearing of what [Goddess Pele] called the Atlantean and Lemurian sadness. [in my Mar 28 session with Star]. This relates to my lifetimes in both Atlantis and Lemuria.  So my question to you is - when and where did Atlantis sink? [BTW - I know from past channelings that was the High Priest in Atlantis at the time of its destruction and sinking. That's why I was interested.]

LBs:  [sighing... pause] That is a most interesting question. And I think, I think, Bob, we are going to have to say that is going to have to be one of the discovery questions. We do have the answer to that. You have a sense of Lemuria. Atlantis is, that is a discovery question. And it’s one we are not allowed to answer, even though we know the answer to that question.
Altzar: Okay. [At this point, my mind is buzzing with curiosity about WHY this particular question is so sensitive. The LBs’ answer was a surprise to me.]
LBs:  There are a rare set of questions, and some of those very enlightened earth beings do ask those questions, so we just have to be very forthright and say that’s not something we are permitted to confirm.
Altzar: Okay. See I told you it was going to be easy. [joking and laughing]
LBs: Yes. [1:16:55 mins]

So last night, during my after-midnight meditation, I asked my Spirit guides to help me answer that "discovery question," as the LBs called it, about Atlantis.  And then I forgot all about it.

In another part of our discussion, the Light Beings confirmed what I was told by Archangel Michael , Goddess Pele and my other Spirit guide who participated in the Cosmic Trigger activation ceremony on Mar 28.  And they explained what it was about.  Here is an excerpt from that part of our conversation:

LBs:  The ceremony that you went through, directed by the Spiritual realm, was meant to cleanse, was meant to energize, was meant to reshape some of your DNA in your body.  In other words, it is as much of a total transformation that is humanly possible to take place, is going to take place over the next several months.  This will give you increasingly, not all at once... and the reason we are sure is clear to you that its not all at once - is that your physical body, let alone your mental body, could not handle the transformation all at one time.
Altzar: Yes, that is clear to me.
LBs: It has to be gradual. And it will not only be gradual, it will gradually ramp up over time. Because your physical being... okay?  … that vessel, will continue to be reshaped, reformed. It is almost like reformatting a computer disk. It is working with you from a range of perspectives so that you are altered sufficiently to take on these new added responsibilities. [as the Steward of the new Blue Star Earth and the Chohan of the new 1st Blue Ray of Love, Will and Grace].

At the same time this physical transformation is taking place, there will be transformation taking place in your knowledge. [...] You are going to find yourself with a sense of awareness of things where you’ll say, “I  didn’t know I knew that.” Or “where did that come from?” “How did I know that?” [...] So don’t be surprised if there are major alterations for you over the next several months that will affect your sleep, that will affect your intuitive capabilities... you’ll find yourself sensing things... greater sense of awareness of knowing without...
Altzar: ...knowing why.  [I had already experienced some of that, which is why I finished the LBs’ sentence for them].
LBs: : Exactly.
Altzar: Gnosis.
LBs: Yes. So, this is what is going on. And the Spiritual realm, all those guides and teachers from both the earthly realm and the spiritual realm, feel you are ready for this. [...]

As a result, the LBs told me that I will be traveling at night to various parts of the cosmos to retrieve the knowledge that my soul had accumulated during the thousands of incarnations all over the universe.

"So when you first wake up, you should be gentle with your body," they said.  "No chainsaw work in the yard."

Well, when I woke up this morning, I was acutely aware of this advice.  My head was buzzing as if it had been supercharged with high voltage current. I had an inner sense of vibration just like before an earthquake or a volcano eruption. But I now know what the reason is. So I relaxed and tried to be gentle.  An invisible string attached to my intuition led me to the piano. 

"That's taking it easy," I said to myself.

After a played a series of classical pieces to warm up my fingers, I did Beethoven's Violin Romance which I had adapted to piano. But as I tried to find the orchestral version of it on my iPod so I could simulcast my music with the London Philharmonic, I stumbled upon this West African bongo rhythm.

So I abandoned Beethoven for the moment and started to jam with the West Africans. Almost unwittingly, the music shifted to Moliendo Cafe. Realizing we were making some pretty cool music, I turned on the camera for an imprtomptu recording.  The above video was a result.

Then as was editing the film, again as if by magic, an invisible string led me to Braga, Portugal dancers how performed a wonderful rendition of Moliendo Cafe.  You heard me wondering at the end of the video when the connection was between West Africa, Portugal and Colombia, from where Moliendo Cafe originates.

Well, the answer came to me this afternoon after I had done a brief ceremony at my Anahata-Huaca-Ahu. I thanked my guides and teachers for their guidance and for the wonderful musical inspiration they gave me this morning. 

I was lying on my back on the large Haleakala kulla in the middle of the sacred space and meditating about that, when suddenly I heard a little voice that said - "look up." I removed the hat with which I had covered my face and did look up.  The sun was almost directly above. But I did notice some interesting looking clouds.

"They are giving me another sign through the clouds," I said to myself.  And before I even finished that thought, I knew what the sign was about. 

"Of course, there is a connection between West Africa, Braga, Portugal and Columbia," I realized.  Somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic is where Atlantis was.

"The Spirit is answering my question about Atlantis through these cloud signs," I said  to myself. "So this has got to be a map of some island archipelago."  And then I heard the word "Azores."

I took out my cell phone an snapped a couple of pictures.  The shot on the left is the composite of them.

"Wonder if Azores is a part of Portugal?" I said to myself.

I had to wait for an answer till late this evening. After Elizabeth and I had finished dinner, I did some research before starting to write this story.  I was quite sure that the answer will be "yes."

And sure enough it was. Azores is a part of Portugal. It consists of nine volcanic islands that lie right on the edge where European, African and American places rub against each other. The shot on the right is of the Pico Volcano.


And now, take a look at the above images. In the middle one, I superimposed the map of the Azores over that cloud photo. And on the far right, you can see where the Azores islands lie - right on the red ley line connecting Braga, Portugal and Bogota, Columbia. And yes, to the west of West Africa.

So now we know the answer to the mystery of where Atlantis used to be. It was NOT at Santorini as some theories suggest, according to Wikipedia. It was west of Portugal and northwest of Africa where the three earth plates meet.  And the nine volcanoes that comprise today's Azores archipelago are what's left of it.

So I did get my question answered. And the Spirit did it not only immediately - the following morning - but in their own unique, inimitable way.

And now you know the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used end all his broadcasts...

 Love Light

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