My 59th Concert

"Figlio Perduto" ("Lost Son") II

Another Dream Leads to Another Recording, Film

HAIKU, Maui, Nov 22, 2011 - Looks like our visit to Santa Monica has opened up a creative gusher in me.  After posting my flute and piano rendition of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto last night, I had a very short sleep.  I awakened after only 3.5 hours of with a dream in which I was doing a ceremony on behalf of large group, like the gathering I was at in Santa Monica.  

Then as I was waking up, I had another vision.  I am kneeling before Miss Justice (a sculpture in our home here which I bought in Thailand a few years ago).  And I am playing Figlio Perduto (Lost Son) (which is based on a theme from Beethoven's 7th Symphony) as my song of repentance for my lost son Crispus in Constantine lifetime.  In my mind's eye, the statue before I am kneeling is MINERVINA, Crispus' mother, my first wife 1700 years ago. Through this song and my flute, I am asking her forgiveness for what I had done as Constantine.  I had also already done the same with Crispus through the ceremonies in Pula (see Pula Ceremony), and in Belgrade (Zemun) - which you have not seen yet (I plan to work on that movie-story later this week).  

That's when I fully woke up. It was about 6:20AM.  After I got up, I recreated the scene I saw in my dream-half awakened state... 
After playing the Lost Son-song on my flute, I kneel down before Minervina asking her forgiveness as Crispus' mother.  (The Miss Justice bronze statue is something I had bought in Thailand years ago. This is her permanent home inside the Rainbow Shower).

Then I realized, of course, why a revelation and inspiration like should happen today.  It is another triple "11"-day (11-22-11) (see Importance of Masters' #11 in My Life). 

And now, with that as a preamble, here's a 4-minute video I made later today about my Lost Son and his mother Minervina.  The score includes two pianos, my flute, as well as a clip from Beethoven 7th symphony...




PS: Here is also the piano version of the same piece...

Figlio Perduto (Lost Son) - Piano version - by Bob Altzar (recorded on 11-07-11) 


Finally, here is the original recording of this piece based on Beethoven's Seventh Symphony which was downloaded to me in dreamtime on Sep 22:

"Figlio Perduto" ("Lost Son") (1st rendition, Sep 22, 2011)

 Love Light

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