My 51st Concert

Dance of Stars

Music to go with Cosmic Journey, also complement Dance of Planets, Gypsies II

HAIKU, Maui, July 22, 2011 - It has been over a year since the "Dance of Planets, Gypsies" music first entered my consciousness, and just over a month since its second, "new and improved" version.  Well, the music just got better again.  A few weeks ago, I received another heavenly download, but did not really have a chance to work on it until after we returned from the Big Island last weekend.  And then last night, or more precisely this morning, I got a message that THAT music was the "Dance of the Stars," a part of my Cosmic Journey video (yet to be made) during which I had my astral name of ALTZAR confirmed to me directly.

So with that as a preamble, here's first a stand-alone "Dance of the Stars," followed by the "Dance of Planets, Stars and Gypsies" that also incorporates (seamlessly) this new segment.

Dance of Stars [by Altzar, July 22-25, 2011]


And now, here also the integrated version of the music video...

Dance of Planets, Stars, Gypsies (by Altzar, July 22, 2011)



I dedicate these two music videos to my spirit guides in deep gratitude for showing me who I really am - the immortal soul of ALTZAR with a gift for music, among other things.  Thank you.

 Love Light

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