My 58th Concert

Mozart Clarinet Concerto

In my triple flute and piano rendition

HAIKU, Maui, Nov 21 - Hello everybody.  Elizabeth and I returned this afternoon from our five-day weekend in Santa Monica, CA. It was good trip but it always feels great to get back home, especially just before Thanksgiving.  So in the spirit of giving, I want to share with you a piece of Divine music I have just recorded.  It is Mozart's Clarinet Concerto. In my rendition, however, it is a flute and piano version.  There is a story behind it, too...

About a week ago, a friend of mine from the mainland asked me to pray for a healing of her son who was in a hospital. I did that doing a beautiful shamanic ceremony up at our Rainbow Shower home.  But when I drew Goddess Pele's card from my Mystic Medicine deck last Monday, I knew I also had to do a fire ceremony for him down at my Anahata-Huaca-Ahu, the sacred place in our gulch where my shaman's altar is (see below).

As I usually do, I used the sacred fire after the healing ceremony for some carnal pleasures.  I grilled three delicious filet mignons on the fire.  While they were cooking, an inspiration came to me to play Mozart's Clarinet Concerto on my flute as a sweet reinforcement of my prayers for the young man at the hospital. Our Spirit guides love  music, though I had never played this piece before on a flute.  And as you know, I am a novice flute player anyway.  But in the dark of the night, with the only light coming from the fire, the mournful sounds of the Mozart Concerto sounded beautiful as they ascended with the fire and smoke.

When I told my friend, the Mom, that story, I discovered that this particular piece was very significant in her life as a clarinet major in college. Synchronicity. No wonder I was guided to play it to the sacred fire. No doubt Herr Mozart, who is our mutual guide, had something to do with it.

By the time Elizabeth and I got to Santa Monica, I heard from my friend that her son had been discharged from the hospital. Yeah!  He is still recovering slowly, however.  So I decided to record the music I had played to the fire in my hotel room and send it to him as an audio file. I superimposed it over my earlier piano recording of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto.

Today, I did the same here at home, only using a video camera.  So what you're about to see is actually an arrangement of four flutes playing in different octaves, including that in our Santa Monica hotel room, each played by yours truly.  Plus, of course, also my earlier piano recording. And the video depiction of my flute playing includes the scenes from all seven European chakras - York, London, Trier, Pula, Sirmium, Delphi and Constantinople - in addition to tonight's playing here at home.

Enjoy! This Concerto is truly a Divine piece of music. This is my Thanksgiving gift to you as well as to the young man whose illness inspired it as a healing balm.


And now, here is also just the piano version of the same...

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Love Light

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