My 53rd Concert

Song of My Soul II

Performed on Steinway piano, Tibetan bowls and Inca flute

HAIKU, Maui, Sep 22, 2011 - Almost two months ago now, I recorded the original version of the "Song of My Soul" (see below).  This morning, I started playing the main theme on my cheap Inca flute which I got at the Lima airport a few years ago.  I never played it as musical instrument until about a month or so ago.  And I have never studied anything but the piano. But this morning, I started tinkering with the flute, trying to play the main theme of the Song of My Soul on it.  One thing lead to another, and the video you are about to see is the result.  You could say that the music you are about to hear connects four continents across and the world's two biggest oceans. 


Song of My Soul II

Performed on Steinway piano, Tibetan bowls and Inca flute



* * *


Back to this morning and my recording of the Song of My Soul, you can see in that video what Divine energy looks like when coursing through one's body during a creation.  The images of Constantine's Sword morphing into a Lotus Flower were actually visible to me again. I suspect they are also a part of that deletion.  All of my chakras and most glands were so agitated afterward, that tears kept flowing long after I had finished the recording.  And they continued, on and off, throughout the afternoon.  Such is the beauty and the power of the Divine...  

So we that as a preamble, here's from my soul  yours, with love...

Song of My Soul [by Altzar, Aug 7, 2011]


I dedicate and credit this music creation to my Teacher, in deep gratitude for my guide's showing me how to use the gift of multidimensional channeling to help humanity as well as myself.  Thank you.

 Love Light

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