My 45th Concert

"Moliendo Cafe"

in "Rainbow Bob's Garage Band" rendition (including an old version)

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 18, 2011 -  When I woke up from my Sunday afternoon nap, I heard a fast-paced Latin tune in my head, heart, soul... wherever it is that music resides.  I sat down and started to play it.  This morning, it was still with me.  So I recorded it. 

Then I decided to try something quite new to me: Add four more band members to the recording.  The biggest challenge was synchronization.  But my new band, which I am naming from this day forward "Rainbow Bob's Garage Band," eventually fell into line (thanks to "Garage Band," Apple's outstanding music software for MacBook Pro).

I then added a few video clips to liven up the film, and the result was this... my latest example of a left-right brain fusion and cooperation (a refusion of Arts & Sciences which I predicted in my 1994 article was coming, which would propel man back to the future - the Leonardo da Vinci era).

"Moliendo Cafe" by "Rainbow Bob's Garage Band" (Apr 18, 2011)

Can you tell what instruments are playing in this band?  If so, click here to email me your answer.

And the result was this...




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