My 38th Concert

Beethoven's Violin Romance

Adapted for Piano by Bob Djurdjevic

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 22, 2011 -  A few months ago, I made a music video that combined the main themes of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto with Beethoven's Violin Romance into a single piano piece (see 31st Concert: Musical Mystery Story: Did Beethoven Unwittingly Plagiarize Mozart's Concerto? - Nov 8, 2010).  I promised at the time also to work on variations to the theme.  I thought I might get them done by Christmas.

Well, it took a lot longer than that.  But I haven't forgotten the promise.  I kept chiseling at the Beethoven's Romance, one variation at the time, adding, subtracting, unhurriedly changing the original violin and orchestra score to adapt it to piano.  The variations were much harder than the main theme, but also more rewarding.  There have been times, even with the crudest of the early rough cuts of this arrangement, that I had tears rolling down my cheeks by the end. So beautiful is this Beethoven's piece.

Well, this morning, I woke up after a dream in which I kept seeing a lot of greenery, like on my recent St. Patrick's Day trip, with Beethoven's Romance playing in the background.  My version.  So I took it as a sign that today is the day I should record it.  I did not think I was ready, and it wasn't an ideal day, with rain and wind providing the extra ambient sounds in the background.  But maybe that's why the spirits guided me to do it... as continuation of my dream.  And so, ready or not, I did it.


Beethoven Violin Romance Adapted for Piano by Bob Djurdjevic [9:53 mins]



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