My 65th Concert

"La Campanella" by Liszt

My inaugural interpretation of dreamtime download - Mar 22, 2012

HAIKU, Maui, March 22, 2012 - I woke up on Mar 19 with a piano tune in my head. I knew was Liszt. I did not know what piece it was.  So I just went straight to the piano and started playing it as I heard it.  The download I received turned out to be in D-minor, starting in A, something that I now understand is my soul key in this lifetime. That is a different key from the original written by Liszt, I found out later that evening.

Later, when I went to the Internet to try to find out what the tune was, the very first one I listened to was it - La Campanella, "little bells" in Italian. Liszt had adapted it to piano from the original violin score by Paganini. And this is what it sounds like in my inaugural interpretation... still quite raw and very much a "work in progress."

"La Campanella" by Liszt - in Bob's inaugural interpretation (Mar 22, 2012)



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