a.k.a. Bob Djurdjevic

Explanation of Fire/Serpent/South


  • Fire transforms with Kundalini energy.

  • Serpent - Amaru in Quechua (Inca language) - is the sacred animal associated with transformation.

  • While opening a sacred space, a shaman faces the cardinal direction of South when calling on the serpent/fire energies to assist him.  I do it usually with following words...

"To the winds of the South,

Home of Amaru, the Serpent,

Who transforms with fire/Kundalini energy

As a master of Uhupacha, the Lower World,

Where souls of our ancestors reside.

Oh, great Amaru, you who holds the wisdom of the ages,

Help me to shed my past and my ego

With ease with which you shed your skin."

  • "Hayaya" (equivalent of "Amen" in Christian cosmology)

(artistic spiritual)