My 68th Music Video

El Condor Pasa

Cher's Altzar Soul Painting, El Condor Pasa music merge in perfect synchronicity

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 24, 2012 - Even after all these years of experiencing forms of serendipity almost every day, I still get amazed by perfect synchronicity which the Spirit displays from time to time. What happened yesterday was the latest case in point.

My longtime artist-friend from Sedona, Arizona, Cher Lyn, also a fellow-Steward of the Earth, graciously offered a year ago to do an Altzar Soul Painting for me. After working on it for about six months, she told me at the end of March that she was finished. She shipped it to me the day Elizabeth and I did the South Point Earth Healing Ceremony on the Big Island (Mar 31) .

Weeks had gone by and there was still no painting.  According to the US Post Office, it was supposed to be here in three to five days.  Three days ago, Cher wrote that she was started to get worried and was praying that the painting makes it here to Hawaii despite the delays. I wrote back and told her not to stress out, that "it is what it is."  "Que sera, sera," as the Italians say.

Two nights ago, I was playing my piano as I usually do while Elizabeth was getting the dinner ready. We often joke that the food tastes better if cooked with music. :-) I never know what I am going to play.  It just comes out.  Suddenly, I found myself playing "El Condor Pasa." That's a Peruvian tune I had not played in years.  When I finished, I picked up my flute and tried playing "El Condor..." on it.  After all, the original song was written for the flute.  And I had never heard it performed on a piano before anyway.  Amazingly, the music just flowed out of the flute.  It was not perfect by any means. But for a self-taught novice flute player, it was surprising how easily it came.  And in the same key as on the piano.

So yesterday morning, I decided to try to record both the piano and the flute versions. Later, I also added the Tibetan bowls and some other rhythm instruments. The most challenging part was keeping the same tempo.  When I played the flute I could not hear the piano, and vice versa. So what you're about to hear is far from perfect, but it will do for a first effort.

A few minutes earlier, I had picked up a beautiful Bird of Paradise from a bush next to our bedroom. It was a twin, a Gemini (my birth sign). Neither Elizabeth nor I have ever seen one like it before. I took it was another sign from the Spirit that Apr 24 was a special day for me.

Meanwhile, while I was getting ready to start recording, the mail arrived.  And in the mail was Cher's painting. And the central feature of the Altzar Soul Painting was the Condor's purple eyes watching out the depth of my Higher Self over the image of Altzar as the Steward and the "Peace Maker" (Cher's title for it).

The painting has so many layers and depth that it will probably take me weeks to process them all. If you care to join me in interpreting the Spirit's messages that are coming through it, click on the photo on the right.  It is an HD version of it which should give you sufficient detail to work with.

Meanwhile, I took this case of synchronicity as the Spirit's message to me that the painting needs to be "unveiled" as part of my "El Condor Pasa" video production.  So voila... enjoy!

"El Condor Pasa" (Apr 24, 2012)


 Love Light

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