My 66th Concert

Aquarius Earth Music for and by Gaia

An early "Earth Day 2012" gift for Mother Earth, inspired by her own sounds

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 14, 2012 - Next Sunday, Apr 22, is  the "official Earth Day." For Stewards of the Earth (SOE), however, every day is an Earth Day.  And for this Steward of the Earth, today was the "Earth Day 2012." The music video you are about to watch is my gift to Gaia-Pachamama as well as her present to all of us.

How's that possible?  Because we co-created.  You could say that this video is a co-production between the Earthly and the Spiritual realms.  And this is how this unusual collaboration developed...

Some correspondence I had yesterday with various other SOEs led me to revisit the Global Coherence Initiative web site. I had used a portion of it in my Jan 2009 essay, "2012: Toward a New Breed of Man."  Global Coherence Initiative, of which I am a member, is a scientific group which has been measuring the Earth magnetic field with a series of censors (left).  They have found that collective human emotion does have an effect on the earth magnetic field.  The chart on the right, for example, shows what happened to it on 9/11.

This kind of energetic coherence can be very beneficial to humans as it heals our bodies (when we are in sync with the earth energy field).  So the key [pun intended... :-) ] is to teach our Hearts to vibrate in Mother Earth's key and rhythm.  Or more accurately, in COHERENCE with it.

As it turns out, there is also a scientific explanation for that.  Here's what I said about that in that Jan 2009 article:
A human heart has a 100 times stronger electric field than the brain, and a 5,000 times stronger magnetic field, he said.  So if we can learn to use our hearts more than our brains, we could make a difference in the way the future is shaped between now and 2012. 

When I went back to the GCI web site, I listened to the sounds of the Mother.  Literally.  And then a little voice inside me said, "wonder what key the Mother is singing to us in?"  So I tested it.  It was in A# or B-flat notes.  (A happens to be my soul key, too).

The next thing that happened was I found myself playing the song the "Age of Aquarius" from the musical "Hair."  Why?  Because it was also in B-flat.  I thought.  But when I started co-creating the sound blend of Mother Earth's voice and my and the Fifth Dimension versions of that song, I realized there was a lot more to it.  The "Age of Aquarius" was ahead of its time by 44 years. The musical "Hair" opened on Broadway in April 1968 and ran for 1,750 performances. You can see the original posted on the right.

The reason the music of the "Age of Aquarius," popularized by the Fifth Dimension group, was ahead of its time by more than four decades, is that only now, in 2012, are we entering the Age of Aquarius and leaving the (deadly, wartorn) Pisces era.

So with that as a preamble, here's now my gift to Gaia-Pachamama for her "Earth Day 2012"...

Aquarius Earth Music for and by Gaia (Apr 14, 2012)



 Love Light

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