My 44th Concert

"Maria en la Playa"

Adapted for Piano by Bob Dj., starring Elizabeth on dance floor

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 16, 2011 -  While driving back from the Afro-Cuban Allstars' concert, still jazzed up by their wild rhythms, I started to whistle a salsa tune that's equally as fast.  Soon, Elizabeth joined me.  Neither of us knew what it was.  All we could remember was the word "Maria."  Since that the most common female name in the western world, that did not get us very far in trying to identify the song.  Nonetheless, we whistled our way into a Mexican restaurant in Paia with that tune.

The following morning, the dreaded Tax Day 2011, I started playing the song.  It took no time at all to get it from scratch to almost camera-ready.  Then I went to do some musical research to try to find out what it was.  That did not take long, either.  But the original was in a different key.  So I had to change my version to match it.

By the time Elizabeth got up and joined me in our family/music room, I had already started to set up the cameras.  I suggested she join me as a dancer in this video production, perhaps wearing her Mexican dress.  She jumped at the chance.  The video that follows is a result of this quick production and collaboration.  There were no rehearsals.  We went straight from inspiration to perspiration.... :-)

"Maria en la Playa" by Bob (piano) & Elizabeth (dancing)

The last few days have been unusually hot and humid around here with very little wind.  Right after recording the video, both of us were perspiring.  So we quickly changed and went to the beach.  And then on to Paia and Haliimaile open air farmers market where I made friends with a young musician. He and his wife were selling organic hair and skin products which they made from local herbs and oils.

Later in the evening, I did an early Full Moon fire ceremony (since we are planning to do Full Moon yoga tomorrow).  And then I grilled some steaks and Mahi-Mahi on the consecrated fire.

So the Tax Day 2011 was actually quite wonderful.  We did not plan it that way.  It just happened...

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